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10 Things I wish I Knew About Being An Author I Didn’t Know Before
by Simon Jenner
1)     It’s really hard work – I always figured that giving up my day job and writing as and when I felt like it would be the most wonderful thing in the world.  Don’t get me wrong, it is special, but don’t ever think that it’s going to be a walk in the park. Expect to work at least as hard as you ever did before.  And by the way, ‘as and when you feel like it’ doesn’t get anything done!

2)     Marketing is no fun – ask any author and you’ll find that the successful ones do more marketing.  Do they like it?  I expect they’d rather be writing their next book. Many, including myself, are still unsure about what really works.

3)     My wife doesn’t understand me – perhaps she never did, but it still hurts when she reads something I have thrown my heart and soul into and says ‘I don’t get it.’  Did I marry the wrong person?  Sshh, she’s coming.

4)     Criticism really hurts – it’s not just the wife that doesn’t always get things.  I’m still trying to learn not to take things to heart.  If someone leaves you a bad review, you have to remember that you can’t please everyone all the time – perhaps they’ve just had a really bad day and need consoling more than you do.  Even so, wouldn’t you just love to strangle them?  Stargazer259, I’m after you!

5)     Success does not come overnight, after a week, a year etc. One part of us believes that whatever we are currently working on will find great success and critical acclaim.  Some of us may achieve this, eventually, but if that’s the only reason you write, I fear failure is the most likely result.

6)     Family is still more important than writing – it’s easy to lock yourself away for hours or days at a time as you weave your masterpiece, but don’t neglect the important people in your life.  You do so at the detriment of your writing.  Take breaks – the mind and body need them.

7)     There are more independent authors out there than you could ever have imagined – with the ability to self-publish there was inevitably going to be an increase in crap hitting the market place.  Who knew that writing a novel could be so easy?  If you work at your art and strive to be the best you can be, you won’t be guilty of adding to the crap on the bookshelves, physical or digital.

8)     There will always be books that you think are crap that do well. Countless people have asked me what I think about the “50 Shades” series of books.  Personally, I don’t like them, but I admire any author that can capture the imagination of so many people. They have succeeded and I use their success as inspiration for myself.

9)     Unfair reviews make you mad.  One Amazon reviewer complained that his Kindle copy of my book had not been delivered to his house.  Thankfully after contacting Amazon they removed it, but I have spoken to other authors with similarly crazy reviews who haven’t been so lucky.

10)The more you write the more you know it’s what you want to do.  For those who have had great success, I salute you; the rest of us are tapping those keys like crazy, working hard and hoping for a little bit of luck to mix in with the perspiration.


I started my career in 1979, following in my father’s footsteps, by working in construction and training as a Civil Engineer. A year later the industry took a nose dive into recession and I was made redundant.
Under advisement from my parents, as I had no clue what to do next, I entered the exciting and wonderful world of accounting. Yes, there’s a little sarcasm going on there.
I ended up qualifying as an Accountant and worked in the profession for twenty four years, the last five in my own accounting firm which I set up with my wife. During these years I must have started at least fifteen novels and finished – you guessed it – zero.

Four years ago (I’m now 49 – when did that happen?), my son Ben (now 10) asked me to take three of his drawings, a dragon, a giant bee and a T-Rex, and write a story for him.

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Genre – Action / Adventure 
Rating – PG15
He’s a new kind of hero. Join him for his very first adventure.
John Smith’s life is dull and uneventful. Despite a privileged upbringing and education, he is an underachiever of the highest calibre. When Smith wakes up with Savannah Jones, an escort provided by his best friend, Mark Bradshaw, his life is changed forever. Eager to pay Jones, to avoid her pimp breaking his legs, he confronts his friend for the money – but there is one small problem – Bradshaw is dead. But what was the murderer after?
Fisher has lost his job and wants payback. Bradshaw had the one weapon that could grant him the ultimate revenge but torture hadn’t loosened his tongue. Smith and Jones are dragged into Fisher’s grand plot to destroy the bureaucrats responsible for taking the one job where his lust for murder was an asset. No longer part of the elite SAS, Fisher’s licence to kill is revoked. With only vengeance and an unnatural lust for his sister on his mind, Fisher will relish the destruction of anyone that stands in his way.
Jones, an escort for less than a day, must pay her pimp a thousand pounds or be sold to an interested third party with highly unsavoury tastes. Jones needs Smith to pay the money and Smith needs Jones to… well he’s not quite sure, but he clearly likes having her around. Together, armed with nothing but their wits, they become the pawns of an anti-terrorist agency in a plan to capture Fisher before he exacts a revenge that will take thousands of innocent lives.
Can the underachiever become the hero, save the day and get the girl? Find out in this dark story of murder, deceit, lust and revenge. It’s a fun and wild ride into a disturbing world.

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