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The Shekinah Legacy by Gary Lindberg: Character Interview and Excerpt



Charlotte Ansari is the star international correspondent for CCN (Cambridge Cable News), the leading global cable news provider. She is a savvy, gutsy, driven individual with a troubled home life.
Today I have the distinct honor of welcoming her to my blog and she's agreed to answer a few questions while she's here.

 Tell us about your family.

 I have perhaps one of the most dysfunctional families imaginable. Without spoiling your reading of “The Shekinah Legacy,” I can tell you that my father was a priest but was defrocked for having an affair with an underage girl in his parish. My mother vanished without a trace when I was seven, and I suspected that my father had something to do with it. The book explains what happened to her, and it was the one thing I never could have guessed!

I became a journalist and met a young man, Mahid Ansari (Persian), who I eventually married, but it turns out that Mahid betrayed me in the most heinous way possible. We did, however, have a son, Greg (now thirteen years old), who has Asperger’s Syndrome. Greg very detached from feelings and not very good at personal relationships, but is mysteriously gifted in certain ways as if to compensate. With my travel schedule, Greg’s detachment, and my animosity for Mahid, I really don’t have any close relationships. Perhaps I don’t know how.

 If you could apologize to someone in your past, who would it be?

 Well, since the astonishing events of “The Shekinah Legacy” are now behind me and well-chronicled, I can honestly say that—given the chance—I would apologize to my son, Greg. He became my greatest asset in solving the ancient mysteries that threatened us and the rest of the world. But in hindsight I regret putting him in danger as I did, and for being an absentee mother. No matter how hard I wanted to connect with him, I just couldn’t figure out how. Pretty bad, huh?

 What one word describes you best?

 One word? You must not know me—I talk for a living on TV. The best word, I think, could be “resilient.” If you’ve read the book, you know that I have endured hardships, threats, life-threatening situations, the deaths of people close to me, and a series of adventures that left me exhausted but not beaten down. I know there are more threats to come—the story that started in “The Shekinah Legacy” is resolved, but many of the people and shadowy agencies who perpetrated such an astonishing conspiracy are still alive. I suspect they have more plans for the future. So “resilient,” yes. That’s me. I’ve lost everyone in my life now, but I’m still on the air, if you know what I mean.

 What do you do to relax?

 (Laughs) Do you really want to know? Okay… to relax I go to the firing range. I just bought a Glock 9mm pistol, and between you and me, I’ve gotten pretty darn good shooting twice and making one hole in the target. I’m living in New York now, where handguns are virtually illegal for everyone, but just having it at home makes me feel safer. I know, you want to know where I stand on gun control. I suppose I’m for it in general, but in “specific” I’m in favor of staying alive. Have you read the book? Then okay, you know what I went through, and why I feel a need to be good with a gun. Video games just don’t do it for me.

 What book are you reading right now?

 The truth is, I’m reading the Bible. I never did before, but the events in “The Shekinah Legacy” made me want to get familiar with it, particularly the part about Jesus… his death and resurrection. As you know, for some it’s the center of their lives, a matter of Faith! But for countless others it’s highly controversial, even unbelievable. That’s why this issue raised such a ruckus in the book. Of course, since you’ve read the book, you understand that I have some knowledge about this matter that no one else in the world has. Proof! Of what, you say? All I can tell you is that having this knowledge makes reading the Bible that much more interesting and relevant.

 What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
Book Two in the series is Sons of Zadok
 I guess I can say this now, because it was never made clear in the book. But I finally fell in love, I think for the first time really. Unfortunately, the man I love is a professional assassin. Just what I need, right? Another dysfunctional family member. But don’t worry, it’s not meant to be. Still I’m okay. I’m “resilient,” remember?

 I understand that a new book was just released that tells about how your incredible story continues to unfold, and promises to reveal some startling aspects to the conspiracy that has never been revealed before.

 Yes, it’s called “Sons of Zadok.” If the first book didn’t get me killed, this second one certainly might. Maybe we can chat about that one sometime. You won’t believe where this story takes you!

(A Charlotte Ansari Thriller) by Gary Lindberg
In this controversial Amazon best-selling thriller, international cable TV journalist Charlotte Ansari and her Asperger's son are caught literally in the crossfire of history when terrorists, the CIA, Mossad and the Vatican all converge in a pulse-pounding search for relics that could forever change the balance of power in the world.

Three decades ago, Charlotte's mother suddenly vanished with no trace. The mystery was never solved. Then suddenly, on the same day that Charlotte's home is attacked by terrorists, her son receives an email from the grandmother that he has never known. The coded message catapults Charlotte and her son on a dangerous mission to India and Kashmir to find the only objects that can save the old woman's life. Unfortunately, Charlotte and her autistic son don't know what they are looking for.

The Shekinah Legacy is a thriller in the tradition of Dan Brown, Steve Berry and James Rollins. In this provocative novel, author Gary Lindberg uses the form of the thriller to explore the limits and perils of belief.
★★★★★  A "thriller" is a car chase. In the best of the genre, tires squeal on the first page and rubber burns until a fiery crash or a plume of exhaust merges with the horizon. Now visualize being strapped into a green Mustang fastback for 339 pages, riding shotgun with Lieutenant Bullitt. That's where Gary Lindberg puts the reader in "The Shekinah Legacy". 
Charles Locks, author of Greater Trouble in the Lesser Antilles

★★★★★ Charlotte Ansari has hunted the big stories around the globe. Then in one week she becomes the hunted. Or are the secret societies that are chasing her throughout India after someone else? Gary Lindberg's debut novel "The Shekinah Legacy" will please fans of Dan Brown and James Rollins. This is a book not to be put down until you've read the last
page. ★★★★★
Cynthia Kraack, author of "Minnesota Cold and the "Ashwood Trilogy"

Lost souls, saved souls, CIA agents, religious nuts and spiritually superior beings mix creatively if not comfortably in this international thriller. The protagonist comes across as a believable woman and a pretty believable journalist, and the portrayal of her son as a painfully blunt, difficult, gifted kid afflicted with Asperger's really works well. ★★★★★
Bruce Rubenstein, author of "Greed, Rage and Love Gone Wrong: Murder In Minnesota"


Bestselling author Gary Lindberg has traveled around the world to research his books and give them first-person authenticity in the description of locations and the many characters who populate them. His first novel, a thriller entitled “The Shekinah Legacy,” was the most popular thriller (Kindle) on Amazon in 2012. As a writer and film producer/director, he has won over one hundred major national and international awards. He is the co-writer and producer of the Paramount Pictures feature film “That Was Then, This Is Now” starring Emilio Estevez and Morgan Freeman. He lives in Minnesota with his wife, Gloria.

Gary Lindberg
Twitter @gary_lindberg

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