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Cache a Predator by Michelle Weidenbenner: Interview


You just won a large lottery. What would you buy? 
I would hire a buff cook who was also a fitness trainer. It’s not that I can’t cook or don’t like to cook, it’s that I don’t want to take the time away from my writing. I’m obsessive about writing fiction, and I don’t like interruptions. Eating healthy and working out is something I value too, so if I had a full time cook/trainer I’d look better, feel better, and finish more books.

Where are your fans most likely to find you hanging out?
At home with my butt in my writing chair, walking the dogs, or on the tennis court. 

What’s it like to be an author in three words?
Exciting, challenging work.
What are the most important attributes for remaining sane as a writer?
Staying disciplined at writing and keeping good organizational skills are important if a writer wants to stay sane, which is probably why I’m insane. 
I can do the writing part. It’s keeping organized that’s tough. For instance, this morning I had over 2000 emails in my INBOX, twelve WORD files open, and five Safari pages open. 
I like to flit from one task to another. My husband calls me the Random Subject Generator, but I’m kinda random about a lot of things. 
I’m a Random Story Generator too. It’s difficult for me to focus on just one novel because so many of my characters want my attention, so that’s why I have so many files open on my desktop at one time. But I’m really good at organized chaos. My desktop looks totally insane, but I know where everything is. 

Do you have a blog?
Since I’m known as the RANDOM girl I started a blog called RANDOM WRITING RANTS 15 months ago. I teach teens and adults how to get published. On Fridays, I feature a teen writer and share their fiction.  I invite other writers to read their work, comment, and be that teen’s FAN for the day. I call it FAN FRIDAY. 
I love to encourage teens. I’m going to mentor one through the school year. I’ll take her under my writing wing and teach her how to write a short story, edit it, and submit it for contests. It’ll be fun. 

Is there a passage in your book that you feel gets to the heart of your book and would encourage people to read it? If so, can you share it?
This quote is on the first page of the novel: “Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.” Herbert Ward 
So many people have been affected by child abuse. It’s disturbing. Even those who haven’t been abused are affected by others who have.
The villain in my novel is one of those.
But this is worth mentioning too: I love to read Ann VosKamp’s blog, A Holy Experience. Have you read it? I find her words help me get into the emotion of my story. 
One day, when I was deep in the trenches of writing Cache a Predator, I read one of Ann’s posts. She said something like this: “Why is it when people are totally broken they seem to be able to hold each other with so much more passion?” This quote doesn’t sum up my book, but it’s a part of one character’s journey.
What do you think makes a good story? 
I believe that the elements of fiction must be present:  the inciting incident, the quest, the black moment, the epiphany. If the character has a believable goal, and the stakes are great, then chances are readers will root for the hero and engage in the story. 

Tell us about your family.
I married an engineer guy 33 years ago. He’s 6’3 and way more level-headed than me. He tolerates my creativity well despite our different personalities, and he makes me laugh when I get too emotional about my characters.
After having two children—a boy and girl who are married with their own children now, we adopted a Russian orphan. She’s in her last year of high school now and is the sweetest kid you’ll ever meet. She’s such a gift from God. 

Something readers might not know:
I love to write for young adults and children too. My pen name for my kidlit is M. Saint-Germain, which is my maiden name. It gets confusing.



Officer Brett Reed will do anything to gain custody of his five-year-old daughter, Quinn. But when the man-hating judge grants Brett’s drug-addicted ex-wife custody and slaps him with a protective order for losing his temper, he fears for Quinn’s safety. Who will protect her now? 

When Quinn is found abandoned on the streets, Brett’s worse nightmares turn toward a dark path. The child is placed in a temporary foster home until Child Protective Services can complete an assessment. It should only take a few days.

But a lot can happen in a few days.

Especially when there’s a deranged psychopath on the loose, someone who’s attacking pedophiles, someone who wants to protect children like Quinn, and someone who’s planting body parts in geocaching sites.

Cache a Predator is a novel about a father’s love, justice, and the unhinged game of hide-the-cache.


A few reviewer comments: 
Jane F. Stewart said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been on such an incredibly emotional rollercoaster. I’m officially a fan who will be waiting (impatiently) for the next novel by this author.” 
Deborah Rutkowski said, “This book was riveting. It grabbed my interest immediately. I couldn’t put the story down. The reading was raw and real and I wouldn’t sleep until it was finished. Thank you for opening the world to CASA.” 
Chloe Joyce said, “This book was filled with non-stop action, a lovable main character, and an original plot.”



Michelle is a fulltime employee of God’s kingdom, writing and encouraging writers every day. She’s often a sucker for emotional stories, her sensitive side fueling the passion for her character’s plights, often giving her the ability to show readers the “other” side of the story.

She grew up in the burbs of Detroit with five brothers. No sisters. Each time her mom brought the boy bundle home from the hospital Michelle cried, certain her mom liked boys better than girls. But when her brothers pitched in with the cooking, cleaning, and babysitting—without drama, Michelle discovered having brothers wasn’t so bad. They even taught her how to take direct criticism without flinching, which might come in handy with book reviews.
Michelle is living her dream—writing every day and thanking God for the stories He puts in her path. When Michelle isn’t writing she’s winning ugly on the tennis court. She’s known as “Queen of the Rim Shots.” No joke. It’s ugly.
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