Sunday, May 19, 2013

Here Be Monsters by Jamie Sheffield: Spotlight


Fans of Carl Hiaasen, Lawrence Block, and John Sandford will enjoy Tyler Cunningham's adventure for the tight writing, clever (MacGyver-esque) approach to problem-solving, and the chance to explore the Adirondacks with this quirky and unique protagonist. "Here Be Monsters" is Jamie Sheffield's first novel.

Tyler Cunningham is a detective like no other. He can mimic humanity, but in most cases fails utterly to understand people, why they do the things they do, or act in the ways that they do. His saving grace is an insatiable hunger for knowledge that combines with an ability to make connections from a series of seemingly unrelated data-points that other people miss; this continually pulls him into other peoples' problems, where his focus and unique perceptual abilities allow him to solve puzzles that others cannot see in ways that nobody else could conceive.

In the heart of the Adirondack Park, the Northeast's last great wilderness, Tyler Cunningham, a detective who struggles to understand the human condition, finds himself trapped and powerless in the face of shocking cruelty and violence when the closest thing Tyler has to a friend vanishes as a result of his actions. His unique talents strap readers in for an astonishing thrill-ride, keeping them balanced on a knife's edge of suspense, while Tyler struggles frantically to unlock the secrets to a violent conspiracy that he finds himself swept up in, as the book rushes headlong towards a shocking conclusion deep in the primitive wilderness.

Jamie Sheffield lives in the Adirondack Park, and when he's not writing mysteries set in the Adirondack Park, he's probably camping or exploring the last great wilderness in the Northeast. He has been a Special Education Teacher in the Lake Placid Central School District for the last 15 years. Besides writing, Jamie loves cooking and reading and dogs and all manner of outdoor pursuits.

"Here Be Monsters" is his debut novel. He is in the process of publishing a series of shorter ebooks that follow the exploits of his protagonist, Tyler Cunningham. Plans are in motion for a second Tyler Cunningham novel, which should be written during summer of 2013, and published early in 2014.

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