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The ELE Series by Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels: Character Interview, Interview, Review


The ELE Series

by Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels

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Millions have already died, and thousands more are perishing daily. As a last ditch effort to preserve the human race, the government implements Project ELE. With the earth heating at rapid speeds, all remaining survivors are forced to turn to F.E.M.A. shelters to wait out ELE's wrath.


Fifteen-year-old Willow Mosby's life, as she knows it, ends the moment she walks through the shelter's door. Willow has to quickly adapt to the new challenges that shelter life demands, which includes making new friends and working a full time job.


Soon after making an interesting discovery, Willow and her friends start exhibiting strange abilities. Seeking answers, they embark on a mission to find out what these new abilities mean and whether they are a gift or a curse.


This new adventure can send her world crashing down around her. The question is: Can Willow survive the fall?


From the best selling authors of Night Marchers comes a new apocalyptic series with a paranormal twist.


Character Interview with 5-Year-Old Sabby- 

(Sebastian is Willow's younger brother in Project ELE and by far one of our favorite characters.) 


Tell us about your family:   I have a sister and her name is Willow, but I call her Wello.   When I turned five *holds up five fingers* I tried to call her Willow but she asked me not too. She likes Wello better.   *Turns to Willow and gives her a wink* I also have a daddy who can see the future!   He’s funny.   I had a mommy too, but she’s in heaven now.   I miss her.   *Pauses, then smiles*  

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I’m a big boy now, Wello told me so, and I gots big muscles, see?   *Shows you his muscles*   When I gets bigger, I gonna be a wrestler.   With these big muscles I gonna wrestle the whole world and beat em’ all.   Yep, Wello told me I could do it.

What is your favorite meal?   I wike panpakes.   They my favorite!   I can eat this many *Shows you all ten fingers* That’s cause I’m big now and I have to feed my muscles.   Yep.

What makes you happy?  *Grins big*   Wello makes me happy.   She’s my big sister!   She’s strong like me too.   Hey Wello, show dem your muscles too!   *Willow blushes*   Wello is always doin’ nice stuff for me.   She made me the best party ever for my birthday.   We had so much fun with the forts and the snowballs.   I gots snow in my pants though and it was cold on my booty.   But we won!   I think it’s cause I have big muscles now.

Do your friends think you are an introvert or an extravert? Why?   *Turns to Willow*   Wello, what’s this lady talking about?


Interview with Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels:

Rebecca and Courtney are downhome country girls powered by chocolate and other random late night cravings. Coined in southern twang they bring new meaning to the word y'all. BFI's since the 6th grade, with a knack for getting into sticky situations, has resulted in countless ideas to write about for years to come. Rebecca and Courtney have co-authored the best selling Night Marchers Series and the best selling ELE Series. Rebecca and Courtney used their business knowledge of writing, marketing and publishing and opened Clean Teen Publishing in 2013.


Who are your books published with?  We recently opened up our own publishing house, Clean Teen Publishing.  After having such amazing success ourselves we wanted to be able to extend that possibility to others.  What makes our publishing house unique is our Content Disclosure system. Feel free to check it out: 


What songs are most played on your Ipod?  We happen to have a major girl crush on our favorite singer: Taylor Swift.  Sigh, she’s so amazing, smart, funny…did I mention she’s amazing?!?  Her lyrics inspire us when we write; cause honestly, who could write a better love story than Taylor?  


When's the last time you played that musical instrument?  We both grew up playing the violin.  Orch-dorks, saying it loud and proud!  Courtney extended her playing into college but Rebecca never picked hers up again after graduation; I wonder why… *Squeak, squeak*

*Rebecca shakes her head at Courtney, lol!


Have any of your characters been modeled after yourself? Yes!  Rebecca is most like Emma from Night Marchers while Courtney is modeled after Kaylee.  Seriously though, if you’ve read Night Marchers and Redemption you can pretty much say that you know us personally.


If you could exchange lives with any of your characters for a day which character would you choose and why?  I would choose Willow from our ELE series.  To have all the ‘abilities’ she has would be crazy cool.  And to have Tony as my boyfriend…well, that wouldn’t be such a bad perk too! *We are very happily married though and we look past the fact that our husbands lack super powers.


Is there a piece of advice that you have received that has really stuck with you? If so, what was it?  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, again.  My mother always said that to me over the years; as well as practice makes perfect.  I was raised to always follow my dreams, no matter how many mistakes you make along the way.  Yes, there is a reason my college education took 8 years but guess what?  I got my degree!- Courtney


Where can readers check you out?

Twitter:  MidniteBeckie  and  NuckelsC

Project ELE - Always FREE


Millions have already died, and thousands more are perishing daily. As a last ditch effort to preserve the human race, the government implements Project ELE. With the earth heating at rapid speeds, all remaining survivors are forced to turn to F.E.M.A. shelters to wait out ELE's wrath.

Fifteen-year-old Willow Mosby's life, as she knows it, ends the moment she walks through the shelter's door. Willow has to quickly adapt to the new challenges that shelter life demands, the least of which includes making new friends, working a full time job and experiencing her first relationship.

Soon after making an interesting discovery, Willow and her friends start exhibiting strange abilities. Seeking answers, they embark on a mission to find out what these new abilities mean and whether they are a gift or a curse. This new adventure can send her world crashing down around her. The question is: Can Willow survive the fall?

I thought I’d just sort of glance through a few pages of this book to see if it would be something to possibly read later. That was my intent, anyway.  I got pulled right into Willow’s story and kept reading and kept reading. It’s a charming, frightening, lively story that I refused to put down until I had read to the last screen.
The Ozone layer is disintegrating, and the Earth is heating up. A horrible plague has already wiped out much of the population.  The government has established a few underground shelters and entry into the haven is very selective, unless you are rich.  Willow and her dad are allowed entry, but her little brother is denied.  The family is split up as Willow’s mother and brother stay outside. 
Turns out there are some unsavory experiments taking place and Willow and her new friends get caught up in a series of events they never expected. The future of the human race is being stealthily secured for the wealthy and stolen from everyone else.  I loved the imagination and thought that went into creating this novel. The characters came alive for me, and I was very frustrated when the book ended on a cliff-hanger. Fortunately, I do not have to wait for the next installment, which I will be eagerly reading as soon as I catch up a bit on my reading schedule.
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Reviewed by Laurie-J

Finding ELE


How far would Willow go to find the man she loves? 

It only took three short months for Project ELE to send sixteen year old Willow Mosby's life spinning out of control. Her family has been torn apart; she merely escaped capture by the Hasting's men and now Alec, her first love, is missing along with her newfound friends. In order to find them, Willow is forced to leave the shelter, her only protection from ELE's wrath. What she doesn't realize is that outside, the change has begun and the world will NEVER be the same again.

The forces of good and evil collide and Willow has no choice but to choose a side. When her rare abilities become a liability an unlikely protector must step up to help her. For if her gifts were to fall into the wrong hands...NOBODY would be safe.

With her protector by her side Willow races against time to find Alec and her friends. After new friendships are built and alliances are formed, Willow finds herself torn between the one she loves and the one who protects her.

Exposing ELE


Can Willow expose Project ELE for what it really is? 

Just when Willow Mosby thought that her life might return to normal, her parents and Tony are ruthlessly abducted, along with many other victims from the shelter. In an effort to save them, Willow has to take a stand against the darkness brought forth by the masterminds of Project ELE.

In the midst of all of the chaos, Willow is faced with some impossible choices. Is Willow strong enough to make these decisions? How can she decide between the man she first loved and the man who has sworn to protect her?

When certain events are set in motion, Willow finds herself caught in the center of an even darker, more diabolical scheme than she could have ever imagined. With her abilities rapidly growing, Willow finds herself more powerful than ever before. What she hadn't realized is that someone else has noticed her power, and they will stop at nothing to get it.

Surviving ELE


In the aftermath of Project ELE, Willow's life has become a series of one traumatic moment after another. It spins around her in a cyclone of fury, ripping and ravaging her heart. She can't help but wonder: will the pain and heartache ever end?

Willow Mosby is not one to sit back and accept defeat. When Zack turns Tony against her, she decides that it's time to stop Zack once and for all. With the help of her friends and the occupants of Camp Cheley, she begins methodically hunting down the man who has caused her so much torment. What she doesn't realize is that she may not be the hunter, she might just be the prey.

Willow's time is running out and the man she loves is coming after her with a vengeance that can't be satisfied. Will Willow be able to save Tony? Or will she be forced to take down the man she loves?

Ending ELE - Coming Soon!


Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels



We have been best friends since the first day we met at an Orchestra social in the sixth grade.  (Yes, we were orch-dorks and proud of it!)  Ever since that eventful day we have been attached to each other's hip.  Our mothers would say that we have a knack for finding trouble in the most boring of situations.  We both tend to agree with that statement.  Our many mad adventures together over the years and across several continents have given us countless ideas to write about for many years to come.

Rebecca is happily married with two kids.  She daylights as an apartment manager until she gets home to start her real job...writing!  Her dog Neo really rules the roost though.  He's 120 pounds of love and slobber.

Courtney is also happily married (her hubby is Rebecca's hubbies best friend.  No they didn't plan that!).  She has three kiddos which consumes most of her free time.  She homeschools all three kids, loves to sew and tinker in her veggie garden.  She also has two dogs, one of which is a Mastiff that feels he's a lapdog (he told me to tell you not to judge him by his size).

What do we have in common?  Everything!  Well, not everything... We both hate awkward silences, wedgies, styrofoam and bad drivers.  We love spending time with our families, attempting crazy crafts we find on Pinterest and finding new ways to get in trouble.

 Thanks For Looking!

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