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Dark Shield (The Half-Breed Series Volume One) by C.J. Pike: Interview and Excerpt



When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?

I write whenever I can, whether it is during the day or the night. I’d say for the most part though I write at night when everybody else is sleeping. The only things that prevent me from writing are my job and my one-year old son. He likes to run over and shut the laptop on my wife and I—it’s a fun game we play. It always varies how long I write. Sometimes I might write for several hours, other times it may only be half an hour. It really depends how late it is or what I can write at the time without just trying to fill up a page.

What are you passionate about these days?

I’d say there are two things that I am really passionate about these days. One is writing—I think that would be obvious. I have so many ideas running around in my head and I can’t wait to be able to write them all down. More importantly I am greatly anxious to see the entire story of series fleshed out. The second thing is taking care of my son. He’s a ball full of energy and he’s my most favorite thing in the world.

Have any of your characters been modeled after yourself?

I modeled Saar after myself. He is a side character but he is one of the team. He is very sarcastic and always has to make a joke out of everything, and to my wife’s dismay, so do I. Even if no one else finds it funny as long as it can make him laugh, then that is enough for him. I like to laugh and I am very happy with my life no matter what. Although, I definitely got my sense of humor from my dad, who got it from my grandfather—poor jokes are passed down from generation to generation. Soon my son and I will both be driving my wife crazy.

What are your hero and heroine of the story like?

I’m not going to lie; Crey has had a tough time growing up. He’s rejected by almost everyone, he never met his father and he knows his mother is not telling him important things about his past. So, he tends to hide his emotions from everyone—including himself. However, he will always put others above himself and do anything to protect the ones he cares about, and even though some things may terrify him he never runs away from doing the right thing.

If you could exchange lives with any of your characters for a day which character would you choose and why?

I would definitely choose to exchange lives with Crey. Although a lot of things don’t necessarily go his way and he does have a tough life, I would still choose him, but I can’t tell you why. You’ll have to read my future releases to find out!

Who are your books published with?

I am an indie author so right now my book is published exclusively with Amazon because I am enrolled in KDP Select, but on April 25th that ends and I will be republishing back with Barnes and Noble. 

Tell us about your next release.

My next novel is the second installment in the Half-Breed Series: Vampire King. I cannot tell you too much without giving away certain things about the first one, but there are threats of an ancient vampire, who used to rule over all other vampires, returning and reclaiming his “throne.” Crey and his crew must do everything they can from preventing this, because they soon learn it is not a rumor and the Vampire King is like nothing they have ever faced.


Cory grew up in a small town in central Massachusetts. He showed an interest in telling stories from a young age, and began pursuing that interest in high school through writing and movie making. He went on to earn a degree in Broadcasting and Telecommunications, and discovered a passion for writing through his Creative Writing class. 
His first novel, Dark Shield, is Volume One of The Half-Breed Series. He currently resides in Leominster, Massachusetts with his wife, Jennifer and son, Oliver. 
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Elves. They live among us in secret, quietly hiding in the shadows, protecting us from the known and unknown evils of the world, with powers and technology beyond our imagination. A war is slowly building between those who fight for us and those who fight against us. Crey will soon find himself stuck right in the middle.

Crey is a teenager who is ripped from his normal life and thrown into a world he never knew existed, hunted down by an elf named Thalnaar who wants nothing more than to see him dead. To top it off he discovers that he is half elf and isn’t even supposed to exist.

Outmatched and underpowered, Crey will have to pass through a labyrinth of emotional and physical obstacles, defying all the odds and everyone’s expectations, becoming part of the agency that has sworn to protect the world. There he will find the means of seeking revenge on the one who has taken everything from him and nothing will stand in his way.
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Crey stood there thinking of what to do. Then a thought popped in his head, which he couldn’t ignore. His eyes widened as he turned to Alex.
“What?”  Alex asked.
“Mom.” Crey ran but was interrupted by five men that appeared from out of the shadows.
One of them spoke. “Well, well, well. Look at what we have here boys. Some fresh meat.” The others laughed.
“We don’t want any trouble,” exclaimed Crey. He knew if he tried he could easily get away from them, but again, he couldn’t abandon his friend. He walked over to stand in front of Alex.
“Then you can make this easier on yourselves and just hand over your wallets,” the man spoke again.
“OK.” Crey turned to face Alex.
“Here.” Alex handed his wallet to Crey.
“Don’t worry.” Crey spoke only loud enough for Alex to hear him. “We’re going to be OK.”
“Please, don’t do anything stupid.”
“I won’t. Don’t worry.”
Crey turned back around and handed over their wallets. The man rummaged through them for a little while.
You have to be kidding me! Crey thought to himself. We ran from one danger right into another? I definitely should have listened to Alex and my mother. It was too late for that anyway. He turned around to look at Alex, and to his surprise, he didn’t appear to be scared.
The alley was dark except for one street lamp that lit up mostly where Crey and the man who spoke were standing. There were a few boxes lined up on both sides and a dumpster that they could climb to get over the wall.
The man had finished looking through both wallets and tossed them both to the ground. He then circled around Crey.
“Well, it seems you two don’t have anything of real value to me.” He spoke in a very calm voice. “Just a lousy 20 bucks.”
“You said if we handed over our wallets, it would make things a lot easier,” Crey pointed out.
The man stopped walking around Crey.
“Hmm. I did say that, didn’t I?” he asked one of the other men.
“You know, you did,” the other one said with a smile.
The first one turned back to Crey. “And it did make things easier. I didn’t say who it’d be easier for.” A smile stretched across the man’s face. He pulled a switchblade from his pocket. “Now, we have fun.”
The man lunged at Crey who jumped out of the way and tripped over some boxes. The gang laughed at Crey.
“Ignore him,” the man spoke. “Let’s get the fat one.”
Alex let out a shriek as the man grabbed him. Crey never thought he could get up so fast. He barreled through the group knocking them all over. He then ran up, grabbed the man by the coat, and threw him across the alley.
“Are you alright?” Crey asked Alex.
“Yeah,” he responded.
“OK,” The attacker said as he got up. “Now, I’m really angry. Get them!”
As they ran toward them another muffled gunshot went off, and the light exploded. Everyone ducked to avoid the hail of glass that fell to the ground. They all looked around in confusion, wondering who shot the light out. Crey’s eyes adjusted enough to see three silhouettes jump over the wall and charge the gang.
“What’s going on?” one of the thugs yelled.
“Crey!” Alex shouted. “Where are you?”
Crey watched as the three new bodies quickly and harshly took the thugs down to the ground with ease. He thought he could see one of them turn to look at him and Alex.
“Get the other two,” one of them said.
Crey quickly grabbed Alex, and they ran, but before they could get far, something grabbed Crey’s arm and whipped him around. He pushed Alex away, giving him a chance to run. He felt them put their hands over his eyes. There was a flash of white light and then darkness.


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