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The Wig Series by Renata Suerth - Crazy Summer & New School: Spotlight and Review

By Renata Suarth

An embarrassing underwear incident? A lesson on a runaway bike? Grandma's wig at the fire department?

These and lots of other adventures await ten-year-old Sofie, whose life is pretty ordinary until she finds out that in two weeks her family has to move in with her grandma - not her favorite grandma - her other grandma.

While Sofie tries to adjust to her new life in Wisconsin, she gets into many humorous predicaments with her wacky, eccentric grandma and learns the tough truth about her family. She must also find time to impress the cute neighbor.

Will she keep herself out of trouble long enough to figure out the shocking reasons for the sudden move? Maybe. Will she have fun along the way? Definitely!

Praise for Renata Suerth’s
THE WIG: Crazy Summer (Book 1)

Every school library should have this book! Great story! Sofie’s honesty as she struggles with her life changes is something all kids can relate to. ” 
-  Kate Feutz, middle school teacher

“I’m ten years old and I loved this book. It’s hilarious!”  -  C.M.

“The author manages to truthfully and skillfully get into the head of this precocious girl’s consciousness. This is a book that made me laugh. I am so pleased that the author plans a series of books, following Sofie’s accounts on her humorous life. 
-  Susan Krall, children’s book buyer

 “Entertaining and engaging, it’s a great read for all ages.” 
-  Cathy Cassani Adams, host of Zen Parenting  



An absolutely delightful and charming book written for young readers but can be enjoyed by anyone.  I instantly fell in love with Sofie, a ten-year-old girl whose entire world is turned topsy-turvy when her family moves in with a distant, quirky grandmother following a profound financial hardship due to the economic collapse.

Sofie tells all as only a child can; learning of the dreaded move and then getting settled into her new home – as readers,  we share her consternation and her fears.  It is touching and easy for most anyone to relate to the young girl’s uncertainty and stress.

It certainly turns into a crazy summer for Sofie as she and her grandmother get to  know and love each other, in spite of several very unfortunate set-backs.  I know my nine-year-old granddaughter will enjoy reading this book just as I did.

Written in a upbeat, humorous style it was easy for me to get caught up in the drama as Sofie recounts her experiences. However, this is not written in a dumbed-down manner for young readers; rather it speaks creatively and sensibly to all ages.  I loved it!

This book was gifted to me by the author in return for my honest review.

Reviewed by Laurie-J

By Renata Suarth

"Everything's temporary...until it's not." Join Sofie on her new (mis)adventures in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. She didn't ask for those nasty 'pets'. She didn't want to be famous. And she definitely did not expect a bigger family! But no one ever asks the 5th grader for her opinion! Will Sofie's life ever return to normal? Maybe. Will the fun continue? DEFINITELY!

THE WIG: New School and Other Stuff (Book 2)

“Suerth once again charms readers with this new episode. Sofie navigates the pleasures and perils of tweendom with a spunky grace that even Grandma Ursula would admire. Sofie’s funny and sometimes painful adventures remind me of an older version of Ramona.
-Sherri Smith, children’s book buyer



Sofie’s adventures continue when she enrolls in her new school. The summer has ended.  The temporary living arrangements with Grandma Ursula do not seem quite so transient any more.  School time brings new challenges to the gutsy, indomitable fifth-grader – even after her younger sister pulls a really dirty trick on her.  Sofie and her grandmother react to events with differing viewpoints, but their companionship and respect deepens as they navigate the unexpected hurdles thrown their way.  Just as charming and readable as the first book, this one, too, will leave you smiling and cheering Sofie’s invincible spirit.

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Reviewed by Laurie-J

I was born in the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia back then)and we lived with my grandmother. She did wear a wig and was the inspiration for the novel.

My family immigrated to the States in 1980.

The highlight of my life was meeting author/humorist David Sedaris and getting his autograph. He wrote, "To a foxy Czech..." If I wasn't married already, I would have proposed to David on the spot. The fact that I'm a woman is irrelevant.

I was a high-school teacher and an avid reader until I became a full-time mom. Now all I do is change diapers.

I am a mom to three, very energetic, small kids and a French Bulldog named Zoe. We live in the Chicago area.

I have a Bachelor's degree from the Univ. of Illinois (in Champaign) and a teaching certificate from Elmhurst College. I would have a Master's degree from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago had I finished that pesky thesis. My current status is ABT (all-but-thesis). I also studied at the Sorbonne in Paris.

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