Monday, August 19, 2013

Traitor's Knife by Elizabeth Kaiser: Spotlight


When resistance forces convert the mountain house into a weaponry, jeweler's apprentice Fia is confronted with three refugee orphans and a disturbingly upstart messenger; but accidents are happening everywhere as she keeps a friend's secret. Is it saboteurs? ... Or assassins?

Authoress and lover of books, I love to talk about writing, books, and authors anytime, anywhere. My writings are mostly novel length, and I'm in the process of getting my second book published! Scary, exciting tunnel, and if you have any tips, send them my way!

 I love dogs, and how their minds work. Animals are a huge source of enjoyment, and amusement! I'm a country girl, so cities get me really confused.

My favorite place is imagination-land, my favorite genre fantasy; but I've read just about everything and enjoyed it. So that influences my work, too.


Original water color by E. Kaiser

A one-of-a-kind watercolor illustration of one of the exciting climactic scenes in Traitor's Knife! This is done by the author, capturing to the best of her ability the tension of the moment. It measures roughly 9x6" and will come ready for framing (if that's what the winner wants to do with it!) Remember, this is an original work, so it's the real deal here, folks!

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