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Dark Luminance by E.M. McDowell: Spotlight and Excerpt


 How do you survive in a world that is not your own?

Dark Luminance is the story of Dr. Mackland Luther and his companions battling undead mutants and a telepathic madman in an attempt to get back to their own universe after an experiment gone horribly wrong.

We couldn't get a hold of author E.M. McDowell for a one on one interview, (word is that his publisher has him chained in a dark room with nothing but a laptop and a bowl of pretzels) but we did get a few pages from the journal of Mackland Luther, found at the site of his latest experiment.

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Read on for an excerpt from 'Dark Luminance'.

Post-Experiment- Day 1

Where do I start? Nothing has gone the way I expected since we started the Frameway test last night. Or was it this morning?

I’m not sure of time or date, as everything seems to have changed when we ran the test and ended up—wherever…here is. Nothing seems to make sense yet, but maybe if I write down my observations, it will help me put the pieces together.

Everything appeared to be going fine with the test until the power surge. By the time Billy saw it and warned us, there wasn’t time to do anything about it. I haven’t had time to really discuss it with the others, but based on what happened to me, I can only guess that the Frameway pierced through nullspace and somehow pulled us through to some place else.

But where are we? Many of the buildings and landmarks are the same as the Pueblo we left, but…dead. Sounds melodramatic, but it’s the most accurate description I can come up with; silent and dark with an oppressive weight soaking into the night air. Moreover, since I don’t know of any dogs the size of bulls on Earth; I have to assume that we ended up in some kind of quantum copy of our own world. I’ll have to gather more information in the morning; right now, I just want to make sure we survive the night.

The bank seems like a safe enough location, although if another of those hellhounds decided to attack, I’m not sure if the plate glass is going to stop them. I’ve never seen anything like that before. It had to be at least eight-hundred pounds, with some type of mutated musculature that made it even stronger than its size would have indicated.

What kind of world creates a monster like that, anyway? And what else has it created?

Lily seems confident that we will be okay, and for some reason I trust her, even though I hardly know her. Something about her just puts me at ease, even in this crazy situation. If I’m honest, it might have something to do with the fact that she is pretty damn hot, but I think there is more to it. Anyway, we have more important issues, so my feelings don’t matter right now.

Tomorrow we’ll find out more about where we are and see if we can find anyone that can help us. Then we need to figure out how to get back home, if we can. I know if I can just get enough data, I can come up with a way to fix this. I have to.

I’ll try to keep this updated, for myself more than anything, but I guess if something happens and we don’t make it, this might give whoever finds it some idea of what we are going through. If you are that person, I am Dr. Mackland Luther, and it’s my fault we are in this mess.

E.M. McDowell
Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, E.M. McDowell first started writing in high school, consisting primarily of sappy poems aimed at impressing girls. A four year stint in the Marine Corps pushed literary endeavors to the background, where they remained for the next twenty-odd years, until they were uncovered by a mild mid-life crisis. 

In the intervening years, he has worked in various technology jobs, and is currently the technology manager for a small county government.

Married for twenty-two years to his best friend, and blessed with two wonderful daughters, he works to balance his writing while living in a house full of women.


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