Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jah na Sleep by Christine McIntyre: Spotlight


Christine McIntyre, a world traveler born on the east coast of Canada, has recently returned to her home country after the better part of two decades living in Central America.

Following the promptings of Spirit, she lives her life without reserve, casting herself into a vast ocean of transformational experience. Driven to script a heroine's journey, her soul quest, though often perceived as solitary, is but one of the multitude of unique sub-plots in the epic tale of the evolution of consciousness.  Her own singular journey contributes to this evolutionary saga, while becoming increasingly purposeful and meaningful.

Her writing is a testimony of how, ultimately, we are the creators of our own destiny.

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Jah na Sleep is a multi-dimensional odyssey which takes Tashi, a young artist shattered by the untimely death of her lover, from the city of Montreal to the jungles of Costa Rica, and then deeper still into the wild interior of her own heart. As her search for meaning unfolds, Tashi encounters her soulmate whose presence in her life increasingly brings into sharp relief the shadows and light within her psyche/soul. The pas de deux that ensues serves to draw her nearer and nearer to the core of her own Being.

Using poetic prose, imagery, introspection, letters and dreams to examine the tension that exists between the ego personality and the soul self, this poignant exploration of the heart leads the reader on a healing pilgrimage to the door of the authentic self, and is ultimately a celebration of the transforming qualities of love.

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Christine McIntrye said...

What a lovely surprise this morning! I really can't thank you enough Laurie. We Indie authors need all the help we can get promoting our work; and you are offering a great service that is so much appreciated!

MaryAlice Tillman said...

looks like an interesting book