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Dynasty O'Shea by Clarissa Cartharn: Interview and Excerpt



Hello Clarissa.  Thanks so much for being here and agreeing to answer a few questions.  So.... let's begin.  How did you start your writing career?

Like most authors, I started writing when I was very young. I created characters and imaginary worlds. However I never thought of picking it up as a career. I never thought I had the capacity to write a full length novel and have it published. This phase in my life has surprised me more than it has my family. They, on the other hand, always believed that I could write.

Tell us about a favorite character from a book.

I think my favourite character has got to be 13 year old David O'Shea. He's a smart-talking, cheeky intellectual who often gets his family into trouble and the cause for them going on an adventure in the first place. David views life and adventure with a different eye than does his older brother. Free from responsibilities, he happily jumps into chaos to simply have fun.

Tell us about your current release.

My book is titled "Dynasty O'Shea- The Throne of Gammalon". It is the first installment in a series of adventures for the family O'Shea. It is a fantasy action adventure written with a dose of humour. I have been told by some readers that they liken it to a new version of the Chronicles of Narnia or The Twelve Kingdoms meets King Solomon's Mines. But those were real classics. I'm only hoping that readers will enjoy reading it as much as I had writing it.

What do you think makes a good story?

I think anything can make a good story. The most important factor in producing a good story is the storyteller. Take different versions of movies, for instance the Hong Kong original movie "Infernal Affairs" to the Martin Scorcese remake "The Departed". I preferred the original. Others would say the latter. It all depends on which storyteller a person/viewer relates to better.

I think the simplest story I have ever read has got to be Nicholas Spark's "The Notebook". The baseline is that it was simple. But he had to be an awesome storyteller to tell it the way he had written it.

How do you react to a bad review of your book?

I truly don't mind a bad review. I think it is impossible to please everybody. It is equally impossible to write such a book. When I do get a bad review, I accept it for what it’s worth. I critique the review, accept any potential and useful suggestions, discard the rest and move on with life. 

If I came to visit early in the morning would you impress me as being more like a chirpy bird or a grumpy bear?

I think I am immensely polite. I can't be rude to anyone no matter how terribly annoyed I am on the inside. So no I won't be a grumpy bear. But I won't be so chirpy as well in the attempt to let you know painfully subtly that you have called in at an inappropriate hour, particularly if you've arrived unannounced and you catch me in my nightgown.

Do you have any special routines or rituals?

I think I am the most unpredictable/impromptu person you'll ever find. I have tried to keep a schedule and most often always do draft them. I can never keep up with them which immensely frustrates my family. My children have long learnt to make travel/shopping appointments with my husband. I, on the other hand, tag along happily with my kindle and lap top in my bag. 


Do you have a Website or Blog?



Clarissa Cartharn has always had a deep love for language. Her pursuit of it has led her to attain a BA majoring in English Language and Literature, sought a career in English teaching for six years before finally becoming a lawyer. But when she took up the pen, she realised what she was really desiring for was the cathartic release of her wild imaginations via writing.

Clarissa is interested in learning new languages and is currently on a quest on conquering Mandarin Chinese. Her quirky sense of humour and love for language, culture and people are fortunately shared by her husband, and two children. "Dynasty O'Shea" is her first novel.

The Kingdom of Gammalon is taken siege by evil Lord Dravidor of Dark Vale. Its army has been driven out of the kingdom and now seeking refuge in the caves of Mount Kiznon. Their only hope lies in a man that lives in a different world- the present. Jack O'Shea, the crown prince of Gammalon takes refuge in the present world upon directions by the General of the Gammalonian Army as they seek to reinforce soldiers and weapons after a gruesome battle with the Dark Vale army. Stuck in the present world for eighteen years, he has never spoken of his heritage to his children. So when he is recalled to save Gammalon, he least expects that his four children will be journeying with him to the World of Spassenia. As they cross the gates of dimensions, they enter a world unlike they've ever known-one where magic and power prevail over all who live in it. With perils at every turn they take, they must seek the alliance of the mythical shadow warriors of the Tsez Xian to win the war against Dravidor.


Jack squatted at where David had been standing. He pushed the reeds aside to take a closer look. He discovered that David was right. He stood up and walked around the edge. His shoulders were slouched, his head down as he focused between the reeds. He bent down occasionally to brush the reeds aside as he poked into the dirt with a stick. He anxiously examined the pond edge.
David watched his father curiously. “You’re not missing the horses, are you Dad,” he stated sarcastically. “There’s enough poo here for the both of us.”
Jack straightened up with a sudden jolt. He found what he was looking for. A breeze blew across his face adding to his nervousness. He held onto David’s arm and ran towards his family like a mad man, pulling David along with him.
Rachel was enjoying the cool wind nestling on the sides of her neck when another strong breeze blew onto her. She straightened up alert. She wasn’t sure of what she had just heard and tried to sift through the sounds of the wind again. But they were lost. She looked at her two eldest children who had remained silent all through their trek. They were still sitting, perched on small rocks, each in deep thought, probably analysing the events of that morning, she thought. She then turned in the direction of her husband and David. Jack was running frantically towards them with a bewildered David right behind him. He pointed furiously towards the woods. It suddenly occurred to Rachel that she had heard the sounds correctly. She held Bronwyn’s arm and rushed towards Ally and Alex.
“Come on!” she called out and ran into the army of sensitive grass. “This way!”
Alex and Ally ran after their mother, not comprehending what had just gone wrong, only that something had.
“Mimosa Pudica, Mum!” cried Ally feeling the thorns pricking into her ankles.
“I know!” shouted back her mother in annoyance.
“It hurts!” Ally cried out again.
“You think!” her mother answered, annoyed that her sanity had just been questioned.
“Can’t we go around it?!” shouted out Alex
“No time!” said Jack breathlessly as he caught up to them. “Soldiers!”
“Dravidor!” cried out David as he shot past Alex and Ally and almost into his mother.
“Good god!”  Alex and Ally let out and sped up to reach for the cover of the woods.

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