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The Preacher's Outlaw by Patricia Bates: Spotlight, Excerpt, Review: Full Moon Bites Tour Stop


Patricia Bates currently lives in a small city in Canada with her husband, son, and a multitude of four legged friends. An avid reader, she loves historical movies, books...and is hard at work on the next book.


Title: The Preacher's Outlaw
Author: Patricia Bates
Genre: Western, Romance, Historical
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Words: 15,000
Book Description:
Escaped convict Abigail Murphy’s on the run while plotting revenge on the man responsible for her imprisonment and the deaths of her parents. When she gets to Freewill, Wyoming, she gets lost in the bustle until she comes face to face with Daniel Yuleman, a man who could ruin everything.
Daniel is a man wearing two hats. Preacher and lawman, he’s been in Freewill for a couple of months waiting to pick up the trail of two killers when Abigail arrives. Told to watch her, he’s drawn by the shadows in her eyes. The closer he gets to her, the more dangerous it becomes. As her secrets come out, he finds himself fighting to keep her and their burgeoning love alive.

Can an outlaw capture the heart of a preacher turned lawman, or will they both end up on the run?

Abigail cringed at the faint ping of metal on metal as she settled on the edge of a bench before the hotel. Nervous, she scanned the street. Experience was a bitter teacher, and she wasn’t about to be drawn into O’Neill’s game. Smoothing her palms over her skirt, she chewed on her lip. There were two things she needed—a blacksmith and a horse. Somehow she couldn’t see herself finding either one with everyone out on the street.

“Goodness, child, you look lost.” A shorter, plump woman bustled up to her, a big smile on her face. “Can I be of some help?”

, Abigail leapt to her feet, her eyes widening. She stared down at the woman, her head coming up to her chin. “Um, thank you but no. I was to meet my brother, but sadly, he doesn’t seem to be here just yet. I think it best if I just—”

“Nonsense. You’re waiting to meet kinfolk, why not come in and sit and have a cup of tea?”

“Oh, I couldn’t.” Abigail glanced around, desperate for an opening. If this woman found out the truth, she’d get a one-way ticket back to Bucksaw, and she wasn’t in a big hurry to go back. “I spent the few coins I had for my ticket on the stage. I’ll just sit here and wait.”

“You poor child. Come inside this minute. Why, ain’t right a lady being left alone in this cold weather. Come, I’ll get you situated and we’ll wire your brother.”

The woman, Abigail shuffled inside, her gaze darting through the glass to appraise the street. Across the frozen road, she caught sight of a tall, dark haired man. His hat pulled low over his face, he lounged against a support column next to the marshal’s office. Blue eyes stared through her as he straightened his coat. The weak sunlight flickered and danced over the badge on his chest. Her heart in her throat, she hurried after the still chattering woman, the weight of those blue eyes heavy, almost as heavy as the fire licking through her blood. “Don’t be a fool, Abigail. He’s a federal marshal. He’ll string you up before you’d get a kiss out of him.”

My Review
4 Stars

I love the Old Western Romance genre for a change of pace, and the blurb and the cover of this book appealed to me.  I enjoyed the story. There is plenty of intrigue mixed in with the sweet romance. Recently released convict, Abigail Murphy has traveled to Wyoming to begin a new life and plan revenge against the powerful man responsible for the death of her parents and her own unjust imprisonment.

She steps off the train in the small town of Freewill Wyoming and into the arms of a handsome undercover operative, Daniel Yuleman.  Daniel has been in town several months as a part of a Federal Investigation; he is immediately drawn to the haunted-looking woman - but, at first, it appears they are at cross-purposes. 

For a novelette, both Daniel’s and Abigail’s characters were richly drawn.  Both had plenty of baggage, and the chemistry between them was rousing and tension-filled. All the way through the book, I wondered how this couple would reconcile all the differences that needed to be overcome.  As Abby’s back story unfolds and Daniel’s responsibility is made known it seems like all the lies and secrets will ultimately doom this couple. I must say that the ending surprised me as both characters took some huge risks that seemed out of character.  I loved the scenery of the area and reading about the old-timey investigation techniques.  The small-town gossipy biddies added humor. Enjoy the ride because this one will take you along on quite a rollercoaster. 

Reviewed by Laurie-J


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