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Prescription Murder by John L Evans: Interview & Excerpt

"In the City of Angels, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard Hirsch's nefarious plan to murder his wife goes terribly awry---it'll take more than a hit man to cure his $30 million obsession. Homicide Detectives Joe Kellermann and Mike Rodriguez are swept into an intricate and dark web of deadly deceit, crooked cops, infidelity, greed---and murder-for-hire..."


Suddenly, D'Angelo appeared out of the inky blackness. Stealthily, he began to climb the long stairway. Barbara hardly dared to even breathe as she waited for him, the revolver clutched tightly in her hand. D'Angelo's demented, pock-marked face looked hideous in the eerie light. Except for his heavy, raspy breathing, there was no sound. Barbara's pulse quickened as she watched D'Angelo. Now, he had reached the top of the stairs. He was not more than twelve feet away from her. Suddenly, she flipped a nearby light switch. For a second, D'Angelo was blinded by the glare. A huge chandelier over the stairwell lit up. D'Angelo had reached the top step. Barbara took careful aim. The gun blasted once. Twice. The shots reverberated throughout the great house.

The first bullet went astray, burying itself in the nearby wall. The second bullet found its mark and entered D'Angelo's skull, just behind the ear. He let out a loud, piercing scream, then fell awkwardly, clumsily backward, down the stairway. He landed in a grotesque heap at the foot of the stairs. His eyes had that dry, soft shine. Tony D'Angelo was mortally wounded.

Who do you imagine is your ideal reader?

I would say my ideal reader is anyone from age eighteen to eighty. My readers are those people who enjoy a good story, preferably the mystery/suspense genre. In this particular novel (my 16th) because of the subject matter, the reader will be faced with a number of controversies. There will be differences of opinion. Conflict. And of course, conflict is the oil that makes the engine run.

How did you start your writing career?

My interest in writing started in high school, when I would hand-print short novels that were passed around to my classmates. (Later, came the typewriter.) Because of my earnest desire to write for films, I left my home in Canada and moved to Los Angeles. I attended many writing classes and worked with collaborators, hoping to break into television. My first solo screenplay, Prescription: Murder did the rounds with Hollywood studios and did not click so I decided to self-publish the work as a novel. This was a most gratifying experience for me and it became the first of many published novels in the mystery/suspense genre. These included Vanished and two sequels, Deadly Intentions and Murder In Monte Carlo. All three novels have European locations, notably the French Riviera, Paris and Berlin. In January, 2012, I added a 5th novel to my Kindle List: Deliver Us From Evil.

How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use a set formula?

I am always on the look-out for story ideas. Newspapers. Magazines. TV. Life. I try to make a story as plausible and as entertaining as I can. I usually write capsules or composites of the characters and begin with a fairly detailed outline; sometimes 20 pages or more. That does not mean I follow the outline step by step. As the story progresses, new ideas develop and I try to incorporate them. Being a nighthawk, I usually write in the afternoon from noon until dinner time. When a scene begins to form and excites me, and I can't sleep, I have been known to work on it at 2,3 and 4 a.m.

What authors most inspire you?

Scott Turow, John Grisham, James Ellroy, Michael Connelly, Patricia Highsmith, Raymond Chandler.

How have you promoted your work?

I have had my books published by various POD publishers. Despite the horror stories I've heard (missing pages, pages printed upside down, the cover falling away from the text) all four publishers have produced a very professional product. The only complaint I have had, was that the publishers would do little or nothing to promote the book. Consequently, I was left to promote the work strictly on my own steam. This meant personal contacts, newspaper advertising, press releases, book signings. I have also signed up with Facebook and Twitter.
Tell us about your next release?

As mentioned previously, Prescription: Murder, was the first of my work to be published. It was published by Commonwealth Publications in Edmonton, Canada. (The company has since gone out of business.) I revised the novel and it was republished by AuthorHouse. I am presently involved with expanding and further revising the book for a Kindle publication. I am also working on a screenplay version of Time For A Killing.

John L. Evans was born in Corsham, England. He was raised in Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada, a small mining town in the south-eastern part of the province. In 1946, after graduating from high school, he attended the Vancouver School of Art on a Fine Arts Scholarship. In 1948, Mr. Evans emigrated to Los Angeles, California to attend Woodbury University, where he studied Commercial Art and Interior Design.

After graduating, he worked as an Interior Designer at Barker Bros, Inc., one of L.A.'s most prestigious Home Furnishings stores. After a two-year stint in the U.S. Army, where he was stationed in Germany, he continued his Interior Design work in the Southern Calif. area. Before his retirement, he also worked in the Security Division of a large international company. During his working years, he was always interested (maybe obsessed) with writing.

His big dream is to see "Vanished," made into a motion picture. This was followed by a new mystery/suspense novel: "Time for a Killing," which was published on Amazon's Kindle program. Next came "Tales of Hollywood - A Memoir," also published on Kindle. In January, 2012, "Deliver us from Evil," was released as a Kindle book. The blog: "Mystery surrounds the case of twelve-year-old Danny Novak, who vanishes without a trace from an outing at Camp Sierra, a Catholic boy's summer camp, high in the San Bernardino Mountains."

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