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Sedition. A Political Thriller by Tom Abrahams: Character Interview




Sir Spencer Thomas is the lead antagonist in SEDITION.  He is the leader of a shadowy band of conspirators known as The Daturans.  He has graciously agreed to an interview to discuss his plot to alter the course of the American government.

INTERVIEWER: So let’s begin with the name of your group, the Daturans…  Where’d you get the name?

SIR SPENCER:  The derivation of the group’s moniker is really quite clever. We are, as you know, a collection of men not content with the social and financial direction of the United States.  We were each engaged with various Tea Party groups, but quickly found their philosophy to be, how shall I put it, flaccid.  So we formed our own little band of merry men and took the name the Datura Project after the datura flower.  The datura, when made into a tea, is quite hallucinogenic.  It’s somewhat poisonous.  But for generations of Native Americans, imbibing the datura in its liquid form was a rite of passage.  To mix metaphors, I’d suggest we are a more virulent strain of the aforementioned tea party.

INTERVIEWER:        You’re British…

SIR SPENCER:  How kind of you to notice.

INTERVIEWER:  Right.  So, given your British citizenship, why do you care about the United States?

SIR SPENCER: (laughing) I am, good man, a citizen of the world.  I’ve homes all over the globe.  And as your dear President Obama said in his third debate with Governor Romney, “The United States is the only indispensable nation on earth.” 

Why wouldn’t I care about how the Americans govern themselves?  Let’s be honest, if you collapse, that affects the Chinese immeasurably.  They own so much of your country that an American failure is a tsunami that drowns all of us who are civilized.

I’ve long offered my kind assistance to any nation, or man of power, who needs it.  Your country needs it…even if I’m assisting without an invitation. I’m a patriot, after all.

INTERVIEWER: But given your penchant for violence, doesn’t that make you a terrorist?  How could you consider yourself a patriot?

SIR SPENCER: You are incredibly naïve, my good man, incredibly naïve.  We know from an early age that history is written by the victors.  If the British had defeated the upstart, violent, tax-avoiding Americans in the 18th century, would Washington or Jefferson be patriots?  No!  Of course they would be seen through history’s pinhole lens as misguided heathens bent on death and terror.  Instead, they are the fathers of your country.  Sometimes, before we create we must destroy.  That is Darwinian as much as it Old Testament.

INTERVIEWER:  So what is your endgame?

SIR SPENCER:  It’s not my endgame, good man.  It’s the future of your nation about which we’re speaking.  And the only reasonable future is one that is severely, painfully different from the one on which your politicians currently have you headed.  Our way is the right way.  It is the only way.  And you will see, within the pages of that tome SEDITION, how we plan to successfully plot that course correction.

The President of The United States is dead. There is no Vice President to take his place.

As the nation slips into a constitutional crisis, a small group of disenfranchised neo-patriots conspire to violently seize power.
They have the will. They already have someone on the inside. And they have the explosives.

Standing in their way is a woman who listens to conversations not meant for her to hear. She reads mail not intended for her to see. She knows their intention. But can she stop them in time?

SEDITION is a smart, fast-paced, modern day political novel woven in reality and based on the 1820 British plot, The Cato Street Conspiracy.

It navigates the thin line between good versus evil and patriot versus traitor, proving there’s always a reason behind treason.
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Tom is a Texas television reporter and anchor who has spent 20 years covering local, national, and international news.

He's interviewed Presidents, cabinet members, and leaders in congress. He's reported live from the White House, Capitol Hill, and the United Nations.

Tom's covered five national political conventions. He has flown with presidential candidates, gone backstage at their rallies, and broken stories about them on televion and online.

He was at the Pentagon while smoke still rose in the hours after 9/11 and was in the room when Secretary Colin Powell made his case to the U.N. Security Council for war against Iraq.

Tom lives in the Houston suburbs with his wife, Courtney, and their two children.

SEDITION is his first novel. 

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This sounds like a book i'd love to read. The exert left you wanting to read more.