Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sleep Stalker by Patrick Royal: Tens List


A group of people are experiencing nightmares. They are a bit more than just bad dreams. After numerous reports of an outbreak of nightmares, unexplainable deaths begin to occur. Three decades later, it happens again. There is speculation that the deaths are at the hands of a demon. Is it a Demon or something more sinister? If it is a demon, can it be stopped?

Sleep Stalker will appeal to the YA13+ crowd as well as adult readers. It takes you on a wild and terrifying ride from the 1960's to modern time and to Hades and back. Do you have your coins for the ferryman...


Wild Child Publishing


Patrick Royal is a family man. Born in  Virginia, raised in Northwest Indiana, and he and his wife Lynette have resided in Western Kentucky for seven  years. An avid watcher of Horror movies and reader of Stephen King. He's inspired to use the gift God gave him to chill his readers. He is also the author of Novels "Jacobs Closet",. and "Sleep Stalker".





What are 10 weird things about you?

1. I pick up extremely quick on things that I’m passionate about.

2. When I get tired, I rub the top of my head.

3. When I get tired of chewing a piece of gum, I’ll drop it into my cola to chew it later.

4. I prefer cold spaghetti.

5. I smother my pancakes with country gravy.

6. I can’t wear shorts in tall grass.

7. I have to check my email every hour on the hour.

8. I must crack my neck and knuckles when I first wake up.

9. I’m very impatient.

10. I have to lay on the floor at least 5 minutes with my German Shepard after work.

What 10 things absolutely drive you insane?
1.       Getting behind an old person: walking or driving.
2.      Someone that doesn’t turn out the light when they leave a room.
3.      A loud TV
4.      A messy house
5.      A person using stacks of coupons in checkout lane.
6.      Driving in bad weather.
7.      Someone to talk to me while I’m writing.
8.     Talking on the phone.
9.      Satellite going out when it rains.
10.  Vehicle breaking down.

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