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Chaos Unleashed by AmBear Shellea: Character Interview


Character Interview with Laurie and Blaze


“Hey everyone, today we are joined by Blaze, the Heroine of Chaos Unleashed. Good afternoon, Blaze, thank for joining us.”

Blaze smiles sweetly, “Thank you for having me, I love meeting new people.”

Blaze, the blurb from Chaos Unleashed, is - This isn’t your mother’s sweet love story and it’s not your sister’s fairytale. Chaos Unleashed is dark, dangerous, and highly addictive. You will share in every experience the hero and heroine have, as their quest for the truth leads them to the hateful dark void that threatens to consume their souls. – Can you elaborate on this?”


Blaze: “Yes, It’s not the typical sweet romance you might find on your mother’s shelf. It’s dark and twisted, which is why you won’t find it with your sister’s innocent fairytales featuring rainbows and unicorns.  The author, AmBear Shellea, has written her dark fantasy for a different group, an audience of those who love the darker side of things.  You have your sweet romance, and you have your fantasy, but it’s sometimes hard to find both, in the same story.  There is bound to be plenty of hot, steamy lust in any adventure, especially when the Hero is oh, so hot.” She fans her face. “And of course, it seems darkness has latched onto me and has become my shadow- Always there, always watching.”

Next question. The big debate, so to speak, in Chaos Unleashed is the lost memories. How does that affect your day to day?”

Blaze: “A great deal actually.” Her eyes soften with tears, “My life is like a puzzle, looking at each individual piece reveals nothing of importance, but my life is important to me, all of it. So, I’m working form a whole picture…” a tear trails down her cheek, “Some think I am wrong to seek out these answers, but why is it wrong to want to know who I am? I have been told, perhaps the answers I find will lead to someone’s downfall. Who would fall from grace?”

Handing her a box of tissue, “Are you okay, do you need a moment?”


Blaze: “No. I’m fine, please continue.” Drying her eyes, “It’s just frustrating.”

Checking one last time, to be sure it’s okay to continue, She seems better.There seems to be a bit of a love triangle going, can you explain this?”

 Blaze laughs, “I can try.  After my capture, Demarko and I worked together to escape the clutches of our captors. In the attempt, we both noticed a pull of some kind…an electric current ran through us each time we touched. It was amazing, and as I later found out, wrong!  With my memories gone, I had no idea of the news still to come. I was the Queen of Pedalstem and He was not my King.  Slaine is the king of Castle Deverox. He tries so hard to love me, but his touch…is well…different than Demarko’s. However, he is my husband.” Sighing, “What’s a girl to do?” She smiles wickedly and winks.

What was your first impression upon meeting Deklan?”

Her body trembled, “He looks as if he has been pulled from the deepest pits in hell and dropped into our world to wreak havoc on innocent souls.”

Creepy indeed. “I noticed, as I read through the pages, eye color seems to play a role. Demarko and his Topaz eyes, Slaine with his and I quote” red-rimmed eyes on fire”, Deklan’s orbs the void of darkness encased in liquid silver and you with your emerald gems, would you say you agree?”

Playing with a strand of her hair, thinking, “Yes, it does. That is about all I can tell you on that front.  Some of that will be answered in the next book.”

“How would you describe your co-stars in the book?”

Tears completely gone, and her sweet smile lighting up her face, “Dynamic! Each and every one of them add their own unique spice to the story line.”

How would you describe your relationship with Slaine and Demarko?”

She took a deep breath and ran her fingers through her hair. “Difficult? Yes, difficult, it seems in one way or another- I’m fighting for my life.”

We have read how the author, AmBear Shellea, describes Chaos Unleashed, if you were to write one, from your point of view, what would it say?”

Despite the warmth in the room she rubbed the chill from her arms as she thought about it.  “ Dare to journey into the darkness & unknown, with no memories of who you are, while evil taints the lands and threatens to steal your soul.”

Between Demarko and Slaine, which one of them makes your heart flutter and body heat rise, just by thinking about them?”

Blush on her cheeks, she looked away for only a moment. “Well, I’ll say this…the clue is on the cover of the next book, Revelation.  Those man-I-could-fry-bacon-on-those-abs belong to someone…The answer is in black and white and found within the pages of Chaos Unleashed.” She fans her face once again. “It’s getting a little hot in here.”

Our readers want to know, who will you finally lie with- Slaine, your sometimes charming, but dangerous husband and king, or Demarko the hot and sexy stable hand?”

A wicked smile crosses her face. “The answer to that question lies within the pages of Revelation, however, I can give you a small taste of what’s to come…”

The storm is building…

… Five pieces down… 

Knees bent, kneeling on the floor, gazing upward, she stared into his eyes…

Her small frame pressed against the wall by his strong body. More heat, more desire, fed the need she craved….

“Unfortunately, that is all the time we have for today. Catch the full scoop in Chaos Unleashed. You can find out more by visiting  Until next time…”


This isn’t your mother’s sweet love story and it’s not your sister’s fairytale. Chaos Unleashed is dark, dangerous, and highly addictive. You will share in every experience the hero and heroine have, as their quest for the truth leads them to the hateful dark void that threatens to consume their souls.

Pedalstem is shrouded in darkness, leaving Castle Deverox in a vortex of confusion. Blaze awakens to find men she doesn’t know looming over, intent on capture, a handsome prisoner sharing her fate, and the gut tightening knowledge that her memories have been stolen.

This book is more suited for Mature Readers.

Although I have always enjoyed writing, the dream to become a writer came when I read A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, in the sixth grade. My early works, not published, were in the form of children’s stories I would read to my two daughters. I divide my days between the real world and the ones I’ve created. My life and my characters keep me very busy in my Mid-Western scene, where I live with my husband, and my children (both human and furry).


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