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Mid Life Love by Whitney Gracia: Character Interview and Excerpt


Character Interview with Claire Gracen from “Mid Life Love”


It’s nice to have you here on my blog today, Claire! Your fiancée apparently needed to “approve” all my questions beforehand, and since he crossed a lot of them off, this’ll be sweet and to the point:

Where would you like to travel to and why?

I would really LOVE to see the Panama Canal someday. I’m still coping with a serious fear of flying, so only time will tell if I ever go.

What was the scariest moment of your life?

Honestly? I would have to say starting my life over in my late thirties. I had my whole life planned out with my husband and kids, and then that skan—Oh wait, this a family friendly interview…Long story short: My husband cheated on me with my best friend and I had to build a brand new life for myself in a whole new city. Scariest thing ever.

What are you passionate about these days?

My interior design company, C&C’s Charming Designs, and my fiancée, Jonathan Statham.

Speaking of your fiancée: He takes you on some pretty amazing dates in Mid Life Love. Where was your most recent date?

(She blushes) He um, he took me to Napa Valley so I could be around my favorite thing in the world (wine) for an entire weekend. Then he surprised me by buying one of the vineyards and having it named after me…I’m supposed to receive thirty bottles of a new specialty wine bearing my name this week.

If there was a movie made about you and Jonathan, who would you pick to play you two?

For me? I’ll go with Angelina Jolie because she’s my favorite actress—not saying I look like her though. (She laughs) For Jonathan? I’m not sure, maybe the hottest male model on the planet? He honestly looks that good…

Tell me a little bit about your family. How are your daughters?

They’re great actually. We’re in the middle of getting them everything they need for college right now. They’re both going to Arizona State to study Aviation in a few weeks.

Are you excited about your upcoming wedding?

Very! I’m going to look at two potential venues this afternoon, and then Jonathan is taking me to our first cake tasting meeting.

Answer with the first thing that comes to mind:

Favorite ice cream? Mint chocolate chip

Favorite book? Too many to pick from

Favorite hobby? (Blushes bright red) No comment

Favorite thing about the mornings? Waking up next to Jonathan

Favorite quote? “Are we clear?” (She Laughs) Jonathan says that alot…


So, my interview with Claire Gracen was cut short because her fiancée suddenly appeared onscreen and closed down the laptop…Sigh…

Thanks to her for being a great interviewee anyway and we’re looking forward to seeing her again in the sequel to Mid Life Love, Mid Life Love: At Last!


If you'd asked me what love was two years ago, I probably would've said, 'It's this amazing feeling that obsesses and possesses you; it's what me and my husband currently have.' If you ask me that same question today, I'll say, 'Please get the hell out of my face.'

Claire Gracen's life is picture perfect. Her career as a marketing director is on the brink of being legendary, and her marriage to her high school sweetheart has never been stronger. No, wait. It has. It used to be amazing and fulfilling, but one day Claire realizes that she's been living a lie and her best friend and husband have committed the ultimate betrayal.

Broken and depressed, Claire is in need of something new--new city, new job, new friends.

When she happens to attract the interest of the sexiest man she's ever met, a man significantly younger than her, she immediately turns him down--only to later discover that this man is Jonathan Statham, self-made billionaire and CEO of Statham Industries. Her boss.

Jonathan Statham is unlike any man she's met before. He's used to getting whatever he wants--whenever he wants, and he isn't about to take no for an answer.

Sexy, unpredictable, and charmingly clever, Mid Life Love is a story that will captivate you, entertain you, and force you to fall deeply in love with the characters.

For Mature Audiences
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Jonathan pursues Claire

“How long have you been working here, Miss Gracen?” He placed subtle emphasis on the word ‘Miss’ and smiled.
“About four years.”
“Hmmm. I can’t believe I’m just now finding you.” He rubbed his chin. “Do you like it?”
There has to be a better word than “sexy” to describe you…
“Do I like what?”
“Your job, this company.”
“You want me to be completely honest?”
“That would be nice.”
“I absolutely hate it here, but the offices are decorated quite nicely. The interior designers did one hell of a job.”
“Good to know.” He laughed. “I take it that since you haven’t called, you’re not interested in going out with me?”
I nodded weakly. “Clearly.”
“May I ask why, Miss Gracen?”
He needs to stop saying my name like that…
“There are several reasons why.”
“Name the best ones.” He stepped in front of me and looked deep into my eyes. “But your age and the fact that you have kids aren’t good enough reasons for me.”
Poker face…Poker face… “Well, as I’m sure you already know, it’s against company policy.”
“I can have that rewritten by the end of the week.”
“It’s also completely immoral and highly inappropriate.”
“That’s…debatable.” He reached out and pushed a strand of hair away from my face. “Is that all?”
I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t say anything.
I was too busy getting lost in his incredible eyes. I realized that they weren’t entirely blue; his irises were outlined in a wispy cloud of charcoal gray and there were speckles of emerald green gleaming within them.
“Miss Gracen? Are there any other excuses?” He inched even closer to me, slightly rubbing his nose against mine.
Why am I so turned on right now? I shouldn’t be feeling this way…He’s way too young for me, way too young for me…
“I’m not attracted to you.”
He raised his eyebrow. “Oh really?”

A self diagnosed candy addict, travel junkie, and hypochondriac, Whitney Gracia Williams LOVES to write about characters that make you laugh, cry, and want to (in the case of Selena Ross) reach through your Kindle and slap them.

She is the "imaginary bestselling" author of the Jilted Bride Series, Mid Life Love, Wasted Love, and Captain of My Soul.

When she's not locked inside her room, feverishly typing away on her laptop, she can be found here:

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