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The Wall by Lauren Nicolle Taylor: Book Blitz


Title:  The Wall

Series:  The Woodlands, Book 2

Author:  Lauren Nicolle Taylor

Published:  October 11th, 2013 by Clean Teen Publishing

Word Count:  approx. 88,000

Genre:  YA Mature Dystopian Romance

Content Warning:  Violence

Recommended Age:  16+

Synopsis: Joseph, wake up, wake up, wake up.

She says it over and over. It’s her plea, her prayer, her mantra. But life doesn’t stop while he’s sleeping. Rosa’s been thrown into a new world, with new rules, and a philosophy that sounds too good to be true. She’s also sure they didn’t rescue her out of the goodness of their hearts. The Survivors must want something from them… but what?

The Wall finds Rosa eagerly entering a new life, yet struggling to keep the demons and ghosts of the past from dragging her backwards. She’s left so many people behind and isn’t sure how to start over. There’s freedom in the Survivors’ world, more than she’d ever dreamed of, but there’s also secrets. The darkest of which pulls Rosa headfirst into a trauma, forcing her to reevaluate her past and pushing her to make a choice that may destroy the tenuous, sewn-together family she’s built on the outside.

Will Rosa make the right choice… or will she lose everything she has fought so hard for?


Apella insisted on having it done straight away. I urged her to stop and think it over but she wouldn’t listen. We looked for Alexei but he was still hiding. Apella wasn’t upset, but I was. She needed him. He should have been there.
They sat her in the beige, vinyl chair, its oversized arms and back dwarfing her tiny body. Cal was lying in a bed next to her, still looking quite white but his color was returning with every passing minute.
Matthew put the needle in, pressing the cold metal hard against her skin and puncturing her willowy arm. I observed the tattoo she had stolen from the dead girl at the Classes and truly wondered if she could ever make up for all the horrible things she had done. But I sat with her. If she was letting go, then so should I. I held her hand, watching her dark red blood track up a tube and into the bag. There was a bond growing between us I had never expected. That was what bonded us, blood. Clara’s blood, her child, Apella’s gift of blood to Joseph. We were becoming a family.
Everything was fine for a while. They took two bags without anything seeming to happen. Then she started to sway. Matthew walked over and said, “Ok, I think that’s enough.” He went to disconnect the tube but her hand shot out and grabbed him.
“No, you need at least this last bag if you want to have any chance of saving him. Let me finish,” she said through her teeth. She looked so frail and yet so much stronger than I thought her capable of.
Where was Alexei? I had unfair visions of him crying in a corner somewhere, cowering like a child.
The door swung open and he appeared. He stumbled over to her chair and sat on her other side. His eyes connected with mine. I wanted to say, I tried to stop her, but my mouth was dry and wouldn’t open to the words.
He looked down at Apella and smiled. “I’m sorry, darling. What you are doing… I’m proud of you.”
She looked up at him, her face paler than I thought possible. I could almost see through her. They looked at each other forever. I finally understood what they had. This was an old love but a strong love. It was unconditional. They couldn’t hurt each other because it would be hurting themselves.
Apella let out a small cry, tiny. It shot out of the room on a breath of wind. I know she didn’t hate me but I hated myself. It shouldn’t have happened. Matthew ushered me out of the room, telling a much brighter looking Cal to leave also.
“When I’m ready, I will come down and collect Joseph. Wait for me in your room,” he said as he turned his back to us, closing in on Apella. She was braver than I’d ever thought possible. Somehow, she had become a mother without a baby. She was protecting her family. Maybe she would come out of this stronger, shake the old life off like shedding a skin, papery remnants of a horrible existence floating to the ground. It was something to aspire to.
I was staring through the small, rectangular window, intruding on their personal pain, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. “C’mon, we need to give them some privacy,” Cal said. He guided my rigid body towards the ladder.
I shrugged his hand off and tried to steady myself but the floor was heaving under my feet. An imaginary gust of wind churned around me and tried to knock me over. If only things would slow down for a second, if the world would stop spinning, I could catch my breath. His face stretched and blurred before my eyes. “Whoa!” Strong arms caught me and then… darkness.



Lauren Nicolle Taylor is a 33-year-old mother living in the tiny, lush town of Bridgewater on the other side of the world in Australia. She married her high school sweetheart and has three very boisterous and individual children. She earned a Bachelors degree in Health Sciences with Honours in Obstetrics and Gynecology and majored in Psychology while minoring in Contemporary Australian Writing.

After a disastrous attempt to build her dream house that left her family homeless, She found herself inexplicably drawn to the computer. She started writing, not really knowing where it may lead but ended up, eight weeks later, with the rough draft of The Woodlands.

In 2013, Lauren Nicolle Taylor accepted a publishing contract with Clean Teen Publishing. Her first published novel, The Woodlands, was released on August 30, 2013. The Wall is the second book in The Woodlands Series.


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