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Characters in Search of a Novel by Molly D Campbell: Review


Names! They fascinate humor writer Molly D. Campbell. Always curious about how a name might influence personality, Molly began a Twitter stream of names with one-sentence descriptions that soon became a pop culture phenomenon! Loretta Squirrels, a moonshiner who also beats up her husband, gained notoriety. Loretta was swiftly followed by eccentric dentists, dogs with human characteristics, cab drivers, Country and Western singers, and a movie star or two. With wonderful illustrations by Randy Palmer, this short  story collection is a quick & often rib-tickling read–this book is just what you’d want on vacation, in a waiting room, or on a long plane ride. For contemporary fiction, it just doesn’t get any better!
*Two-time Erma Bombeck award winning writer*
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Genre - Fiction / Short Stories
Rating – PG13
I actually read this anthology over the course of about six-weeks, picking it up to read a page or two whenever I needed a short break.  This book is absolutely crammed full of short little personality profiles.  Some actually read to me like little stories, but many just sort of sketched an outline of a wacky person.  Most were humorous, some sad.  I enjoyed reading this book because it was very easy to pick up and put down; it often helped take my mind temporarily off more pressing concerns – for which I am grateful.
In particular, I liked the slightly longer pieces that had a little more meat to them.  Most of these characters are entertaining and, in my opinion, do cry out for their own full-length novels.  I think their personalities are becoming broader with time, given as how each apparently began as single line tweets. Anyway, it is certainly a book that is amusing and easy to read.  I also loved that each character came with his or her own little sketch.
This book was given to me by the author in return for my honest review. 
Reviewed by Laurie-J
Molly is a two-time Erma Bombeck award winning writer. She hosts her own intelligent and funny blog, as well as writing for the popular international web site "Moms Who Need Wine."

Her short story collection began as a Twitter stream of character names that she invented in her spare time, followed by a brief description: "Loretta Squirrels beats her husband and makes moonshine." Molly then decided to write a book about her characters. She teamed up with a fantastic artist to bring them to life. The book soon became an Amazon Pop Culture best seller.

Molly lives in Dayton, Ohio, the home of Erma Bombeck. Molly makes regular pilgrimages to Erma's grave--for inspiration and spiritual renewal. Molly also spends time petting her five cats and plugging her ears. Her husband plays the accordion.

Molly likes cake. She doesn't get to eat it much, because she has a slight pot belly.
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