Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Angel's Flight by Juliet Waldron: Guest Post and Excerpt



Angelica is a Patriot heiress, stalked by a brutal, fortune-hunting British officer. Forced to trust Jack, the mystery man who pledges to take her on a dangerous war-time journey up river to her Albany home, she expects to encounter brigands, Tories and Indians. What she doesn’t expect is to lose her heart along the way.

It's quite a journey. If you like detailed historical novels, road romances, and war stories, then Angel’s Flight is for you. ---IRRS @ Amazon

This story has heart… Linda @ Romance Studio

I found Juliet Waldron's attention to detail and historical accuracy refreshing and entertaining...a unique voice … Readers will be transported to a time of peril, divided loyalties and intrigue as Angelica triumphs over threats and danger. -- Southern Gal @ Amazon

…deftly written and well researched, concealed under a layer of romantic frosting.. Celia Hayes @ Amazon

Previously published as Independent Heart.

Chapter One 
The tall windows of the governor’s mansion shone with candles, and the polished wide board floor reflected the glow. It was a splendid New York City ball carried off in high style, as if a war weren’t crouched somewhere close by like a filthy, murderous maniac. Officers paraded in red uniforms and crisp white wigs, while the ladies exhibited low-cut dresses, tightly laced waistlines and towering hairstyles. The glossy, spilling curls were sometimes their own—but, more likely, purchased.
Into this scene--as sophisticated as any in London--strode Jack Carter. He was neither tall nor red-coated, of medium height and wearing a black suit. Not only his attire, but the way he moved and stood separated him at once from the crowd. The other men beside the governor were fawning—or, at least, deferential.
Not this stranger. Even as he was ushered onto the dais to be introduced, he paused, allowing his eyes to sweep the room with all the serene and abstracted confidence of a prince.
“Who is that lordly fellow? The one dressed like a rich Quaker?” Angelica whispered while hiding behind her fan. Her companion, Minerva Livingston, had recently married a British officer.
“Quaker?” The new Mrs. Colonel Bradford couldn’t quite smother the giggle. “Not by a long chalk, my dear. ‘Tis said Jack Carter was an officer and in all sorts of wars. My William heard that he’s a gentleman of good breeding who has come to our colony to escape the consequences of a duel. ‘Tis also said his family holds land up the Hudson, by Kingston. But, I must say, his timing’s marvelously bad.”
Angelica nodded. All the time her companion was speaking, her eyes had never left the strangely compelling Mr. Carter.
Suddenly, there was a shock, as tangible as a slap. The stranger’s restless search of the room abruptly ended—at the instant his gaze collided with Angelica’s.
Tingling all over, she watched his expression change to one of pure, masculine delight. And, unaccountably—recognition!
It must be a trick of the light, she thought. Then, casually looking away, she permitted herself a thought. Perhaps, he likes what he sees as much as I do.
Minerva had missed the whole episode. “I met Mr. Carter yesterday,” she went on, “at Lady Tryon’s tea. When you get closer, you will see he’s had his handsome face spoiled.”
She leaned ever closer as she talked. When she was quite close to Angelica’s ear, she whispered, “Carter isn’t his real name, either, my William says.”
“And what does your William say his real name is?”
“No one is entirely sure,” Minerva answered, a flash of annoyance brightening her plump cheeks. “Although the governor must know. Some say he’s Mr. Church of Oxfordshire, others that he’s a Villiers from Somerset or one of the Devonshire Clarkes. He was charming at supper, but what a way he has about him. Quite the cock of the walk.”
“Not at all. Poise isn’t the same as pride.” Angelica felt obliged to object.
“Well, Lord! Just look at him! You’d think he was the most important man on the dais.” Her friend boldly poked her fan in the direction of the subject of her gossip. “And you should see how polite the men are around him,” she continued. “He is supposed to be quite a dangerous have killed a man. Over a woman, William says. Why,” she ended breathlessly, “he’s practically in exile.”
Even without Minerva’s gossip, Angelica was intrigued. The man’s easy manner, his absolute self-confidence, made a sharp contrast with the obvious peacocking of the young officers. As for the rest, she knew Minerva embroidered every tale she heard.
And the look he’d sent! So admiring, so—so—possessive... “Killed someone over a woman?” she asked. “Are you certain? That would be a terrible scandal, impossible to keep quiet.”
Although she could neither approve of dueling, (nor, these days, of British officers), Angelica found herself unable to keep her gaze from the mysterious Mr. Carter. When he passed close, dancing with one of the ladies of the governor’s circle, she saw he was older than she’d first thought—perhaps as old as thirty.
His only bow to fashion was a single row of white silk cross-­stitch along the lapels of the jacket. With a proud, athletic bearing that spoke of far more than adequate muscle beneath his coat, his fair, unpowdered head held high, this Jack Carter was in manhood’s full glory.
Is this not the best-looking man I’ve seen in ages? Does he not carry himself like a lordly stag—out of place here, among these complacent—sheep?


How did I start writing?

*Like most writers, I had games of pretend that started as soon as I could talk. This morphed into entire worlds, with kingdoms, dynasties and even maps. (Weirdly, in my case, the actors in these original dramas were little porcelain dogs.)  After I transitioned to humans, I soon found I didn’t need actual dolls. I could build a world in my head and fetch the characters up for play in any idle moment. In short, I’ve been telling stories for a very long time.

*Angel’s Flight (originally Independent Heart) grew from an interest in Revolutionary times, mingled with a love for Hudson Valley tales, like Rip Van Winkle & The Headless Horseman. My ancestry is Dutch, and it was appealing to learn that these 17th Century settlers held onto their traditions for many generations.  The Revolution was America’s first Civil War, with all the destruction, violence and divided loyalties of the later one. The Hudson Valley wasn’t the urban I-90 corridor of today, but the “Wild, Wild East,” with Indians, outlaws and soldiers trampling over the farmers and ordinary folks who were just trying to get on with their lives. It was a terrific setting for an action-romance, a Last of the Mohicans- meets-Jane Austen sort of thing. 

*I think this saying is mine: “Time flies whether you are having fun or not.” It reminds me that I’d better get busy doing whatever I want to do/see/experience. I can’t regenerate multiple times, like Dr. Who!

   (Old women talk about some things which are old, and some things which are timeless.)

*About the Hero/Heroine

Jack, hero of Angel’s Flight, is no boy. He’s served twenty years in the King’s Cavalry and has fought in Europe, Ireland and Canada. At this point, he’s more than ready to put war behind him and settle down, but Fate has dished up a few more battles to survive. As he’s a double—or is that triple—agent, you’re never quite sure what side of the game he’s playing.

Angelica (“Angel”) is a Dutch heiress whose landed family are patriots.  She is intelligent, strong-minded and braver than she has hitherto imagined.  She has some secrets, too, among them, a lost lover, who went west to trade with the Iroquois and never returned.  The blue bird quilt—the center patch of which she carries in her pocket—is her talisman of the safe, orderly, HEA world of which she dreams.

Angel’s Flight has a companion book, Genesee, which is also set during the Revolution and among New York’s Dutch settlers. The heroine, who is half Iroquois and half Dutch, is something of an outcast, not really accepted in either her mother or her father’s world.  Jenny home is farther west, down the Mohawk Valley, a place which saw some of the bloodiest doings of the Revolution. 

 Am a grandma and cat mother who decided to finally do something with her long ago BA in English. I've always loved to read historicals + stodgy old history books as well as make up stories. I have three grandgirls, one who just graduated from college and another who just entered the 8th grade. The youngest is her own little autistic planet, but she takes a mean photograph.

My favorite pastimes are hiking, bicycle riding and gardening. I've been married to the same guy and riding behind him on his motorcycles for the last 48 years.

Website  |  Amazon  |  Blog  |  Books in Sync

Enter for a chance to win  a print copy of Angel's Flight in it's original Hard Shell incarnation as "Indpendent Heart," and a Kindle formatted digital copy.  2 Winners.


Sheila Claydon said...

A really interesting post Juliet. Angel's Flight sounds like a great story. I love your Last of the Mohicans meets Jane Austen take on it.

Gail Roughton said...

Juliet, this sounds like a wonderful book. I really relate to your imaginary worlds. As a child I lived in one, and as an adult, it was never a problem if I ended up in a waiting room without reading material. There was always my mind.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Juliet,
Wonderful post, I like that, The Last of the Mohicans meets Jane Austen. If Angel's Flight is only half as good as Genesis,it will be a marvelous read. It is on my TBR pile.



Ann Herrick said...

Sounds like a wonderful book!

And your black kitty reminds me of a dear cat we once had named Scarlett (after Scarlett O'Hara).

Sydell Voeller said...

Juliet, this book is on my TBR list, and I'll be getting to it soon! Nice coverage here; it's attractively presented.

Kathy Fischer-Brown said...

Juliet, Well done! Loved the interview and hope it brings readers to this absolutely MARVELOUS book.

nrlymrtl said...

I love the cats! I know, I should be commenting on the book, but I haven't read it yet and I do love to see folks with their pets.

Twi Engel said...

Thanks for this awesome giveaway, the book cover looks amazing and the book sound really interesting

Laura said...

I love this post. The American Revolution fascinates me, and this area of the country especially. The excerpt is intriguing. Can't wait to read it all! said...

would love to win this i just love a good read great giveaway

Julie said...

I love reading books like this! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

~Julie K

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