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Cave Dweller by William Nikkel: MY REVIEW

Cave Dweller(Blurb from Goodreads)  December 7, 1941: Five Japanese two-man mini-subs speed toward the mouth of Pearl Harbor. Four mini-subs are sunk or captured. The fate of the fifth is unknown.

Late at night, nearly three quarters of a century later: Marine biologist Jack Ferrell sails into a mysterious fog off Kauai’s Na Pali coast and discovers the sunken mini-sub. But in a depression in the coral lies a greater mystery: a human skull the size of a grapefruit.

Through a colleague, he learns the skull is from an extinct species of child-sized human beings who lived 12,000 years ago on the remote Indonesian island of Flores. But this skull is no fossil -- the creature it came from died recently.

In search of answers, Jack joins a select team of scientists who plunge into a subterranean world deep within the rugged mountains of the mystical Na Pali coast. What should have been a routine scientific excursion becomes a deadly encounter with the unknown and a race against time as the expedition battles the elements, personal fears, and even one of their own to unearth the key to the origin of the skull and the surprising truth behind one of Hawaii’s famous legends, the Menehune.

My rating: 4 Cups

Jack Ferrell is sailing off a remote Hawaiian coastline when a strange fog encompasses his craft. He hears a distress call and answers. Arriving at the scene, he encounters a beautiful young woman named Lisa who is frantic because her brother has gone overboard. Though he arrives too late to help the brother, he is able to rescue the family pet.

Jack enlists the help of his best friend Robert after finding an unusual artifact during his rescue mission. They put together an expedition to further explore the area around the mysterious find. A team is quickly gathered, and the expedition gets underway.

When Lisa asks to join the foray, Jack is happy to include her, but Robert, the expedition financier, is less thrilled because he is afraid she will cause Jack’s attention to stray; to wander from the scientific exploration.

A suspenseful tale set deep within caves on the beautiful, rugged Hawaiian coast, I enjoy the way in which the story rapidly unfolds. The historical detail is fascinating and fits into the story exceptionally well. I thought the descriptive detail is appropriate, except for the scenes that seemed to be an inventory of many of the items washed up and gathered by the small tribe throughout the centuries. I would have preferred a more concise summary with more action, less discovery. All in all, though, the story was quite exciting, and I positively loved the bittersweet ending.

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laura thomas said...

Wow! I really want to read this after your wonderful review. Soon as I replenish my book fund I'll be grabbing this to read and review.
Thanks for sharing and thanks for a new author to follow!

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thanks for sharing.

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Very interesting.