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Flood, Flash, and Pheromones by Shelley K. Wall: Review


Cassie Nunez has devoted her career as a research scientist to developing an implant which will suppress violent urges in sex offenders. If successful, it will be the first known mechanism to prevent these crimes. When Hurricane Amy threatens the gulf, she stows the precious cargo in her car and plows through three-foot deep water toward safety.

Greg Davidson, a private investigator, is headed to a meeting with an influential client. When rain floods the freeway, Greg is forced to swim to safety on a nearby truck. Cassie is whisked into the water and he subsequently pulls her from near-drowning. Every local news helicopter and van catches his daring rescue on video and they become an instant sensation, a story of survival against the weather.

Cassie and Greg's worlds collide when the very company Greg is investigating has potentially ominous ties to Cassie’s research. How can he investigate it in full view of the television crews without getting caught? How can she set her life in order when trying to avoid deadly forces after her research AND her annoying attraction to Greg?

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4 Stars
This was an action-packed, suspenseful romance with an exciting premise, and I really enjoyed the journey as Cassie and Greg coincidentally meet then work together under dire circumstances. As the floodwaters slowly recede, they are forced into the spotlight of national attention as his daring, heroic rescue of her captures the hearts of millions.  Cassie is a brainy scientist so wrapped up in her work that she truly is in many ways, removed from life around her. 
Greg is on a clandestine mission, and the last thing he wants is to become the poster boy hero following the terrible storm.  I loved the way the two interacted with the exception of Cassie’s recurring infantile gesture she uses over and over again in an attempt to get her mind off Greg’s distracting, and arousing, pheromones.  Undeniably, Cassie is socially awkward, but I just could not believe that rather than being put-off by her peculiar behavior, Greg considered the habit endearing and cute. In my opinion, Cassie’s discomfort could have manifested a little differently, and I could have believed it with greater ease, and sympathized more with her inner struggle not to be led astray by Greg’s delectable charm.
Still, I had a great time reading this story.  I found the science bits about pheromones fascinating, wondered constantly what new cog would be the next obstacle Greg and Cassie would be forced to overcome, and felt distinct satisfaction when all the pieces lined up, and the puzzle came together.
This book was given to me by the author’s publicist in exchange for my honest review.
Reviewed by Laurie-J   

Shelley grew up in Missouri, graduated from Oklahoma State University, and took post graduate courses from OSU and the University of Wyoming.

She's a member of RWA, Sisters In Crime (SinC), and Houston Literary Guild. She writes daily, striving to perfect a voice that supplies enjoyable and romantic reads.

She has yet to meet a person she doesn't like or a job that's not worth enjoying. She writes with humor, drama, and a desire to share life's precious moments.

Shelley currently lives in Texas with her family.


twitter: @skwallbooks

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