Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Secrets by Darcia Helle: Tens List and Excerpt


What are 10 weird things about you?


I love this question, because I think it’s important to embrace our inner weirdness. J


  1. I’m the only introvert in a family of full blown extraverts.
  2. The smell of peanut butter makes me queasy.
  3. I have an obsession with music. I own more than 500 vinyl albums, and lost count at 1,500 CDs.
  4. Despite having spent my entire life near the water, and having a pool in my back yard, I can only swim well enough to safe myself if I fall in the deep end.
  5. I love the sound of absolute silence.
  6. I was a hairstylist for 15 years, but rarely even as much as blow dry my own hair because I find it tedious. Fortunately, I have wavy/curly hair that doesn’t require much effort.
  7. I grew up in a haunted house.
  8. Before I sit down to write, I have to brush my teeth. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night, or how many times I’ve already brushed them.
  9. I’ve moved 15 times. The house I live in now is the longest I’ve been in one place since childhood.
  10. My music is arranged in alphabetical order by the artists’ first names, my collection of novels is arranged in alphabetical order by the author’s last names, and my nonfiction books are arranged by subject the way you’d find in a bookstore. I get really cranky if someone messes up the order.


Darcia Helle lives in a fictional world with a husband who is sometimes real. Their house is ruled by spoiled dogs and cats and the occasional dust bunny.
Suspense, random blood splatter and mismatched socks consume Darcia’s days. She writes because the characters trespassing through her mind leave her no alternative. Only then are the voices free to haunt someone else’s mind.
Join Darcia in her fictional world: http://www.QuietFuryBooks.com

The characters await you. 

Title: Secrets
Author: Darcia Helle
Published: August 2012
Word Count: 81000
Genre: Suspense
Content Warning: Some adult content and language not suitable for readers under 16.
Samantha’s monsters aren't under the bed; they’re the people she calls Mom and Dad.

She makes it out alive, her sanity barely intact. 


She creates a new past that fools everyone, including herself. 


A life filled with love and security teeters on its base of lies. 


When it all comes crumbling down, will Samantha make it out alive? 


Now she wondered if all the lies were necessary. Was her past so bad that she had to hide it. 
Samantha trembled as the thought gave her a brief glimpse into the darkness. Oh, yes, the lies were a vital part of her survival. A long time ago she’d learned to suppress most of her memories. But bits and pieces refused to stay hidden.
The memories of those years were too horrific to think about. Samantha pushed the thoughts away before they invaded her conscious mind. The one thing she remembered clearly, had never been able to forget, was her mother’s betrayal.  
Would Jeff still love her if he knew the truth? 
Would she be able to live with herself if she allowed the memories back in?
Was it even her that Jeff had fallen in love with? Or was it the made-up dream girl she’d invented for the rest of the world? Did she even know her true self anymore? 
She choked back a sob as a tear slid down her cheek. Too much about her remained hidden, even from herself.

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Darcia Helle said...

Thanks for hosting me today, Laurie!

Maria Savva said...

LOL, I didn't know you have to brush your teeth before you can write!!! Now, that is weird! ;)
I won't enter the giveaway as I already have my own copy of Secrets.... and a signed one!! :) Good luck with the blog tour. Everyone should read Secrets!

Darcia Helle said...

I agree, the teeth thing is definitely weird! I have no idea how it started. But now, if I don't brush my teeth first, all I think about is the taste in my mouth. My dentist would be happy about this, at least!

Maria Savva said...

Ha, ha! I'm sure you have a happy dentist! :)