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Flying in Shadows, Book 2 of the Black Creek Series by R.T. Wolfe: Guest Post and Excerpt

Hello, Laurie and readers. I’m thrilled to be back. Last fall I was honored to have, Black Creek Burning, Book 1 in the Black Creek Series, featured on this lovely blog. I’m happy to say it became an Amazon Best Seller last month. Today I’m here to talk about Book 2, Flying in Shadows. Although a stand-alone romantic suspense, Flying in Shadows continues with the same characters and story line. Reviews have been humbling with a 4.7 star average. 

As some of you may know, I work to create authentic and realistic stories. Not only do I try to make characters who are diverse and realpeople who feel like your friends, I want keep my facts straight. Book one features an aloof landscape designer who witnesses the murder of her parents. She finds more than she bargains for when her new neighbor, a clever wood working artist steps in determined to win her over and find the killer. I had 3 Master Gardeners and a gal from downtown Chicago’s Sawbridge Woodworking Studios preview book 1 regarding my facts before I published. Only after their stamp of approval (and lovely reviews!) did I turn in the final draft over to my publisher. The gals said Black Creek Burning takes a reader through, “…suspicions, love, interests and conflicts…” and that the “…tender relationship between Nathan and Brie feels real and familiar while the mystery surrounding Brie’s past keeps you turning each page…”

So, here I am with Book 2, Flying in Shadows. It is a friends-turn-lovers story about a conservation biologist and a land developer who have been best friends and clashed heads since they were kids. Now, with mounting danger on their heels they have to find common ground to stay together and stay alive. The heroine specializes in the banding and rehabilitation of eagles. I was scared to death when both Operation Migration and the Center for Conservation Biology (CCB) agreed to preview Advanced Reading Copies. I was biting my nails worrying about the accuracy of my research. They both loved it! The biologist from CCB said she, “…read the book within days of receiving it. It was excellent. Suspenseful, romantic…” I am discovering that everyone loves to sit down with a good romance novel. I’ve had such overwhelming responses that I’ve teamed up with CCB and am donating a portion of my March Flying in Shadows proceeds to their amazing organization. You can find more about them on my website. Or just pick up a copy of Flying in Shadows. If you haven’t read Book 1, Black Creek Burning, you won’t know there is a book 1. I am neurotic about reading series in order. However, Black Creek Burning is a more a prequel to Flying in Shadows. I have sample chapters on my website and Laurie is delightful enough to include an excerpt in this post.

Book 3, Dark Vengeance, is definitely one to read last. The hero spent much of his life reliving the day his beloved aunt was nearly murdered, the day he was used as bait. Now, a whole new line of twists begin … twists that involve a complicated, smart, train wreck of a sultry detective. It is in round 2 of 3 edits right now and should be out sometime next month. The hits on my website for this book have been over the top. So dang fun.

I hope you take a minute and sign up for my once-a-month newsletter. The smart, complicated, train-wreck of a detective will start her own series starting this fall/winter and a sea escape-treasure-murder-secrets series is coming out next year. I’ll keep you posted on my website, Facebook Page and monthly newsletter.

Thank you for having me back, Laurie. Your followers are so wonderful, I’ve decided to give away signed paperback copies of both Book 1, Black Creek Burning, and Book 2, Flying in Shadows, to one of them.

Happy reading!

-R.T. Wolfe

From the time she was a little girl, Rose Piper was sure of two things: she wanted to work with animals and she wanted to win the heart of her best friend, Andy Reed.

Now the most sought-after conservation biologist in the Northeast, she's trying to convince herself that one out of two isn't bad.

Andy spent most of his life following his dream of becoming a builder. Now a successful land developer, he has returned to Black Creek to win the girl he has loved since high-school and hurt too many times: Rose

But efforts to keep their love together turn dangerous when a decades-old secret brings a murderer out of hiding, sending the pair running for their lives.

Black Creek Burning
Flying in Shadows
Dark Vengeance
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Flying in Shadows
The Black Creek Series
Book Two
R.T. Wolfe 
Walking in the dark, Andy readjusted his tackle box. Moonlight shone on the dark ripples creeping down Black Creek. He spotted a raccoon as he crossed the bridge. Startled, the animal hissed at him. Andy stomped his foot and hissed back; he was in no mood for it.
In his peripheral vision, he saw movement Larger movement. A man? The shape disappeared as quickly as Andy imagined it. When you let yourself get this worked up, you start seeing things, he chided himself.
He needed Rose.
She would calm him down and lighten his mood, help him feel normal again. He looked at his watch and winced. What were friends for if you couldn't count on them to be there? Even at this time of night. Or morning.
* * *
Rose slept soundly in her twin bed dreaming of her favorite spot at the zoo. In the small rain forest building, she allowed a newly emerged monarch butterfly to dry its wings on her apron while sharing facts about the insect to one of two visiting young boys. The other threw pebbles into the nearby wishing pond. The sound of the small rocks plunked as they hit the stone wall before dropping into the water.
Oh, crap. She woke and sat up straight. The plunking noise came from outside, not in her head.
Heart in her throat, she ripped off her blankets and hustled across the hard floor to the window. It was still pitch-black out.
Grabbing the flashlight she always kept on the windowsill, Rose paused for moment. She shook her head assuring herself it was Andy and lifted the window. She found him with the beam as she hissed loudly, “I thought you didn’t get home until tomorrow.”
"It is tomorrow." He held up fishing poles and tackle box.
"It's not tomorrow until the sun comes up." Tugging on a pair of jeans, Rose smiled wildly to herself. This reaction she had to Andy Reed had to stop. It was not healthy.
"I've got the worms." he called. "Get down here."
R.T. Wolfe’s romantic suspense, Black Creek Burning, is the first in a series set in beautiful upstate New York. She enjoys creating diverse characters and twining them together in the midst of an intelligent mystery and a heart encompassing romance.

It’s not uncommon to find dark chocolate squares in R.T.’s candy dish, her Golden Retriever at her feet and a few caterpillars spinning their cocoons in their terrariums on her counters. R.T. loves her family, gardening, eagle-watching and can occasionally be found viewing a flyover of migrating whooping cranes. 

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-R.T. Wolfe

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