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Faster than the Rest by Shirleen Davies: Character Interview and Excerpt


FASTER Than The REST - Book Two of the MacLarens of Fire Mountain
By Shirleen Davies
Character Interview: Jamie MacLaren

Hello Jamie. Thanks for being here.  Tell us about your family.

I’m the second oldest of four brothers. My oldest brother, Niall, is married to Kate and they have two children. My two younger brothers, Drew and Will, are twins. Neither are married. The family lives at the MacLaren Ranch in Fire Mountain, Arizona Territory—all except me. I left a few years ago and travel around the Southwest as a U.S. Marshal.

What was the scariest moment of your life?

I was twelve years old, Niall was fifteen, and the twins were seven. Our parents demanded we stay in our hiding place in the barn when raiders attached our ranch. I could hear shooting and screams but could do nothing about it. When everything became quiet we left the hidden room to find our home devastated and our parents brutally murdered. I’ll never forget the gut-wrenching fear. We were now alone with no family in the East. Our lives would never be the same.


What is your most treasured possession?

I’m with the U.S. Marshal Service and specialize in tracking down and rescuing kidnap victims. My Marshal badge is the one possession that means the most to me. It’s a symbol of pride, loyalty, and determination.


What do you most value in your friends?
Loyalty. I’m sure anyone can be a true friend unless they are capable of being loyal, which also means being truthful and dependable.


What do you do to unwind and relax?
Practice with my Colt 45 Peacemaker revolver. I’m fast—very fast. My life often depends on my ability with a gun. Increasing my skill relaxes me and takes my mind off memories I can’t erase. I also play poker and enjoy whiskey.


If you could apologize to someone in your past, who would it be?
My older brother, Niall, for some of the selfish, irresponsible things I said and did when I lived with my family at the ranch. Perhaps some day I’ll have the chance to make it up to him.


Who should play you in a film?
Chris Hemsworth or Alex O'Loughlin would be my first two choices. Both are my height, about my build, and have the necessary characteristics to portray me.


What one word best describes you?


Western Historical Romance
Date to be Published: 8/27/2013

U. S. Marshal Jamie MacLaren will do whatever he must to find people who have been abducted, then return them to their families. This includes the woman who betrayed him then disappeared from his life.

Victoria Wicklund has endured numerous obstacles since she left Fire Mountain. None as frightening as being the victim of a kidnapping. At least that is what she thought until Jamie MacLaren appeared to rescue her. He was older, just as handsome as she remembered, and as unforgiving as the Arizona sun in summer.

Neither expects the desire they shared many years before to still burn as strong as ever. Nor do they anticipate the accusations upon their return to Fire Mountain. Will Jamie seek revenge, turning his back on the only woman he ever loved? Can Victoria forgive herself enough to trust the one man who can help her?

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“Tell me, Victoria. Why did you leave if it wasn’t for the money?” His voice was a whisper across her face. She could almost smell the anger pulsing from him, along with all the other familiar scents of the man she’d always loved. He was just as intoxicating now, just as impossible to resist.
She lifted her face to his to look into eyes that had turned a deep steel grey. She could lose herself in those eyes. It was her last coherent thought as his mouth moved towards hers inch-by-inch, brushing across her lips, and coaxing them to open for him. When she didn’t resist Jamie moved one arm to the back of her neck, holding her in place while his other arm moved to her back, pressing her to him. Her arms slid up and around his neck, pulling his head down to hers. His mouth moved to her eyes, traveled across her checks and down her neck, before settling again on her parted lips.
Jamie was amazed at how the taste and feel of Victoria in his arms hadn’t changed. She was still the most desirable woman he’d ever known. No matter what else had transpired, his body still craved hers as it had none other.

Shirleen Davies

I have been writing most of my life, but only recently began the transition into fiction. Historical romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and short stories are what keep me reading, so that is the focus of my writing.
I was born in California, grew up between a growing beach town and a small town at the base of the San Bernardino mountains. My mother originally planned to name me Katherine, but she read an article in the paper about a woman named Shirleen shortly before my birth, so instead of having a cool nickname, like Kate, I am simply Shirleen. My mainstays growing up were all the Nancy Drew mystery books; I loved them. Eventually I moved on to mysteries, suspense stories, crime novels, and romance. Pride and Prejudice will always be one of my favorites.
Besides California, life changes have allowed me to live in Oregon, Colorado, and Arizona. Everywhere I have lived has been inspirational in one way or another, giving me the opportunity to meet remarkable people with their own stories to tell. I've sailed, skied, owned horses plus lots of other animals, and ridden various off-road vehicles. I enjoy dancing, fishing, hunting, being the back-seater on my husband's Harley, traveling and, of course, reading and writing.
Prior to transitioning to writing fiction, I worked for Fortune 500 and many smaller, start-up companies. Fortunately, I regained my sanity long enough to start my own consulting firm, which I still maintain today.
My husband and I spend most of our time at our main home in the mountains of Arizona and our second home in Southern California. Between us we have five boys with growing careers and families of their own.
So, from my perspective, my life is a success and always an adventure. I wouldn't change a thing; well, except finding more time to write.
I love hearing from readers, so please feel email me at




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