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Desperate Measures by Cindy Huefner Cromer: My Review

DESPERATE MEASURESThe secret is out AGAIN…! This time lives are in jeopardy.
What should have been the perfect vacation soon became a nightmare. Caitlin Martel made a stop before meeting her family at Miami International Airport. A cryptic message waited for her. She dismissed the threat and assumed it was directed toward the brilliant scientist that she recently hired. Caitlin has no idea that a forgotten secret was about to explode and put her life in jeopardy.

When Caitlin and her family arrive on the Caribbean Island of St. Kitts, they find their dream home vandalized. In the kitchen, another message has been left. In blood, leaving no doubt that Caitlin personally is the target.

In a flashback Caitlin recalls the secret that her father, Jack Spencer, revealed to her sixteen years ago. He didn’t tell her everything. Will Jack be able to confront the truth and reconstruct the past in time to save his daughter?

Caitlin’s husband Scott, FBI Assistant Director, also believes the threats are related to Caitlin’s professional life. Once Caitlin points out the significance of what was left in their home, Scott unofficially brings his top FBI agent, Tomas Medina, to St. Kitts.

When Tomas arrives, his status is quickly upgraded and the investigation becomes official. The third threat creates a direct link to multi-billionaire Lukas Bucklin.

The suspense escalates through twists, turns, and family secrets yet to be revealed. A

powerful climax unveils an unlikely alliance between two deadly and dangerous enemies.

My Rating 2.5 stars

Just before leaving for the much anticipated annual family vacation, Caitlin receives a cryptic, threatening message. Determined to enjoy her holiday, she tries to shrug it off as a prank, or someone disgruntled over her recent decision to hire a scientist with a tarnished reputation. However, when the family arrives on the small Caribbean island they find out their home has been burgled. Trouble has followed Caitlin. As the threats escalate, Caitlin is forced to confront some issues in her past that she thought were behind her.

I wanted to love this book. Just the thought of reading a mystery set on a beautiful, secluded island appealed to me, and I began reading it with high expectations. Unfortunately, the setting faded into the background as painfully contrived conversations took center stage. A least two separate characters had extended conversations with themselves; a transparent attempt to convey information to the reader. For me, there were entirely too many characters. I never did figure out who all of them were, and, after a bit, I gave up really caring who they were. We are asked to believe that Caitlin is this strong, self-assured person, but she often acts impetuously and without any consideration for others. Frankly, I did not ever warm up to her. The awkwardly contrived conversations, Caitlin’s obtuse stubbornness and occasional outright stupidity, and the myriad of aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings made reading this book more frustrating than enjoyable.

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