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'Til I Find You by Greta Bondieumaitre: Spotlight and Excerpt


Title: ‘Til I Find You
Author: Greta Bondieumaitre
Publisher: Xlibris
Pages: 92
Language: English
Genre: Chick Lit, Romance
Format: Paperback & eBook

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No one knows how bumpy the road to love is more than Tisha Cole. After years of excruciatingly embarrassing dates, the 25-year-old receptionist is ready to hand in her dating license, but her cynical cousin, Drew, will not let her. She knows that finding Mr. Right has always been Tisha’s ultimate goal in life and short of joining the search herself, Drew plans on doing whatever it is in her power to help Tisha find him. When they cross paths with two best friends and a very sexy entrepreneur, there’s a slight change in plans.

Drew who has always been adamant about keeping her single status begins to doubt her immunity to Tisha’s lovesickness.

Tisha has hit the jackpot with not one but two perfect dates! Where next will her quest for love take her when she decides to upgrade her relationship—with both men!

Two not-so-sweet cousins, three not-so-honest men. With the many potholes and crossroads along the way, will Tisha ever reach her destination?

Book Excerpt:

There’s something about a small, pointy nose that makes you want to kiss it.  Dwight Harrison was not a nose person, but the young woman sitting across from him on the bus had one of those cute kissable noses, and for the past fifteen minutes, he hadn’t been able to tear his eyes away from her.  It wasn’t every day you happened to see a small, pretty black woman with such a thin aristocratic nose.  And somehow it looked perfect on her face.

She had on large dark glasses that rested on top of it and tiny headphones that disappeared into her ears, and she seemed to be almost dancing in her seat.  Her hair was pulled tightly into a bun on top of her head with a pink band which matched her pink mini-skirt and sneakers.

He looked out the window at the thinning shrubbery.  They would soon be in town.  His reflection looked back at him, a bit blurry, from the lightly tinted glass.  He wasn’t bad-looking, he knew, but today handsome would be a more fitting description.  His white dress shirt was tucked into long black trousers and his short dark hair was brushed back, exposing a strong manly forehead over dark, naturally shaped eyebrows, piercing dark eyes, a small button nose and a small round mouth.  If he added a smile to that, he knew he’d look smashing.  Maybe it would be a bad idea to let such an opportunity go to waster.

He looked over at the young woman again, still absorbed in her music.  He should ask her out or at least try to make conversation with would end with her phone number in his pocket.

He held on to the overhead bars and made his way toward her.  As he took the last step—he was now close enough to touch her—she looked up.

About the Author

 Greta Bondieumaitre is from St. Lucia, a small but lively island in the Caribbean. She started writing love stories between classes in high school to amuse her friends at lunch time. Ten years later, she published her first novel, "Her Heart's Desire". She later published, "Play Me A Love Song" and recently, "'Til I Find You". She describes writing during her post-high school years as, "self therapy". 



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