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Getting Rooted in New Zealand by Jamie Baywood: Interview


Does travel play in the writing of your books?

Growing up in California, it was always my dream to live abroad. Getting Rooted in New Zealand is a documentation of my first year living abroad in New Zealand. I’ve now been living aboard for over three years. I plan to release books about each of the countries I have lived in.

Tell us about your current release.

I started writing when I was living in New Zealand because I had funny experiences that I had trouble believing were true. I wrote the stories down to stay sane. I shared the stories I wrote with friends that thought they were funny. It took me a few years to work up the nerve to publish in the hopes of making others laugh too.


Describe what it’s like to be an author in three words.

Reading diary naked.

What does your significant other and family think of your writing career?

My husband has only read half of my book Getting Rooted in New Zealand. He said when he got to part of me describing meeting him it was too weird to read about himself. He thinks my writing is funny; it was one of the things that attracted him to me at the beginning of our relationship. I haven’t told my family or my husband’s family about the book.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

I like yoga, pilates and running. I also practice Nichiren Buddhism which involves chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo in the morning and in the evening. It’s my way of centering myself and focusing on my determinations. 

Do you have a favorite quote, quip, or saying? What is it?

Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book?

My truth is better than fiction. Getting Rooted in New Zealand is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Do you have a Website or Blog?

Jamie Baywood can be followed on the following links:


Craving change and lacking logic, at 26, Jamie, a cute and quirky Californian, impulsively moves to New Zealand to avoid dating after reading that the country's population has 100,000 fewer men. In her journal, she captures a hysterically honest look at herself, her past and her new wonderfully weird world filled with curious characters and slapstick situations in unbelievably bizarre jobs. It takes a zany jaunt to the end of the Earth and a serendipitous meeting with a fellow traveler before Jamie learns what it really means to get rooted.

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Jamie Baywood grew up in Petaluma, California. In 2010, she made the most impulsive decision of her life by moving to New Zealand. Getting Rooted in New Zealand is her first book about her experiences living there. Jamie is now married and living happily ever after in the United Kingdom. She is working on her second book.

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