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The Universe Doesn't Do Second Chances by Sean-Paul Thomas: Interview


With what five real people would you most like to be stuck in a bookstore?

Audrey Hepburn, Charles Bukowski, Irvine Welsh, Eva Green and Ewan McGregor. 

They just seemed like very interesting people, with many great stories to share. I'm sure I could just sit and listen to all of them, talking about their lives, adventures, trials and tribulations, for hours, days, hell months even.

Do you like singing or dancing? Does music inspire you? 

I like singing in the shower. I love singing at the top of my lungs while driving too. It's the best stress relief in the world. And I love all the other drivers faces when they just stare at you while you sit
there, singing away, happy as Larry, right in the middle of rush hour traffic.

Tell us about your favorite scene in your new book. 

There are quite a few, but I guess Liam and Alex, just chilling out on Calton hill, shooting the shit, having a crack. Or when the two first meet and Liam is giving Alex his informative guided tour of the
Edinburgh Old town. And then a scene from the second story, where Liam and Sarah get stuck in a cave for a few hours during a torrential rain storm. The tone became very dark in that cave and of course ended up being a very emotional scene to write.

How do you get to know your characters? 

They are usually just a combination of various different weird and wonderful people and personalities who I've had the pleasure and displeasure of spending time with and getting to know throughout my

Which character did you most enjoy writing? 

Sarah, from the second story in my book. She is one feisty, kick ass, adventurous tomboy, who, if she isn't already your friend, then defiantly shouldn't be messed with. Every young teenage boy should get to hang out with a Sarah for at least one day in their lives. I, of course, had the amazing pleasure of briefly getting to know the real thing.

Are any of your characters inspired by real people? Who? 

Ha ha lol All of them really, but like I said before,  everyone is pretty much a combination of different people, and exaggerated to an extent at that. The truest to form character in the book is definitely Sarah though. I knew a girl just like her at high School, so she was very easy and enjoyable to write about. I always knew I'd write about her one day.

Is your book based on real events? 

Kind of, yes. Apart from the plane crash and time travel element. At least 70 to 80 percent is based on true events. Some of them  happened to me, some of them happened to other people.

Are you like any of your characters? How so? 

Absolutely, past and present. I've been where Liam is at the start of the story, but many years ago. Kind of unsocial, awkward and shy with girls. But right now, with the experience I've gained through traveling and socialising with a lot of places and people these past ten years, then I'd like to think I'd have the confidence to go over and chat to a cute girl on a plane if she smiled at me first :) No problem.


A lonely man in his late thirties living an average life of missed opportunities and regrets especially regarding the opposite sex, dies in a plane crash somewhere over the English channel. When he awakens in a subdued and bizarre subconscious state, he is granted by the powers that be a second chance to spend a day with the two women in his life who made an impact on his heart. Yet never had the courage to let go of his social fears and inhibitions and act upon his natural instincts and desires at the time of meeting them.

The first part of the book takes place over one day in the awe inspiring Gothic city of Edinburgh in 2004. When our hero meets Alex on a bus. A beautiful young tourist girl from the Czech Republic. They embark upon a magical one day adventure around the city together. Only the more time our hero spends with his new love interest, the more her hidden secrets and real intentions for being in the city come to surface.

The second part takes place in the late eighties. Our hero wakes up back in high school upon the gorgeous tropical Island of Cyprus. Here he is granted the second chance to meet Sarah. The pretty and athletic tomboy. Who steels his heart while helping each other deal with school bullies, army brat life, dark troubles at home, all in one magical summers day adventure, both young lovers will never forget.


Born in London to Scottish and Irish parents, Sean spent most of his childhood and teenage years growing up on the move in the likes of Cyprus, Germany, Wales and England as an army brat. With a keen interest in both reading and writing he was diagnosed with the travel and writing bugs very early on in life. 

Now, writing, reading and traveling are his main passions in life, but he also loves outdoor sports too from Rugby and Hiking to Tennis and boxing. 

His main inspiration for writing today comes from living in such a beautiful, Gothic, hauntingly, awe inspiring, dramatic and historical city such as Edinburgh. This place has given Sean so much amazing
inspiration to write the more time he spends dwelling here with her. And he challenges anyone with 'so called' writers block to take a walk up and around the magical Carlton hill in Edinburgh's city center sometime. (In any kind of weather too, which will usually be a windy rain storm even in the heart of summer) Then just kick back, relax and enjoy the majestically views of our glorious castle, Princes street gardens, the bridges, the breathtaking and spectacular volcanic Munroe 'Arthur's seat', The river fourth, the Greek influenced national monument on the very top of the hill (Which is where Edinburgh gets its nickname 'Athens of the North' from.) And of course the view of the fabulously Gothic monument of Sir Walter Scot, Scotland's greatest and most famous ever writer to date. 

At this moment he is writing another two books, one is about a young man working in a dead end job and life who discovers that he has a terminal illness so decides to withdraw all of his life savings from the bank, go out into the world, and do all the things that he's always dreamed of doing, but was restricted by the rules and regulations that society feeds into us from birth. 

The other book is about his recent four month awesome back packing adventure through Eastern Europe last year, from Estonia to Sarajevo. 


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