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Internal Issues by Claudia Whitsitt Book: Spotlight


(Samantha Series, Book 3)

Samantha Stitsill tracked her husband’s mistress to Japan, was deceived into a meeting with his murderer and, with detective Jim McGrath, killed him... again.

The poor woman needs a break. But, she’s not that lucky...

After arriving home, a friend leaves a frantic phone message and then disappears. Though Sam’s instincts warn against it, she can’t resist gathering information. Dangerous men begin to follow her, and Sam realizes she has inadvertently placed her family in peril once again. This time, her greatest fears will come true.
“You go looking for trouble, Sam, you’re going to find it.”
~Jim McGrath, Detective.

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I'll be reading this book for review in early Spring. :)



(Samantha Series)

Identity Issues 

I teach. I raise a gaggle of kids. And my husband's out of town... most of the time. This is my normal, and I'm used to it. I can handle the missing passport... the threatening letter... the late night phone calls... even the potential stalker. No problem. I've got it. Then my life takes a sharp left turn, and I'm speeding down a one way street to hell. No longer sure who is friend and who is foe, one truth remains-I've placed myself and my family in mortal jeopardy. Trust me, I'll do whatever it takes to save my family.

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5 Stars
This was a supremely well-crafted, well-written cozy that kept me glued to my kindle late into the night.  Samantha Stitsill is a busy mom and special education teacher whose husband is often overseas for extended periods on business.  Creepy phone calls and irksome letters thrust Sam into the midst of a mystery and what may be a case of mistaken or stolen identity. As Sam tries to uncover the root of the problem she finds herself getting pulled deeper and deeper into something so dangerous that her family is threatened. 

It is not often that you find a literary heroine with five kids and a full-time job that is as sympathetic, believable and likable as Sam Stitsill.  I hated for the book to end, and fortunately I was able to jump right in to the next book in this humorous yet atypical series.

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Reviewed by Laurie-J
** Please note this review was written last year and posted previously on my blog, Amazon and Goodreads.**

Intimacy Issues  

My name is Sam and I'm a widow-with five kids and a full-time job. A year ago, a man who killed my dog, my friend, and possibly my husband broke into my house. I killed the bastard. I desperately miss my husband, and I know that I need to start living again. But I can't. There are too many unanswered questions about his death. They pop up in the most disruptive ways. Translation: Crisis is my normal. Japan is where I'll find the answers, so that's where I'm going. More pain and heartache? Absolutely. Potential life threatening danger? I can't imagine why... I do not go looking for trouble... It finds me.

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5 Stars

Picking up about a year after the previous book, Sam is plagued by questions relating to her husband’s untimely death.  Fearing that she and her family may still be in danger, Samantha decides to go to Japan in an effort to obtain the answers she seeks.  Convincing McGrath to go with her is easy, he has waited almost a year giving Sam and her kids time to grieve and heal.  Sam, too, is finally willing move on with her life, but first, she must make certain the danger she senses is eradicated.

In Japan, Sam and McGrath get more than they bargain for.  Unexpected trouble leads to a deadly pursuit that prompts them both to use their wit and intelligence to outfox their foes. Just as exciting and well-written as the first book this one left me wholly satisfied.

This book was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest review.

Reviewed by Laurie-J
** Please note this review was written last year and posted previously on my blog, Amazon and Goodreads.**

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Claudia Whitsitt is an award-winning author and veteran special education teacher living in Michigan. Her experiences with identity theft and stalking led her to write Identity Issues, which she published as her second novel and as part of the ongoing Samantha Series.
Her first release, The Wrong Guy, published through Echelon press, debuted with good reviews. That plot was also based on personal experiences—she attended Eastern Michigan University on the heels of the serial murders of seven college coeds, dubbed “the Michigan Murders” by the media. The brutal reality of those murders was a rude awakening for a naïve college Freshman.
Claudia continues to teach, recognizing that as a teacher, she has learned countless lessons from her students and their families about hope in the face of despair, about the hidden talents each of us possesses, and about how simple acts of humanity can touch and enrich lives.
Claudia’s books include The Wrong Guy,  Identity Issues, Intimacy Issues and Internal Issues are all available from  For more information about Claudia or her novels, visit


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