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The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest - The Rise Of Va'kaar by J Bryden Lloyd - Interview & Character Interview

Jenson Quest III, is a 17 year old descendent of his grandfather, Jenson Quest Senior and his father, Jenson Quest II. Both are former test pilots for the RAF and private corporations.

Now aging beyond his years, Jenson Quest Senior lives in the nursing home run by his daughter, Maggs, whom the younger Jenson has lived with since his father's disappearance many years before.

Unfortunately for the grandson, the grandfather is on the verge of senility, as he continues to tell tales about great battles in space, and his efforts to protect the many 'human realms' that are spread throughout the galaxy.

The young Jenson is suddenly dragged into the reality that everyone previously believed to be an old man's imagination, as he steps forward to take the place of not just his aging grandfather, but also his missing (presumed dead) father, who vanished during a previous mission in defence of humanity.

Now he is on the other side of the galaxy, fighting alongside humans from over a hundred other worlds in The Great Drak; the special forces of the realms who defend the whole human race against the threat of the Zyll Swarm and their new Vuron Super Weapon, which has the power to wipe out an entire world.

Join Jenson as he discovers friends and allies of the most unexpected kind and battles Va'kaar; the Zyll commander who would see the destruction of every human realm.


This is the first part of a series, the second part of which is 'The Realms Of Jurrii' and is now available.

Both works can be found on Amazon, available for Kindle or the Kindle Reader Software.

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This book is high on my TBR list.  Unfortunately, I am still running behind.  I expect to read this book within the next four weeks and will update this post once the review has been published.

An Interview With J Bryden Lloyd (Author)

Describe what it’s like to be an author in three words.
Exhausting, Frustrating & Rewarding.

Exhausting because if you want people to read your work, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort, your work has to have an element that makes it unique and your characters and scenarios – even in sci-fi – have to have enough realism to keep the reader interested.
Frustrating because no matter what you write, you will never be 100% happy with it, and too often it will not be obvious as to why.

Rewarding because even if I only sold a single book every week, month or year; I would be happy in the knowledge that somebody somewhere was taking an interest in my writing.

How do you react to a bad review of your book?

I’m not entirely certain there is such a thing as a bad review. If someone buys your work and offers their opinion I think it is exactly that. Yes, it is possible that someone will buy your book and hate it, but others will see something in even those reviews that will prompt them to buy your work.

As for reaction to reviews, I do not believe any author should pass criticism on a reviewer, as they are offering their opinion. If you feel compelled to respond, you should take the time to be civil and offer your gratitude for their time.

Tell us about your family.

I am married (21 years) with 6 children. I guess my daily life pretty much revolves around my children’s interests, rather than my own. My 20 year-old son is a rugby/American Football player. My 18 year-old daughter studies Hair & Beauty and my 16 and 14 year-old daughters are in high school.

Last but not least are my 10 and 4 year-old daughters… The 10 year-old is the arty one and I cannot fathom out what the little one seems to be into everything.

What is the hardest part of writing your books?

I love reading and writing descriptive stuff and bringing a seemingly impossible idea to life. As a result, I will have 20+ ideas swimming around in my head at any one time, all screaming to get out.

For me, the hardest part is linking those ideas into a finished prose that makes me feel like I have given over everything I want it to convey.
I will often rewrite a simple paragraph a dozen times – not because it’s wrong, but because I just can’t visualize EVERYTHING I want out of it – and then still go back and frown at the finished article.

How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set formula?

The Characters in my books are generally based on either specific characteristics of people I know now, or knew in the past. The few made-up characters I have are determined by the requirements of the story-line.
Plots are a totally different thing. I use the plot to carry the various characters to specific “key-points” in the book. How long it takes to get to those key points and what happens along the way is often decided as I write.
As long as each key point is reached and covered properly, there is no formula to my writing.

Tell us about your next release.

The Chronicles Of Jenson Quest – The Cause, is the 3rd installment of my YA/Space Opera series.

This is a much darker book than the first two parts, as our hero faces a totally different kind of threat on two fronts. For the first time, I will be taking him out of his comfort zone entirely, as several of the characters he relies upon in the earlier stories are taken from him, and assassins are on his tail.

He has to leave his best friend behind in a situation where he doesn’t know whether or not he will survive. Despite this he must search for his missing comrades and stay out of the way of the assassins.

Perhaps you would like to speak with Jenson?

An Interview With Jenson Quest III ( 3rd Protector of the 26th Human Realm & Wing Commander of The Great Drak)

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I’ve always wanted to be a fighter pilot. My Granddad and my Dad were both pilots in the RAF and were both Test Pilots… Admittedly, I had no idea they both kept swooping off to defend the galaxy, but yes, I wanted to be a pilot.

Tell us about your family.

Well, like I said, Dad and Gramps were both pilots. Gramps died a little while ago and Dad, well… he went missing on a mission… out there, you know… with the Keepers.

Anyway, I found his body in a crystal, but we couldn’t bring him back. The Drak Warriors honoured them both though, which was brilliant!
Now there’s just me and Aunt Maggs… well, on Earth, at least... My mum died when I was really young. I’ve got pictures, but I don’t remember her. Maggs runs a retirement home out in the country, here in the UK. I help out… well, I did, but I’m off to university soon, so I guess she’ll be needing a new go-fer.

Maggs is great, and she’s all I’ve got here now… apart from Twigg! He’s not really family, but he’s the brother I always wanted and he’s been my best friend forever.

Then there’s Mussa, and his son, Mussa Kai… and Yanna! Mussa is Gramps’ son from a “close encounter”, shall we say. Dad was really miffed when he found out about it, but he and Mussa became great friends and the best warriors in the Drak. Mussa Kai is my cousin… Mussa’s son. I haven’t met him yet but I hope to go to Naygara soon and meet him. Mussa’s ill, so I can’t wait too long.

Yanna is another cousin. Her mother was another child of my wayward Gramps! Yanna’s about my age and she’s a real stunner! Grey eyes, silver hair… erm, yeah, anyway… that’s all of them!

What is the next big thing?

On Earth? If we’ve got any sense… guns! BIG guns! All pointed out there at space! Coz there’re some mean old aliens who might just come and visit with their damned big spaceships and their damned Vuron bombs… that’s a gas, by the way, that burns everything it touches… Enough of the stuff could just burn out atmosphere away.

Out there? I’m sort of keeping my fingers crossed for SHIELDS for my Drak Interceptor! It’s almost indestructible, but you know, an impact in the wrong place and POOF! Lights out! So shields… good ones!

Who should play you in a film?

Someone really good looking! You know… like the guy who plays Torch in Fantastic 4…Chris Evans. In fact, he looks a bit like me, so it’s got to be him or someone just as good looking. If he’s not available, I’m not going to watch it.

Where you’d find a 6ft 5inch tattooed, muscle-bound animal to play Mussa? Now there’s a better question!


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John Bryden Lloyd was born in the village of Llay near Wrexham in North Wales in 1969. After a period in Coatbridge, near Glasgow, (1977 - 1986) and then Hill of Beath, near Dunfermline, Fife (1986 - 1988), Bryden returned to North Wales where he worked as a draughtsman for the MoD.

He married in 1991 and returned to education in 1993, with the aim of going into teaching, but in 1996 was forced to leave education with a HND in Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering to find work. He still works as a contracting CAD designer.

Still living in Northop, North Wales with his wife, six children and two dogs, Bryden began investing more time in his writing in 2010.

The Rise Of Va'kaar was the first of the series of Chronicles involving Jenson Quest and the Great Drak. It took 18 months to write and although it was originally planned to be a stand-alone novel, the ideas and directions it inspired have spawned a possible 9-book series.

Once the first installment was finished, it took only 2 months to complete the work needed to finish book 2, The Realms Of Jurrii, which was published in mid November 2011.

The third of the Jenson Quest series, entitled The Cause, will be published in April/May 2012 and is destined to be a darker book than its predecessors.

In the meantime, Bryden has released his first Childrens Sci-Fi and a book of short stories. The Zubot Master; a sci-fi series for younger readers. Part 1, Time Slip, was released in January 2012, and Meet My Shorts! was released in mid February 2012.

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Wow, that is a lot of kids to love. I love the way you talked about them
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Markee Anderson said...

Great interview, J. Bryden!! Your book sounds very intriguing and will be on my list to read. :)

Sandy said...

Great interview! I have The Rise of Va'kaar and can't wait to read it! Best of luck to you.

Muddley Talker said...

Thank you all for visiting. My apologies for the user name, but I seem to be restricted to logging in with an old e-mail account.

In conjunction with this feature, The Rise Of Va'kaar will be offered FREE this weekend, starting at midnight tonight. This is the latest 3rd Edition, which will also soon be available in Paperback.

Existing purchasers should be contacted with an update soon.

I hope you all enjoy the book. Thank you Laurie, for a wonderful feature!

Kellie said...

Great interview J Bryden! Your book sounds right up my alley and it is on my tbr list.

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Hi Bryden- it's me, Nel! I went and left a comment somewhere else but this is where I meant to be. I also read the first of the Jensen Quest books and it was outstanding! I wish you all the success in the world! I hope your books pick up steam- I can really visualize the series as a movie!

Fran Yoakum Veal said...

Hello, Bryden, my sweet! Great interview! As to who should play Jenson, Chris is way too old. The best actor to play Jenson is Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, Fright Night). I know he's Russion, but he's cute as a button and does a pretty decent British accent.

Muddley Talker said...

lol... I know who you mean! Yeah... he's a little short though!

mountainmama said...

Hey Bryden! Fabulous interview - love your character's answers. Your book is already on my Kindle - now I just have to find time to read it!! I'm also looking forward to reading your short stories.

Thanks again, Laurie for featuring these great authors. You are a doll!

Cher said...

Great interview. I especially love what the author says about reviews and criticism, that is refreshing to see.

nelj said...

Bryden has the most balanced and intelligent outlook on reviews- both good and bad! If someone says bad things about my stories I usually go running to him (poor guy!) LOL! He always tells me that people are entitled to their opinions and encourages me to carry on> Bry is a wonderful gentleman...and editor, formater, and art designer! As a matter of fact- what's with this guy? He is wonderful period! LOL

Anonymous said...

Awesome interview with Bryden and with Jenson. I've never seen an interview with a character in a writer's book before coming to your blog. And what a character, too! I can see why this book has been so successful and is just going to keep getting bigger and bigger. Everyone should check it out.

Laurie said...

Hi Shirley!! Thanks so much for coming over.