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Darkness Knows Me by Chrinda Jones: Spotlight and Excerpt


Title: Darkness Knows Me   
Author: Chrinda Jones 
Release date: April 1st, 2013 
Genre: Mystery 
Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours



Book Description:


Richard McMann hangs by his arms from the rafters of Red Curtain Club- naked. His ankles are bound together and his throat is cut in what appears to be a gruesome still-life tribute to Christ’s crucifixion. There is no blood in spite of the gaping wound to his throat and his entire body is covered by what looks like a fine white powder. The salt granules scattered on the dance floor beneath his feet and the fact that his body faces due east, make his murder different yet similar to the death days earlier in a club a few blocks away.

South Dallas police detective, Olivia Gates and criminal psychologist, Dr. Will Green, engage in a game of wits with a serial killer who haunts the nightclubs of Deep Ellum, leaving behind ritualistic sacrifices of those people he believes deserving of the act. Is he a raging psychopath, killing just to kill, or is there method behind his madness?



Will cleared his throat and continued, “though technically he has confessed to committing murder, he seems to be using this letter as a way of explaining his actions. He wants to justify the deaths to you, but he also wants you to know he didn’t commit them willingly.” Will began to read the email aloud from the beginning. “‘It’s not easy you know - the killing. It’s not something I would have selected as my life’s work . . .’ Here he’s telling you he doesn’t find what he’s doing to his liking, nor is this something he strove for as part of his life’s plan.” Will continued, “‘but, as with most things of this particular bent, I believe these things choose you, you don’t choose them, at least not at first.’ He wants you to know he feels he had no choice in the matter. That he initially became involved in it against his will and later simply surrendered to his fate. Though, it appears he does enjoy the sense of power it affords him.”

“I caught that, what I’m wondering about is this section here.” Olivia pointed to the next paragraph down and began reading it aloud, “‘Why was I chosen to carry out this work? Isn’t it obvious? I understand the need for reconciliation and the significance of the Sacrifice, which makes reconciliation possible. The Sacrifice which clears the way for forgiveness, bridging the gap between Father and child, forging the relationship with our Creator we so desperately seek.’ Sacrifice, redemption and reconciliation are usually sought after a sin has been committed. It sounds like he’s doling out punishment to people he believes have done something worth punishing.”

“Yes, but punishment seems to be secondary to the need he sees for reconciliation on the part of those he’s killed. I don’t think the killings are meant to be a punishment as much as a way of forcing reconciliation. He justifies the killings by reuniting the individuals with their god at the end,” Will explained.

His use of past tense bothered her. “You said killed. Does that mean you’re convinced he’s already murdered someone?”

“It’s likely he’s killed several. There’s nothing in the letter to suggest your unsub hasn’t begun his role as reconciler.”

Olivia closed her eyes and hung her head, suddenly hit by the force of Will’s statement. “I had a feeling that was the case. I just hoped for once we might be dealing with someone who wasn’t on the kill yet. I guess it’s too much to ask to be a little ahead of the curve.”

“He has issued you a very large challenge, Livvy. However, there is good news in all of this,” he offered.

Olivia pulled her hair back from her face and almost laughed at the thought of there being anything good in what they discovered. “And what could that possibly be?”

“Your unsub doesn’t particularly enjoy what he’s doing, which means you won’t have bodies piling up like cord wood while you search for him. And he will definitely be in contact again, probably several times before he’s caught. There is an underlying urgency to this letter. The actual act of writing and sending it means he wants you to stop him before he has to kill again. He’s entrusting you with the task of finding him and discovering the motivation behind what he’s doing. The only way he can ensure this happens is by staying in contact. That should offer you some sense of relief,” he said.

Olivia gave him a weary sideways glance and said sarcastically, “Yes, loads and heaps.” She got up to leave the room, silently dreading what headed her way. 

Chrinda Jones was born in 1964, in Sacramento,CA. She lived the first 30 years of her life in Oregon and has since lived in several different states across the U.S. She began learning to write in earnest when her four children started leaving the nest. She is the author of the Olivia Gates and Will Green crime series set in Dallas, Texas, of which “Darkness knows Me” is the first installment. A musician and lover of books, she lives in Murphy, Texas with her husband and her Jugg, Abby.

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