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Ghost of Lost Eagle By Dean Sault: Interview


Tell us about your current release.

Ghost of Lost Eagle is the first book in my Sweetwater Canyon series. 

Sass Thornton, a woman with the world on her shoulders, fights to save her father’s ranch in an era where men, especially cowhands, don’t take kindly to women in leadership.  In addition, she fears love after heartache of a bad past experience. 

Mason “Tuck” Tucker stumbles into her life as an unwanted distraction.  Phil, her father, hires Tuck over her strenuous objections setting the stage for a tumultuous relationship.  Tuck battles both human and animal threats while an Indian ghost warns him about a strange destiny that he would soon face.  Meanwhile, Sass fights her own growing feelings for him, deathly afraid to be hurt again.

Ultimately, Sass and Tuck come together with the Ghost of Lost Eagle and Tuck’s spirit guide, the Lone Wolf, in battle that blends the spirit and human worlds.


There are two in the near future. The first is a traditional western-romance. Here is the trailer for the book release-


My next book with paranormal elements is due out in December: 

Blood of the Lone Wolf tells the love story of Phil Thornton and Shelby-Ann, Sass’s parents, beginning when the bull of a man tries, unsuccessfully at age 15, to impress the young woman of his dreams.  Readers meet Lost Eagle before he becomes a spirit and Phil meets his Lone Wolf spirit guide. 

Do you hear from your readers? What kinds of questions do they ask?

I love visiting with my readers.  There’s no greater reward for a writer than to know that our words touched someone’s life.  Here is one of my all-time favorite messages from a fan:

“Dean, My 11 year old son is an avid reader. You recently gave me your book for him to read. He loved it! In fact, he said your book is one of the best he has read. Please contact me if you would like to feature your book in my store. Thank you for expanding my son’s imagination."

It’s always wonderful to hear from a reader, but it’s something extra special to hear that I impacted a child’s imagination.  And, it’s not just kids.  I got feedback on that same book from a 70-something woman who said she found my book on her son’s coffee table while visiting him.  She picked it up on a Friday evening and could not put it down until it was done on Sunday evening. Best part – she admitted she never read science fiction before and loved it.

Questions?  I get the usual questions like where do my ideas come from, or, do I use friends for role-models in stories, but the questions I like most deal with motivations of characters in a story.  Some readers create their own elaborate inspirations for character behavior.  I know connected with people when they get emotionally invested in my characters.

How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set formula?

I hate formulaic writing.  It smacks of lazy intellect when a writer pumps out repetitious crap just to make a quick buck.  I boycott such writers.

Every story I have ever written had a fresh plot, deeply developed characters and complex twists and turns.  This even applies to books in a series.  There’s no reason for old characters to fight the same personal demons in book after book.

My basic rules in writing?  First, I begin every story with a plot that offers rich opportunity for development—nothing more frustrating than running out of “story potential” before the book is done.  Second, I trust my subconscious.  The subliminal mind ponders ideas and problems twenty-four hours a day.  When I am writing and a new or different idea pops up, I pursue it to see what kind of madness crawls out of the dark recesses of my mind.  Some ideas become incorporated in the story while others go into my “cool stuff for some other time” file.  Finally, conflict drives all my stories.   It is THE single most important element in every book.  As a writer, I simply follow the conflict.  I’m probably giving up one of my writing secrets, but conflict actually writes the story.  I just have to set it up and follow it to its logical conclusion.

When's the last time you played that musical instrument?

About twenty minutes ago. I have about ten guitars, some placed in strategic places where I can grab one and play when I need a break. 

Morning Person? Or Night Person? How do you know?

My favorite time of day is from midnight to five in the morning.  It is quiet, and I can tap my subliminal creativity best in a dark room with only one light next to my keyboard.  It’s almost like I need isolation to focus best. 

Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book?

Ghost of Lost Eagle offers an intricate plot, deeply developed characters, unexpected twist and turns, and strong passion in an authentic old west setting.  If you enjoy falling in love with characters, crying over tragedy, hating villains, and cheering when good guys win , you’ll find it all in this book.

Entice us, what future projects are you considering? 

Maker of Angels is a powerful a western-romance about forbidden love between a cowboy and an outcast Indian woman.  Here is the trailer for it:


The sequel to Ghost of Lost Eagle will be published in Fall of 2013. 

Faces of Hatred, my thriller, is being offered to mainstream publishers in Fall of 2013. 

Space Chronicles: The Last Human War will be re-released as an eBook in Fall of 2013.

Book Description: 

Publisher: American Writers Publishing Company (July 8, 2013)
Category/Genre: Western Romance
Sub Category: Paranormal elements
Tour Date: October/November, 2013
Available in: Kindle/Mobi and PDF, 336

Mason "Tuck" Tucker meets Sass Thornton when she lassos him and drags him from certain death in a flashflood. She dubs him "dumbass" for entering a box canyon during a rainstorm. This label he will hear many times as she struggles against her unwanted attraction to him.

Sass's father, Phil, owns the cattle ranch that she runs with an iron fist. Her father has been keeping two important secrets from her; one about her mother's murderer, the other about a killer in his bunkhouse who has romantic interests in the attractive young woman.

Phil hires Tuck, over his daughter's strong objections, to run the bunkhouse and control growing racial tension between white cowhands and Mexican vaqueros. The young man surprises Phil with his easy, yet tough and effective, management style. The ranch owner takes Tuck into his confidence, revealing the truth about a deadly gunman terrorizing the bunkhouse. He insists that Tuck deal with the threat without letting Sass know of the danger.  

Throughout the book, Tuck is haunted by howls of a lone wolf, but only one other person can hear it. The wolf often accompanies life-like dreams of an old Indian ghost named Lost Eagle. The spirit medicine-man repeatedly warns him about a strange destiny he must soon face. When Tuck reveals the dreams to Sass, she cautions him to avoid the cave where the ghost of Lost Eagle is thought to haunt. Despite her distrust of the Native American phantom, the apparition saves Tuck by waking him when an assassin approaches. Lost Eagle prepares Tuck for his fate, foretelling that the young man will soon have to choose life or death between friends. His choice will result in the death of one.

Read what happens when Lost Eagle's ghost, the lone-wolf spirit-guide and Tuck's new found love, Sass, come together in a life and death struggle. How does the murderer in the bunkhouse seek revenge against Sass and her father? What happens when Phil's secrets are revealed to his daughter? Will Tuck leave the woman he comes to love to save his aunt who raised him as the only mother he's ever known? Find the answers by reading the Ghost of Lost Eagle.





"It's this vivid blend of emotion and experience narrated through the eyes, heart and experiences of Tuck that grip readers of Ghost of Lost Eagle and sweep them along on a journey that delves deep into the heart of Indian lore, magic, and the complexities of love and death."- Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Reviews 

"I Couldn't put it down!  Author Dean Sault has set the bar high with his masterful premise and flawless execution. This genre-bending novel takes western romance to a completely new level!

This action packed book has it all! Along with the key western romance elements, Sault finely weaved in drama, historical facts, and, paranormal! If you are looking for something new or a temporary (yet extremely enjoyable) escape from reality than this book is for you."Sass Cadeaux, Author of The Secrets of Albion Falls  

"I surprised myself, for getting hooked and wanting-no, needing-to finish it in one sitting. (That unfortunately didn't happen.) I don't know how many more will be in the series, but I promised myself when the next one comes out, planet Earth will just have to put everything on pause until I read it cover-to-cover.

You will not fail to enjoy this book.

I found it authentic, yet contemporary in feel, with next-to-nothing I could remotely call same-old or canned or derivative. There was depth of detail that made sense, necessary to further understanding of the story, and I can't think of any description that was there merely to paint some pretty picture. Exposition was not only not gratuitous, it arrived when it should and made sense in ways that surprised me. Plot twists blindsided me, and I'm the kind to figure out magician's tricks.

This guy can write."-Dave Clark, Author of The Knucklebook


" I quickly got sucked in to the multi-faceted story of Tuck. This is a well written book with plot twists, action, drama, romance... you name it, it's got it. I WILL be reading more from this author."Mike Souza, Amazon Reviewer


"I loved this story. The first chapter just draws you in and makes you laugh out loud. The heroin is amazing her spunky attitude made me laugh. I wanted to keep reading just to see what she would do next. It was nice to have such a spunky lead female character to balance the male western world. It made me so glad I read the story.

I hate to give away the story in a review but at the same time I want to gush and post quote after quote. It says its paranormal but its more mystical, it has just enough romance to keep it believable but also just enough drama of the characters not getting along to be believable. Its a great story for any adult. The western basis is so well written you can almost see the horses. The details make a picture in your mind that makes you part of the story. Its AMAZING. I recommend this and give it an honest 5 stars. I am excited for more by this writer."Bbydrgns, Amazon Reviewer




Author Dean Sault lives in Northern California with his wife and her menagerie of pets. Every day for the past thirty-five years, he could not wait to shut down his insurance office, so he could spend time with his family, go fishing, or retreat into his private world of writing fictional places and people.In 2007, severe vertigo took away Sault's beloved avocation of bass fishing and writing for Inside Line magazine. Sault refused to let vertigo stand in the way of his love of writing. He decided to dust off his stories and share his literary creations with the world.  He began by publishing his science fiction space opera, The Last Human War.


After twenty years of writing in the dark, Sault was ready to step out and share his work with the world! He says, "2013 will be the year my readers experience a diversity of genres I've kept hidden from the world. From sci-fi to western romance, some with paranormal elements, this will be an exciting year."


Sault brings his unique writing style to every story he creates. With crisp, fast-paced prose, he employs Hemingway-like simplicity as he weaves complex characters into fascinating worlds. Readers often comment that once begun, they cannot put his books down. "I learned this skill, believe it or not, from writing bass fishing articles and columns for Inside Line magazine during the time when I chased professional fishing and guiding," Sault says. "In fact, many of the stories we are making available to readers today, found their beginnings in dusty motel rooms, late at night, while at distant bass tournaments."


This breakout author shows promise to be one of the great writers of our time. From action-adventure to terror in his thrillers, his masterful handling of fast-paced prose compares with great writers like Tom Clancy and HG Wells. His western-romances share the strong pacing, but they slow at just the right moments to build touching love connections that tug at the readers' heartstrings.


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