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Kin Ship: Moustache on the Moon - Part One by d.k. Snape: Character Interview


Character Interview with: Marnie Enoch from

Kin Ship: Moustache on the Moon – Part One


Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

I envied all my schoolmates after every summer vacation – the ones who’d visited the fantasy lands in California and Florida. Am I allowed to say Disneyland and Disney World? Sure, I love the extreme holidays Dad picks for us every year. Wouldn’t trade them for all the tea in China.But just once I’d like to see a popular holiday spot. Just once.


Tell us about your family.

My dad is Theodore  Allen Enoch. He’s an engineer for some oil and gas company, but his real passion is inventing. He ‘updated’ our fridge so it could list all the stuff inside on a tablet on the door. Boy, did that thing get confused when Benjy put a bottle of polliwogs in. The fridge decided it had strawberries and blinked madly about eating them before they went bad.

Mom is Peg. I guess that’s short for Margaret, tough I don’t know anyone but Gramma who calls her that. Her middle name is Anne. She’s a teacher, thankfully not at my school. She teaches language arts, which is English classic stories, essays and stuff like that. She loves parent teacher interviews.

Benjy, Benjamin Timothy Enoch, is my twelve year old bratty little brother. After listening to my friends go on about their little brothers, I know he isn’t that bad. He’s interested in bugs. All sorts of bugs. He’s got some board where he mounts them, writes their common name and Latin species name after he kills them.

I’m Marnie. Short for Margaret Analise Enoch. Don’t know who picked that nickname, but I like it. And, yeah, I’m named after my mother and she’s named after her mother, and so on. Some female family tradition.First daughter and all that. Guess I could be worse. I can live with being a Margaret as long as I can call myself Marnie.


What books have most influenced your life?

I really, really like this book my science teacher told me I should read. It’s called A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. It’s about the world, from the beginning to just about now. What’s special about it is that the author has a sense of humor. He sees the funny side of everything, so reading it is easier than those dry factual science books in the curriculum. Not that he doesn’t write all the right stuff. He just makes it interesting.

And I like Gray’s Anatomy. That’s a great book. I like to see the inside of people, each system and where it goes. I wish there was one about animals. Maybe there is and I just haven’t found it. Now I have to search through the Euskadaz library of all our books to see if there is a book on animal systems. Might have time when we leave Earth. Nobody’s told us what we’ll be doing in space. So maybe I’ll have more time to study and learn things on my own. On or new world, maybe I can be the artist who draws the inside of animals book for future vets.


As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a vet. I like animals. I’d like to look after them. I don’t mind blood. I don’t even gag when we have to dissect frogs and worms in science. Now I’m learning first aid and beginning medical treatment from the Euskadaz. Can’t learn about animals because all ours are in stasis. But I did a stint in butchery with Mr. Goodman and some of the Euskadaz, so I can see their insides now, identify the best cuts of muscles tissue for eating, and I’ve seen nasty infections in some of the animals Topher helped hunt.Nasty things to look at. And they can do nasty stuff to us if we don’t kill them in the cooking process. I’m glad I learned that kinda stuff. 

What group did you hang out with in high school?

My best friend Becky and I chummed most of all. As I didn’t have much use for boys – I mean, after all Mom said I wasn’t old enough to date and the guys I did like wanted to study and get good grades just like I did. I have other friends too. I’ve known Dorrie almost all my life. I’ve chatted and worked on projects for school with most of my class at one time or another, so I’d call them friends too. But mainly, until I met Topher, I’d say Becky and I were buds, and I hung out with her.


Who should play you in a film?

Definitely Emma Watson. Not that I’m as pretty as her or anything. But her character in Harry Potter is kinda like me, all studious and wanting to know. I read an interview with her and she’s that type of person in her real life too. Wanting to learn and do good.


What would we find under your bed?

I like to stuff my art easel and art supply box under my bed. It’s easier to get at that way. And my telescope, of course. I dismantle it, lay it in its box and push. It’s too big to store anywhere else unless I stand it up. And that way it’s bound to get knocked over. Which might break it or dislodge the lens. So under the bed is the best place.


What is the next big thing?

You do know we got taken to some mountain valley? While we’re here, we’re supposed to learn pioneering skills. All sorts of things I took for granted. We aren’t going to be able to go shopping for whatever. We’ll have to make it, hunt it or grow it - then make it last without it going bad. These are the big things for right now.

And if I’m not really dreaming, the next really big thing after their Euri—what sounds like a really big Thanksgiving celebration—the Euskadaz kept talking about, which is harvesting coral spawn and celebrating afterwards, is leaving planet Earth. Pioneering. That’s what we’ve been selected for. Really scary when I stop and think about it. But, exciting too.

What one word best describes you?


Do your friends think you are an introvert or an extravert? Why?

I’m probably an introvert. I like to draw, and that’s pretty solitary. Looking up at the night sky is not something you do with a lot of people – not many people like to do that. I’m not saying I don’t like to hang out with friends, ‘cause I do. Sometimes. I like that I’m not into all the popular stuff. I want to learn. My parents wouldn’t let me party very often – only if they knew where, who would be there, that sort of stuff. I like myself. I like that I’m serious. I’m not self-conscious, but I don’t care if I’m not wearing the most ‘in’ stuff.

Kin Ship: Moustache on the Moon – Part One
We believe in life on other planets. We believe they visit us from time to time. What if life also evolves in the vast empty space between galaxies, among the very stars themselves? What would it look like? What would you do if it showed up in our skies?
Marnie is your average teenager. She goes to school every day, hangs out with her friends, and tries to stay out of trouble. One morning, while suffering through another boring class, her world is turned upside down when two intergalactic strangers come to collect her.
And it’s not just Marnie’s world, but her whole family’s too. It seems that random kids and their moms and dads have also been scooped up and taken to the hidden mountain valley far from their homes. No one knows why they’ve been selected or what’s really going on…
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I grew up in a small town just north of Toronto. I always had a vivid imagination. Ask my mother. It’s not that I don’t like to tell the truth. But isn’t the world a brighter place when fairies and aliens populate the local neighborhood? Being an intelligent, non-girlie girl, I didn’t fit in well with my peers. Instead I found books! I read everything I got my hands on. And I mean everything. I contracted some ugly balance-affecting disease at twelve. Stuck in bed for months, my family and neighbours rallied, bringing me books of all kinds once I finished the encyclopedia and dictionary, cover to cover. They just wanted me happy. And quiet. But boredom struck. You can’t just read all the time, I tried copying some of my favorite stories, embellishing them as I saw fit. And one day, I wrote one of my own, all by myself. Personally thought I’d done a good job. When it didn’t receive rave reviews from my family, I decided to try harder, not give up and leave it to the experts like my parents wanted. I’m finally ready for the world to decide.

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