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Death in Bagheria by Susan Russo Anderson


My 5 Favorite Books
by Susan Russo Anderson 
There’s something sinister about lists. That said, I did love the recent article in The Guardian listing the 50 key moments in English Literature from Marlowe to JK Rowling.  Not that I agreed with their list, but it was food for me and got me thinking about my key everythings—key movies and books in my life, key teachers, milestone moments, the birth of a child, moves to different cities, different jobs.

The list would be long and a little bit like navel gazing, the milestone chart filled with little points on a line stretching a long way. But as I think on it, there are a bunch of novels that have shaped my thinking. And these are my all-time top five:
  1. T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets
  2. James Joyce, Ulysses
  3. James Joyce, Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man
  4. F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
  5. William Faulkner, Absalom, Absalom!

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Susan Russo Anderson is a writer, a mother, a grandmother, a widow, a member of Sisters In Crime, a graduate of Marquette University. She has taught language arts and creative writing, worked for a publisher, an airline, an opera company. Like Faulkner's Dilsey, she's seen the best and the worst, the first and the last. Through it all, and to understand it somewhat, she writes.
DEATH OF A SERPENT, the first in the Serafina Florio series, published January 2012. It began as a painting of the Lower East Side and wound up as a mystery story. NO MORE BROTHERS, a novella, published May 2012, the second in the Serafina Florio series. The third book, DEATH IN BAGHERIA, published in December. You can read excerpts on Amazon and on her websites, and
Meet Serafina Florio, a woman determined to uncover the truth. She is a widow and midwife-turned-sleuth living in nineteenth-century Sicily where she supports her seven children and catches killers against insurmountable odds.
In between writing, revising and editing, she writes for several blogs and reviews books.
Quote: "Everything that rises must converge." --Teilard de Chardin, S.J.
Fiction: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Wolf Hall, The Dead,
The Velveteen Rabbit, The Adventures of Augie March, As I Lay Dying,
Absalom, Absalom!, A Rose for Emily, A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Genre – Historical Mystery
Rating – PG13

A gripping tale of murder and deceit. A baroness poisoned . . . A family masking dark secrets . . . and one woman determined to uncover the truth.

Sicily, March 1870. When a headstrong aristocrat commissions Serafina to find her mother's poisoner, the midwife turned sleuth travels to a windswept villa on Sicily's gold coast where she begins her investigation of the baroness's death. There, she meets with the irascible baron and his huge staff of servants. Adding to her peril are the ruthless attempts to foil her success by her arch enemy, Don Tigro, the local mafia capo.
Yet Serafina is unflagging in her determination to unmask the killer, despite mortal danger, the pleas of her children for her speedy return, and a longing to resume her broiling new romance with Loffredo, the lusty count of Oltramari. With the help of her friend, Rosa, two daring servants, and an unexpected visitor, she uncovers ugly entanglements that portend dire misfortune for the baroness's heirs. Will Serafina catch the killer before his henchman throws her to her death?

This is the third book in the Serafina Florio mystery series.


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