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A Bitter Reunion by J.N Johnson: Interview and Tens List



Tell us about your next release.  

My upcoming release A Bitter Reunion is part of the Clearwater Series from Sunshine Press that will be available along with Winterbloom by Marissa Dobson, the first in the series. It’s a multi author series that surrounds the residents of Clearwater Wyoming.


When in the day/night do you write? How long per day? 

I don’t really have a writing pattern, I try to write when my kids are at school and the hubby is at work but there have been times when the muse screams “write now” and I have to pull out the laptop or cell phone and just hit the page.


What is the hardest part of writing your books?  

Dialogue is the toughest part for me since I am so shy in social settings, it takes awhile for me to warm up to people face to face so I thank God for social media and text, without it I would be a hermit J

Where do you research for your books?  

My first release Passionate Tides was written after my experiences at Topsail Island, NC. We visit the island once year and would love to set up permanent residence near the beach. As for my Clearwater and the new Paranormal I am releasing later this summer it’s strictly internet surfing that gets me what I need. I have a story in the works now that has some military aspects so I will be driving my Navy Seal and Army buddies crazy when the time comes. 

What does your significant other and family think of your writing career

My hubby says he thinks that it’s exciting. But my mother has to be my biggest fan. She has the biggest smiles and mouth whenever she sees a new cover or release coming and shouts it from the rooftops.


Tell us about your family.

I have two amazing little girls that keep me on my toes and teach me something new every day. If I learn one more silly fact about One Direction I could write a tell all on boy bands.

Do you listen to music while writing? 

If so what? Depends on which computer I am using, if I lock myself into the cave I listen to anything and everything from Broadway musicals to heavy metal. If I am using the laptop on the couch I like to have the tv on in the background. My chosen programs are shows like Supernatural or ghost investigations. They seem to help keep my dramatic flow moving. Plus Dean is just hot J

What was the scariest moment of your life?  

Being locked in our burning house with my two year old daughter beats anything I have ever experienced before. It was late at night, during a power outage and a candle we were using for light exploded and set the house on fire. My daughter saved my life, she warned me that she smelled smoke. I had to break out a window with my elbow and lower her out to the ground to escape. She was fine but I suffered nerve damage and had 160 stitches to my arm.



You just won a huge lottery what is the first thing you'll buy?  

A huge lot of land in the middle of nowhere, away from my crazy neighbors and little squeaky dogs! Just kidding. I think I would buy my husband’s freedom from his job and open a gun range or something that would make him happy.



Lilly Myers ran from Clearwater ten years ago to start a new life as a nurse, leaving all of the pain and anguish of her broken heart behind. The last thing she ever wanted was to return home and face the grueling questions about her sudden disappearance. But the invitation to her ten-year class reunion and the growing need to see her family has her reluctantly boarding the first plane back. Unfortunately, in the small town of Clearwater, nothing stays buried for long. Lilly quickly finds herself facing the past she’s longed to leave behind and the man she’s tried hard to forget. Joshua Taylor has spent the last ten years managing his outfitters business, but it was never enough to keep his mind off the girl who got away. He’s always hoped the love of his life would return home and forgive him for the night she found him in another woman’s embrace. Mending fences along the way Joshua is prepared to do anything he can to prove his worth to Lilly. Now a hurt and angry Lilly is within arm’s reach, and Joshua is prepared to fight for her, even if it means facing danger head on. Can love blossom from such a bitter reunion?



What 10 things absolutely drive you insane?

10- People who do not know what an indicator light on a vehicle is! For goodness sakes people you took drivers education in high school or passed a test to drive, can’t you at least flip a switch to change lanes!

9- The big cups that they offer at fill your own frozen yogurt shops! Not only to they hold more that I will ever eat but give my kids free range to fill the up costing me thirty dollars for yogurt!

8- Running out of milk, cream or sugar after I have already brewed a new pot of coffee. I look like fool climbing the counter for supplies or melting Hershey kisses to sweeten my coffee.

7- Telemarketers that call before the sun comes up. When I was in high school I was one of the poor people who would call and ask you customer service questions, but I never called people when they were still snoozing. I like to play with them because I know the job, it’s boring and you get lost in the jibber jabber scripts that they give you.

6- People who think that stay at home mom means I am available at any given time of day to fulfill their needs. No, my bon-bons will not eat themselves.

5- How my kids will suddenly appear as soon as the phone rings and then they need me for anything and everything.

4- Before I was a reviewer or a writer I read a lot for pleasure, now that I know more of what goes into the writing and editing process it drives me nuts when I find errors. Simple things that should have been caught are like fingers down a chalkboard, but don’t worry I don’t quit reading.

3- Waiting, I hate waiting. I am an instant gratification girl. I like when good things come to those that bitch and moan and not sit and wait for something to happen.

2-Political swinging doors, you know the people whose opinions change like a revolving door.  I say if you have a belief stick with it, don’t dumb yourself down or change your POV to make others happy.

1-How time seems to fly when I am in the middle of a great writing stent and I have to stop mid scene to get my girls from school or some other activity. I hate leaving my leading girl and guy mid-codas to deal with my real life.

But my biggest pet peeve are the people who say “Oh so you write smut books” Yes I write books that include sex and drama but its Romance not smut. So many people see romance as nothing but soft porn without giving it a chance. I used to only read paranormal, strictly out of this world books until I began reviewing. I fell in love with romance, whether its m/f, m/m or any of the above. My honest opinion there is more drama in a book surrounding the relationships in a well written romance than any story surrounding war or intergalactic aliens. There is nothing wrong or warped about reading romance and people should be proud not ashamed that they buy and read them. I have had friends tell me that they use an e-reader so others don’t see the covers and assume they are reading porn. I say shout it to the world and support authors!  

About J.N. Johnson:

Living in her hometown of Charleston, West Virginia, JN Johnson is the proud mother of two beautiful little girls and is married to her high school sweetheart (and greatest supporter ) whom she considers the rock that keeps her grounded.

She was first introduced to the world of fantasy when she was seven years old reading The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe making her never want to read about “the real world” again. Her mother and grandmother’s love of romance novels gave her the opportunity to learn about book trading, taking all of their old books to the local flea market to trade for anything that sparked her interest. Those days are long gone; her books now stay safely on her book shelves at home and out of harm’s way. 


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