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Roses in Ecuador by Heather Huffman: Interview: Heroines with Heart Tour Stop



Tell us about your current release.
Roses in Ecuador is the story of Jane Russell, a woman who is in Ecuador to work on a jaguar preservation. When it comes under attack, she grudgingly accepts help from her handsome and unsettling neighbor, Devon McAlister, a playboy who owns a rose plantation.
Within the pages of this book you’ll find danger, mystery, a whole lot of chemistry between Jane and Devon, laughter, love, a few tears and intriguing characters.

What are you passionate about these days?
My farm. My family is attempting to be more self-sufficient, so we’re setting up a little homestead where we produce most of what we need. The rest, more and more, I get from local farmers’ markets. I simply adore my animals and I love the work. Some days, I think I’ve gotten myself in over my head, but most of the time it’s a fun challenge!
We’ve come such a long way in the eight months since we left suburbia. Still, I’m always thinking about the next project I want to take on. We’re constantly learning something new. Sometimes I really struggle to balance my time between writing and farming because both can be fairly consuming! (Or maybe it’s my personality that makes me tend to go all-in on one or the other.)

What do you do to unwind and relax?
I try to walk with my dogs several times a week down to the creek at the back of our property. We meander along the creek for a bit, enjoying the sound of the water babbling while the dogs explore every nook and cranny. Then we wind back through the woods up to the pasture behind the house. I always come back in a better mood than I left in.
Once the weather warms, I take time each day to sit outside to simply be with my animals. Especially in the evenings, while the sun sinks over the horizon and my hodgepodge of animals forages for that last meal of the night. It’s incredibly peaceful and relaxing. Some days, I’ve worked so hard my muscles feel like Jell-o, but that magical time in between day and night when the whole farm slows down for just a moment together, it makes it all worth it.

Tell us about your favorite restaurant.
It’s a little Mexican place in town that my family visits once a week. The waitress knows our order and we even have “our table.” The food’s good, it’s reasonably priced, and best of all, it’s comfortable. I’m pretty sure my nine-year-old has a crush on the waitress, but it would probably embarrass him to know I just outed him, so don’t tell on me.

Describe what it’s like to be an author in three words.
A rollercoaster ride
Do your friends think you are an introvert or an extravert? Why?
Most people would consider me an extravert because I seem to be able to easily strike up a conversation with others. The truth, though, is that I’m a closet introvert. It’s so much easier for me to talk to my animals than it is people; I can be painfully shy at times. I have to force myself not to become a hermit! Most people are shocked when they hear that. They assume because I’ve done so much public speaking and networking that it comes naturally. It doesn’t by a long shot!
Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book?
You should read Roses in Ecuador because you’ll have fun, fall in love, and learn a little something while you’re at it.
Entice us, what future projects are you considering?
Readers should look for Fool’s Game to be released also in 2013. This book is my readers’ chance to learn about a favorite character we first met – briefly – in Ring of Fire, Cody Kingsley. We got to know Cody better in Roses in Ecuador. In fact, some of the questions left unanswered in Roses will play out in this novel.
I’m really excited about releasing Fool’s Game because I originally wrote the manuscript when I was seventeen years old. I’m really enjoying working with my editor on this one and I can’t wait to share it with my readers!
Another one in the queue is the story of Karise McAlister, Devon and Alex’s half-sister. This one will also let my readers follow up with another favorite couple we haven’t heard from in a while, Gavin and Kate.
And, somewhere in the mix, I hope to work on my new YA line of books that will focus on the teenagers from some of my other novels. I can’t forget to mention the planned novella, Twitter War, to be co-authored by the fabulously talented Sylvain Reynard. While I’m wildly excited about Twitter War, it’s at the mercy of two very busy schedules, so I can’t begin to speculate about when we’ll complete it!


Unknown to each other, they each escaped to the heart of Ecuador to make the world a better place, having sworn off the possibility of love… but disaster pulls them together.

Jane Russell is certain she’s had enough heartbreak for one lifetime, and love is the last thing on her mind when she arrives in Ecuador. Focused and determined, she settles in to write a book on the local jaguar preservation.

Devon McAllister, the wealthy and handsome son of a corporate mogul in the U.S., has broken his share of hearts despite his best intentions. He moved to Ecuador to escape his father’s destructive greed and pursue his passion to do good in the world, opening a fair trade rose plantation.

When the jaguar preservation comes under attack by what appears to be a group of angry locals, Devon jumps in to help Jane fight for the animals they love. As the danger grows, the motives of the attackers are revealed to be much more sinister than either could have ever imagined.

Unsure of whether they’re more frightened by the prospect of love or the danger to the jaguars, they must decide whether they can open their minds–and their hearts–to trust again.



Heather Huffman writes romantic suspense with strong female leads who refuse to lose hope. Though her stories never shy from looking into the world’s darker corners, they don't dwell there. Heather shares with her resilient heroines a passion to make a real difference and so donates a portion of her book royalties to organizations that fight against human trafficking.

Heather was born and spent her childhood in Florida but now calls the beautiful state of Missouri home. Her greatest joy, when not writing, is to hit the road with her three boys for adventures unknown.


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