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The Hot Shots, Scotland Yard Exchange Program Series, Book 2 by Stephanie Queen : Character Interview & Excerpt: Sizzling PR Tour Stop



Decorator Sophia Alano’s career gets side-tracked from themoment she meets hot shot Scotland Yard detective Chauncey Miller. On the run in Boston, Chauncey must now protect this spitfire Pixiefrom the madman out for revenge. But once he catches their would-be killer, howdoes he hold onto his Pixie decorator?
Expected Release Mid-November

“I have a favor to ask,” Grace said from behind her desk, pencil in hand and dimple in place. “I need you to pick up David’s latest recruit from Scotland Yard at Logan Airport today and keep him busy for the day. Show him around.” 
Sophia couldn’t stop her usual sarcasm in spite of the fact that Grace was her boss as well as her best friend. This so-called favor made no sense. Even for Grace.
“Are you serious?” Sophia planted her hands on her hips. “Let me make sure I understand you--You’re asking me to babysit one of David’s Scotland Yard hot shots on the eve of my possible career breakthrough?”
Grace nodded. Her big blue eyes were wide and honest. Something was up.
“That’s crazy talk. Tomorrow’s the shoot for the audition tape.” Sophia knew that Grace knew this since Grace helped set it up for her, but she felt it was worth mentioning the obvious.
“Yes. I know.” Grace smiled then looked back down at her drawing. “And a distraction is exactly what you need to keep your nerves at bay.”
“What? My nerves are fine.” If her dam voice hadn’t squeaked at that moment, she’d have been more convincing. Something was definitely up. And Sophia would never admit it to Grace, but she did feel a bit edgy--if edginess included nausea, headaches and sleeplessness.
“I know you.” Grace paused and gave her the serious-yet-loving older-sister type look that she mostly put up with. “This will be good for you and…and I’d really appreciate it.”
Grace was playing dirty pool now with that appreciation bit, but Sophia still didn’t buy it.
“And what if I didn’t have time today?  Were you going to tear me away from my project?”
“Actually, yes.  I wasn’t going to mention it, but some of the men were complaining about your presence at the set and asked me to have you back off just a smidge.” Grace scrunched her brow. “But don’t worry, honey, they think you’re wonderful. It’s just lately...”
“Great. That’s great.” Her hands flew into the air. “I got painters and paperhangers and carpenters talking to my boss behind my back.” This was not good. She plunked herself on the edge of Grace’s desk and folded her arms. She tried staring at the stack of fabric samples on the other side of the office so Grace wouldn’t notice if a tear slipped out. Because, damn it, she might be on the brink of crying.
Grace picked up the box of tissues and handed it to her. “You’ll be alright, Pixie honey. This is the perfect way to get your mind off everything to do with decorating and the design show audition filming and TV cameras. I’m asking for a one-day one-shot favor.”
Grace’s voice sounded a little too sweet, even for her, and “Pixie honey” or no “Pixie honey”, that was cause for suspicion.  She blew her nose. Okay, so maybe she needed a break, but she wasn’t convinced that playing tour guide to some British guy fresh off the boat...or rather airline--was the way to go. 
“I’m saving up my vacation time and I don’t think you have the authority to assign me to pick up some random guy at Logan Airport and show him around town while I’m on the clock.  We’re in the decorating business.”   She remained seated on the edge of Grace’s desk, tossed the balled-up tissue in a basket halfway across the small office and re-folded her arms.  “Besides it doesn’t even sound safe.”   She blew the blunt-cut bangs off her forehead for emphasis.
Grace looked at her with that smile and said, “He’s from Scotland Yard, honey.  Of course it’s safe.  It’ll be fun.  I don’t know what you’re worried about.” Her face brightened and she added, “You don’t have to use vacation time. Consider it a client recruitment assignment.”  Grace went back to the sketch she’d been working on.
Sophia looked at her best friend and boss with a suspicious squint.  What it sounded like to her was another one of Grace’s blind date set-ups in disguise.


Character Interview

Chauncey Miller From THE HOT SHOTS

By Stephanie Queen

The second installment from my Scotland Yard Exchange Program series, THE HOT SHOTS, features another Brit who lands in Boston to join the Boston Police Department, but of course it’s never that simple. He didn’t come to Boston for the baked beans or Bruins hockey. Certainly not because it was a great career move. He’d been flying high at Scotland Yard when he was sentenced to the Exchange Program.

Our hero, Chauncey Miller, needed to escape to Boston because he was on the run from an angry terrorist loose in London. The surprise he finds when he arrives at Logan airport is a delicious little red-headed sprite with sparkling emerald eyes, a va-voom body and a sharp tongue. Strangely he’s hooked. And he pays a price. Let’s ask Chauncey what happened.


Stephanie Queen: What happened?

Chauncey Miller:  Perhaps you should be more specific.

Stephanie Queen:  Why’d you fall for the girl?

Chauncey Miller:  I’m a Crime Fighter, not a psychiatrist. Thank God. But she is a looker.

Stephanie Queen:  I didn’t realize how shallow you were…

Chauncey Miller:  There’s more. Not sure what, but I know there is. Something about her sets me off—not always in a good way. But always in an exciting way. And you know I live for excitement.

Stephanie Queen:  Watch out—you might end up with a short life living for excitement. How many close calls have you had anyway?

Chauncey Miller: More often since I met Pixie—the looker in Boston. She’s turned out to be a distraction. Possibly deadly. But I’m confident you wouldn’t kill me off …

Stephanie Queen:  Hey, anything can happen in story land, Chaunce. I reserve the right…

Chauncey Miller:  Fine—as long as it’s me and not Pixie. My mission is to protect her. Even if she doesn’t make it easy. Maybe that’s what I love most—Pixie is always a challenge.

Stephpanie Queen:  Give me an example.

Chauncey Miller: You wrote the book—surely you recall?

Stephanie Queen:  Humor me.

Chauncey Miller:  You sound a lot like Pixie. Hmmmm. Things went particularly bad when she snuck out of my protective custody to do her TV show audition. All hell broke loose when the mad man Azzam found her there and started taking shots. I got there in time to save the girl but lost the mad man.

Stephanie Queen: Of course. The story has to have teeth. Complications. Secrets. And a few funny lines.

Chauncey Miller:  I’m not the funny one.

Stephanie Queen:  No kidding?

Chauncey Miller: Hah. I do have secrets, however, and some angst.

Stephanie Queen:  And you’re a heroic stud. Luckily. Or face it, Pixie wouldn’t waste a minute on you.

Chauncey Miller:  Attracting women was never a problem for me. Before Pixie I was never interested much beyond a fling. I lead too dangerous a life to bring a woman into it.

Stephanie Queen:  When did you figure Pixie was cut out for playing Bond girl to your Bond?

Chauncey Miller:  When? Do I think? Pixie as Bond girl?  She’s more an “I love Lucy” type. Unless you were planning to write a sequel…

Stephanie Queen: You stick to catching criminals and I’ll worry about writing the sequels. Bzzzt! Interview Over.

THE HOT SHOTS will be available November 16th on Amazon. THE THROWBACKS, Book One of the Scotland Yard Exchange Program Series is available now at Amazon, iBooks, KOBO, Sony, Barnes and Noble and other ebook outlets.

Check out StephanieQueen.com for information on all of her books. Follow her on Twitter @StephanieQueen and her Facebook page at Stephanie Queen.

Stephanie Queen lives in bucolic New Hampshire where writing happy, snappy romances takes most of her time. However you can also find her watching UConn football and basketball games whenever they’re on TV, and sometimes even in person. Right now, she’s busy writing her next book in the Scotland Yard Exchange Program Series. Visit her website to learn more at StephanieQueen.com or connect with Stephanie Queen on Twitter or Facebook.


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