Friday, September 13, 2013

Sometimes in Dreams by G. Lloyd Helm: Tens List


My ten favorite authors—in no particular order


RAY BRADBURY—The dark twisted alleys of his mind are fascinating and frightening. One of the few stories I have ever read that actually gave me chills is one called something like “Billy has a visitor.”


ERNEST HEMINGWAY—I like his male point of view on a lot of things. He has taken some flack lately for being a “Macho Asshole” but there is still something to be said for the separation between the sexes. Men and women think differently and vive la difference. Also, fate seems to have decreed that I should live in many of the places where he lived—Spain, Italy, Illinois.


KURT VONNEGUT—His absurdist eye and his deep hate for war.


JOHN STEINBECK—He wrote about my people, the Okies. And his power of observation that reveals character.


MARK TWAIN—He is sneaky funny, but can suddenly make a turn from amusing to heart wrenching.  He takes nothing seriously and yet everything he writes has a serious side.


JOHN D. McDONALD—Travis McGee is just about the tightest private eye ever written. No license, he just gets things done by whatever means he can manage.


ROBERT HEINLEIN—He was just a prophet of the new technology and though I didn’t like his politics he still wrote a lot of really great slap dasher Science Fiction stories. I think my literary infection was actually caught from him.


ISAAC ASIMOV—Another prophet. I liked him before I met him but after I was fortunate enough to spend almost a whole day with him, I really liked him. He was clear sighted and aware of the world in ways many SF authors were not.


DICK FRANCIS—He just writes wonderful stories connected with horse racing. I hold no brief for horses, don’t like ‘em much truth be told, but Francis makes me care about the people connected to horses.


TONY HILLERMAN—I like his Navajo mysteries. Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn are just men I would like to really meet. They have substance.


I notice that there are no women authors in these ten, but I am not really that misogynistic. I like Margaret Atwood, Carson McCullers, Emily Dickenson, Eudora Welty, Erica Jong and Maya Angelou too.  I just came to them later. The above list is by no means exhaustive. As I said before, I read voraciously in every genre, including non-fiction, history. and philosophy.


G. Lloyd Helm is a 'ne'er-do-well scribbler'—novelist, short story writer and poet—who has tramped around the world for the last forty years thanks to his long suffering military wife. He has lived in Germany, Spain, and Italy. His epitaph will read, “He married well.”


Daniel Pentland is a broken man; torn between the two women in his life. He is tormented by guilt over his love affair with a beautiful English girl he met while living in Italy, and the loyal devotion of his wife, Amanda.


Two years after the tragic death of his lover Kit, he is continually haunted by her memory. Across the sands of the Mojave Desert, her voice calls out to him, pulling at his heart and his memories.


Each night as Daniel wakes screaming and fighting against the phantom of Kit’s killer, his wife does her best to soothe his pain and help him overcome his grief.


Sometimes in Dreams is a story of redemption through a love that simply refuses to die.


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