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The Chalice by Patsy Parker: Interview & Excerpt

Decimated by the savage Deg’Nara and teetering on the brink of extinction, the last surviving males of the once great Chiagan-Se embark on a quest to salvage what is left of their civilization. They send their remaining seeker ships into the void, searching for genetically compatible females. Time is running out, but in the far reaches of the universe, on an obscure and primitive planet, a match is discovered.

One thousand panic-stricken women awaken two hundred years in the future, captives aboard an unmanned alien spacecraft bound for parts unknown! How had they gotten there and why?

The males thought they came willingly. The females believed they’d been kidnapped. Full of hopeful expectation, the Chiagan-Se prepare for the arrival of their new mates. Terrified and furious at the inexplicable abduction, the women prepare for combat! And when the two sides meet, the battle commences.

She pressed against the pane. Somewhere out there Earth revolved around the sun and life as she knew it continued. At least she hoped it continued. A pang of hollow emptiness settled on her soul. Shed never truly appreciated the life shed been given. Being an orphan wasnt always good, but shed had it better than most and there was hope for a better future. But what hopes and dreams could be fulfilled in this screwed up reality?
A hand settled on her arm. Ka-Ra, Tegan murmured, tugging at her arm. Go back.
 She flicked a quick glance at his face. Not what she expected. His soulful look was so infused with open warmth, she didnt have the heart to delay any longer. There wasnt much reason to and the other girls would be climbing the walls.
She nodded. Go back.
He smiled, a slow, sexy outpouring of pure male magnetismso melting, it took her breath away. Dazed, she stood there mouth gaping, panting like an overheated distance runner. She blinked, studying him up close and personal. A part of her stupefied brain realized for the first time he was younger than shed guessed. Still a young man, but aged by the weight of his lost world.
She felt his fingers brush a lock of hair from her face, tips lingering for just a moment. Lightly. Caressing. Knees became jelly, hands lost feeling. The room whirled, dissolving into mist until just the two of them remained, surrounded by a multi-colored aura of resonant emotion.
Be.u.ti.ful, his husky voice whispered, tracing his hand over her cheek and across her lips. The touch gentle yet provocative. Snowflakes kissing the contours of her face.
Might not have the right words, but he definitely had all the right moves!

Today I am happy to welcome P L Parker.  Thanks so much for stopping in and I am looking forward to ask you  a few questions.  So, to start, how did you start your writing career?   

Like many authors, I started writing after the kids were grown.  I began writing when I was 54 and in the 6 years since, I’ve published 8 books and 2 free reads.

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

I love the idea of travel.  Unfortunately, I’ve not had the chance to follow my dreams.  I’ve always wanted to take the Nile cruise and visit all the ancient sites.  Scotland and Ireland are high on my list as well.  And of course, Hawaii!  Who doesn’t want to visit Hawaii?  My greatest desire is to take a cruise – not particular where, just a cruise. 

Does travel play in the writing of your books?

Actually, travel does, in the sense of time travel.  Most of my books to date deal with time travel.  Something about traveling through time really compels me.  I’d love to go, but definitely want to come home.  Being lost in time as I do to my characters doesn’t really appeal to me.

Tell us about your current release. 

My current release, The Chalice, is a science fiction romance.  The story is based loosely on bride kidnapping, but in my story, the males think the females came willingly, and the women believe they’ve been kidnapped.  The human women awake 200 years in the future aboard an alien spacecraft headed for parts unknown. 

Tell us about your next release.

I’m working on the third in my Riley’s Journey series which deals with a black ops troop who travel back 40,000 years to the last great ice age.  I’ve had some luck with Riley’s Journey and Into the Savage Dawn and my editor at Willow Moon Publishing asked that I write the third in the series. 

Who is your favorite author?

I have several – Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon to name a few.  I also love Rollins.  I read almost exclusively paranormal.

What was your first sale as an author?

First sale was Fiona which was amazingly enough the very first book I ever wrote.

When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?

I write during my breaks at work and at the end of the week, I send my finished product home to include in the manuscript.

Where do you research for your books?

First off, I love the research!  I sometimes get so involved in the research, I forget to write.  I find books on my subject, and the internet of course.  So much information on the internet.

What does your significant other and family think of your writing career?  Does your significant other read your stuff?

My husband is my greatest fan!  He reads all the drafts as soon as I have them.  I bought him a Kindle for his last birthday and the first thing he did was download all my books and is re-reading each one.  My sons are proud of me and are always bragging me up to their friends.

That's all I have for now.  It's been so fun finding out a little more about you. Thanks so much for taking time to talk today.

I love paranormal and as a result, it's the perfect genre for me. I started seriously writing about 5 years ago and have since published 5 novels, one short, and two Free Reads, Prophecy's Bride and Songbird. I am currently working on a sequel to Into the Savage Dawn.

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