Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tyler Hill's Decision by Dannie Hill: Spotlight



Approx: 140 pps
On his first camping trip to the Appalachian Mountains Tyler is attacked by bears and carried off deep into the mountains. He escapes but is hopelessly lost. He meets an old Cherokee man who helps him find his way home and at the same time teaches Tyler about the mountains and the Cherokee people. This is also a story about a young man's search for answers about his heritage and the decisions he makes.

I  live with my wife in Thailand and on occasion in Houston, Texas. Most of my writing is done in Thailand. I have four published novels that are enjoyed by many readers.

When not writing I love sailing, motorcycles and farming. My wife and I have a small farm in Thailand and it’s hard work but relaxes my mind while my daydreams take shape on paper. Thailand allows the sounds of English to quiet and my daydreams come to life. Learn more about me as a writer at my blog: A Writer’s Life in Thailand.

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danniehill said...

Thank you so much for all your support, Laurie. You do so much for indie authors!