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The Analyst by P T Dawkins: Guest Post and Excerpt

I'm so happy to welcome PT Dawkins back to my blog today.  I am always curious about the writing process and how books actually get written. Today my question is about Pet Peeves.  So let's hear all about it from Mr. Dawkins.  :)
As a writer, what are your pet peeves?

My biggest issue is that I need to be in a quiet environment to think up the words and phrases, actions, internal monologue etc. I day dream a lot but the bubble is burst by the sound of telephones, stomping feet, television etc. I try not to emulate The Grinch. But I do know that my best work comes when I am completely alone. Sometimes I put on noise-cancelling headphones. I guess, for me at least, writing is a very selfish endeavor.

So anything that interferes with that is a peeve.

When I went through the self-publishing process, there was a lot I didn’t know. The firm I used, hired an editor for me and I was floored when after the book came back, and I signed off on it without really looking (um, isn’t that why I paid the editor?), it still had errors.  That was really frustrating for me. Now I guess I’ll hire a proofreader too? That probably wasn’t anyone’s fault but mine. I won’t make the same mistake again.

I wish someone had published a book entitled No, really, THIS is the only book you need to read if you have never self-published before. Honest. We mean it. It would have saved me a lot of time.

The one thing about self-publishing – it is harder than I thought to be both the writer and the promoter. I like the writing part more (so guess how my sales are going?)

Title: The Analyst
Author: PT Dawkins
Genre: Fiction – Wall Street Thriller
Published by: Llumina Press
Publication Date: August 2011
Recommended Age: 18+
Format(s): eBook, trade paperback
ISBN 13: 9781605947235
Number of pages: 300

After David Heart’s father’s estate is squandered by bad advice, his mother faces eviction and his grandfather needs life-saving surgery. A seemingly-helpful family friend finds David a seat at a bucket-shop off-Wall Street firm with the promise that money flows like wine.
Naive and quickly recognized as an easy mark, David is plunged into the eat-what-you-kill world of a trading desk, where the analysts, salesmen and traders sit like pigs at a two-sided trough. Bullied by the cruel, abusive head trader known only as Blackie, David is relieved when Sandy Allen, a strikingly provocative street-smart saleswoman, comes to his aid. But, what David doesn’t realize is that hidden agendas are everywhere, and no one can be trusted.
Now the target of extortion, David must make an impossible choice: facilitate an insider-trading felony in exchange for the money his family desperately needs, or face the cruelty of his mentor-turned-predator who has framed David and promises that he alone will be found guilty and suffer the consequences of the crime he refused to commit.
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David surveyed the trading desk. He could smell the electricity and hear the fans that cooled the always-running computers. During market hours, the twenty analysts, salespeople, and traders sat at identical, adjacent workstations. There was little space, and no walls, as if they were pigs at a two-sided trough. It was inhumane, if barely legal. David had to squint to see through the reflection from two continuous white vinyl desktops and a sea of matching shirts. The tools provided to each person on the desk included a chessboard of telephone buttons, two flat-panel computer screens, a keyboard, and a BlackBerry cradle. Workers entered the competition for commission dollars by plugging in and donning their headsets. Blinking orange phone lines enriched the black background of the equipment. Some personalized their space by taping a picture of their loved ones to their screens; it was soon yellowed and warped by the heat. During trading hours, the sound of making money eclipsed even the cry of New York City sirens, bus roars, and taxi honks.


A 28-year veteran of the investment world, P.T. Dawkins writes from experience about the insatiable desire for money that leads to unethical, illegal and unscrupulous behavior. He majored in English at Dartmouth College, earned a MBA from The University of Western Ontario and completed extensive studies in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto.

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