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The Key to Love by Meg Mins: Interview: Orangeberry Tour Stop



Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? Reading books, scads and scads of them – especially mysteries from The Boxcar Children, The Happy Hollisters and Trixie Belden to Agatha Christie, A.C. Doyle, Dorothy Sayers, Dashiell Hammett, to modern cozy writers such as Cleo Coyle, Will Thomas and Charles Todd, etc.

When and why did you begin writing? I started with “fanfic” before it was invented, a rip-off of Trixie Belden – figuring I could write a better plot. LOL. Then I decided to write a mystery as an exercise, and switched to historical and romance, then back to mystery with Double Crossing. The Key to Love is contemporary romance, though! I’m partial to blending genres together for a unique twist.

How long have you been writing? Twenty years. Gah!

Did writing this book teach you anything and what was it? I’m a total “plotter.” I spend weeks filling out character sketches, timelines and plot charts. For The Key to Love, I totally “pantsed” it out. I had the outline in my head, and I was stunned that I finished it with a bit of editing to make it “come alive” with details. So yes, I can “pant” when I put my mind to it! It wasn’t easy, but it sure was fun.

Have you developed a specific writing style? I write in an “ocean wave” style – write, go back and revise, write further, revise again, and keep pushing and revising until I have a solid second or third-draft quality manuscript. After that, polishing is easy.

What is your greatest strength as a writer? Vivid imagery, using sensory details and getting the historical aspects as accurate as possible.

How did you come up with the title? A key is vital to the plot, along with Valentine’s Day, so The Key to Love seemed a natural fit for this sweet contemporary romance.

Can you tell us about your main character? Jenn Jackson is an artist – and I am too, which helped flesh out her goals and motivations.

What is your favorite food? COOKIES!! Shortbread drizzled with chocolate – YUM!

What’s your favorite place in the entire world? Ireland – plan to visit one day!

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Award-winning author and artist Meg Mims lives in Southeastern Michigan with her husband, a drooling black cat and a 'Make My Day' Malti-poo dog. She's loved reading mystery, western, historical, romance and other genre fiction since first grade's adventures of Spot, Dick and Jane. She's a staff writer at Lake Effect Living, an on-line magazine and has published hundreds of freelance articles. Meg enjoys gardening, crafts, watercolor painting - anything but housework.

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Genre – Contemporary Romance
Rating – PG

Artist Jennette Jacobson clashes with a handsome visitor at a gallery show. He claims that artwork is just “more junk to dust.” Ouch. When she finds a small metal object on the floor, she uses it later in a new collage.

Her world soon crumbles with family problems and a friend’s betrayal. And wouldn’t you know that the same hunky guy claims he lost an important key the night of the show! When Steve Harmon offers to buy Jenn’s work, she refuses to sell. He’ll just trash it to free his precious key.

Or is it possible that key will unlock her future happiness?


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