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Two Thursdays by C. Martin Stepp: Interview



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     In “Walking Backwards” and the sequel “Two Thursdays” the main character is private investigator Hitchcock Brown.  How did you arrive at the unusual name?


     Although it is not revealed in either novel, Hitchcock got his name from his parents, fans of the late film director Alfred Hitchcock.  


     Both books are written in first person with Hitchcock as the narrator.  Is there a reason you chose this particular writing style?


     Yes.  I wanted the reader to be a part of the discovery process.  The reader only gets the facts of the case as Hitchcock uncovers them.


     Hitchcock has an unusual investigative style.  Did you draw on personal experience to develop that style on his behalf?


     Well, I have never been a private investigator.  I drew on my experience of having to do research.  I think that process is very similar.  You find disparate or contradictory bits of information and dead ends.  You have to try to piece these all together to uncover the truth.


     Numerous times, Hitchcock mentions his former career as a prosecuting attorney.  We never learn why he left that career to become a private investigator.  Is there a reason for this?


     This is an untold “back story” and only one of the mysterious aspects of this character at the time he is introduced to the reader.  It does explain his close relationship to the Cincinnati chief of police and his prior knowledge of the criminal element of that city.  There is a vague clue in “Walking Backwards” as to how this came about.


     Speaking of Cincinnati, both books are set in this Southern Ohio city.  Why did you choose this particular location?

     I grew up in Cincinnati and I know the city fairly well.  Before I began writing either story, I decided to select an area I was familiar with, and one that provided a wide variety of locations for individual scenes.  This allowed me to jump from urban, suburban and rural locations depending on what I needed. 

Hitchcock Brown is a private investigator.  In Two Thursdays, the Chief of police asks him for his help routing out a major drug problem in Cincinnati.  It’s a problem which may involve members of his own department.  They both learn it involves a lot more than that. 

 As the story develops, Brown finds himself becoming involved with seedy police informants, a crooked cop, a prison inmate and a roadie for a rock band that everyone calls “Knucklehead.”  The novel builds to a fantastic conclusion which involves a myriad of characters.  Throughout the book, Hitchcock Brown manages to maintain his wry sense of humor.

C. Martin Stepp is a new author and is currently working on a series of humorous detective novels.  The books feature private investigator Hitchcock Brown.  “Walking Backwards” and “Two Thursdays” are currently published.  A third novel “Deadbolt” is in the works and should be published soon.

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