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Crimson Tree Publishing Tour: Tens List

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The owners of Clean Teen Publishing founded their Crimson Tree Publishing imprint in 2013. Created to host their non-teen fiction titles, they signed their first author—Jon Messenger and his Brink of Distinction Series. Today, they have ten authors and more than twenty titles in circulation or pending release. Some of their most recent titles include the Kindling Flames Series by Julie Wetzel, The Bionics Series by Alicia Michaels, and Sweet Contradiction by Peggy Martinez.

In keeping with Clean Teen Publishing’s motto: “Because you deserve to know what you are reading,” Crimson Tree Publishing adopted the same full disclosure system, with the exception of the rating tree. A full content disclosure for every Crimson Tree Publishing title can be found on the company’s website. This details out exactly what kind of language, romance, drug use, and violence is in every book, giving readers the information necessary to choose a book based on their personal preference. If readers prefer a book with little violence but lots of romance, they can now read the disclosure and know if the book is for them before they get halfway through a brutal battle scene that turns their stomach. Crimson Tree Publishing believes in empowering their readers so they can easily find books they will enjoy the most.

Readers can find fresh fiction in a broad range of genres at Crimson Tree Publishing including: science fiction, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, fantasy, dystopian, and more. For a complete list of authors and titles, visit their website at:
Crimson Tree Publishing is a great place for authors as well. Founded by owners who have experience in the Indie publishing world, they are dedicated to fostering new up-and-coming authors and guiding them along their publishing journey. They are known by their authors to be very involved and hands-on in order to give them the guidance and tools needed to establish their writing careers. Authors interested in submission information for either Crimson Tree Publishing or Clean Teen Publishing can find the full submissions guidelines on their website at:

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Mayra's Tens List

Ten things I love about cover design
  1.  The Challenge! I love that to constantly learn new things and try new techniques. This field is ever changing and there is always a new twist on every cover I do.
  1. I love working from home. I work a LOT but I also have the flexibility to go do fun things with my kids or meet friends for lunch or just take a nap! I love naps. Course, this also means that I work all hours of the night but it's a small price to pay for everything that I get in return.
  2.  I love making authors cry. When an author sees their design for the first time and then tells me they are crying because they love it so much, it's so much awesome. Really, if you work with me, it's completely my goal to make you ugly cry. Be prepared. ;-)
  3. I love my books! No joke, your book becomes my baby once my cover becomes it's outside. I love to see them do well. I squeal when I see them in stores. I brag when they rank on amazon. I hoard them on my bookshelf and smile when ever I walk by them. They are my preciouses.
  4. I love my authors! I consider myself one of the luckiest designers out there because all of my authors rock. We have had our struggles, don't get me wrong, but the authors I have worked with are all pretty amazing people and I am truly thankful that they chose me to dress their babies.
  5. I love looking for stock images!! Haha, just kidding! I hate it. lol! It's more of a love/hate kinda thing though. I love finding that image that is JUST right, that sparks my creative fire and captures the authors vision for their story. But sometimes... oh sometimes it's just painful and time consuming and draining. There are only so many times you can see half nekkid people and not want to scratch out your eyeballs. Sometimes you just have to step away from the computer or work on another project for a while.
  6. Not really cover related, but I love emoticons! This one is kind of my signature because it's extra happy and that's where I like to be; ^_^ But I'm also fond of the original :-) and the winky face is one I do way to much too; ;-)…  so if you are ever chatting with me in any text based way, expect to see the emoties. ;-)
  7. I love the creativity of the process. I am an INFP, which if you don't know Keirsey, that means I am Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling (very heavy on the feeling), Perceiving personality type. I am a healer idealist. This is a rare personality type and it lends itself very well to the creative aspects of life. I relish the creative process. I NEED it in order to be a happy person. My whole life has been surrounded by finding creative outlets and the fact that I get to do this as my job now is freakin awesome.
  8. I love feedback. Good honest critique done in a constructive way helps me to improve. This is not, however, an invite for everyone who reads this to go look at all of my work and send me their critique of every cover I have done. lol! I also realize that everyone has an opinion and if everyone gave me their opinion then I'd get bogged down by the minute details and I just can't please everyone. But I do seek out feed back when I am working on each cover. It's almost like a market survey or a beta reader. Beta viewers! But I don't fear negative feedback, I welcome it and embrace it and learn from it.
  9. I love doing 10's lists!! lol! No really, this was fun and I am thankful to have the opportunity to really think about all the reasons I love what I do. I feel all warm and fuzzy now and more ready to conquer my day. Because it's not /always/ sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it's hard and frustrating.  It's great to sit back for a minute and focus on the good, the love, the funny! So thank you for reading and taking a peek into my brain. I hope you enjoyed the ride. ;-)

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    Rebecca Gober

    Chief Executive Officer
    Rebecca Gober has thirteen years experience in upper level management, sales, marketing, and business relations. She has a history of finding ways to market outside the box and a passion for social media marketing and customer relations. She’s not afraid to take risks and doesn’t believe in the word impossible. Since entering the publishing world in 2011, Rebecca has co-authored seven young adult novels and has since gone on to open Clean Teen Publishing. Rebecca is continually working hard to make new strides in the Indie publishing world.

     photo Courtney-Nuckels.jpgCourtney Nuckels

    Chief Operating Officer
    Courtney Nuckels graduated from UNT with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. She went on to teach Middle School where she found her love for the Young Adult genre. Courtney is a perfectionist who loves to work behind the scenes in formatting and web design. She believes that the interior formatting of a book should shine as much as the exterior does. Since entering the publishing world in 2011, Courtney has co-authored seven young adult novels and has since gone on to open Clean Teen Publishing. Courtney is committed to making her mark in the Indie publishing world.

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    Marya Heiman

    Chief Creative Officer
    Marya Heiman has ten years of experience in customer relations and creative design. In 2011, Marya entered the publishing world when a friend asked for her help in designing their book cover. Soon, she found that she had a knack for image manipulation and an eye for bringing multiple elements together to create a visually stunning cover. Marya decided to do what she loved and began freelancing as a cover designer, and later went on to open Clean Teen Publishing. Marya was recently honored with a RONE Award for one of her covers and has received numerous other accolades for her gorgeous designs. Marya believes that people do judge a book by its cover and she’s determined to make the Indie publishing world a more beautiful place, one cover at a time.

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