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Much Ado About Marshals by Jacquie Rogers - Character Interview, blurb, excerpt | Western Historical Romance

Laurie chats with Much Ado About Marshals’ leading lady, Daisy Gardner, and author Jacquie Rogers.

First, a little about the book:

5 stars from Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews: "A hilarious, yet romantic, comedy of errors... I grinned. I frowned. I worried. I sighed ... this story grabbed me by the throat, kept me reading long past my bed time, and earned a place of honor upon my Keeper Shelf. Unforgettable! I cannot recommend this title highly enough."

Much Ado About Marshals  book blurb:

1885: Oreana, Idaho Territory                                  

Daisy Gardner wants to be a detective just like dime novel heroine Honey Beaulieu.  To her delight, her sister shot a bank robber and he got away, so now she even has a crime to solve. But her parents insist she marry a man whose farm is miles from town.  She can't solve crimes stuck out there. What better solution than to marry the new marshal!

Rancher Cole Richards saves his friend from robbing a bank, but is shot for his efforts, and now is a wanted man.  His friend takes him to Oreana to see the doc, where Cole's mistaken for the new marshal.  Now he faces a dilemma few men have to face--tell the truth and hang, or live a lie and end up married. Either way could cost him his freedom.

“Like romance? Love stories about the old west? Want a dreamy cowboy to cuddle up and read about? Then this is the book for you.” ~My Eclectic Bookshelf

Jacquie: Thank you, Laurie, for inviting Daisy Gardner, the leading lady of Much Ado About Marshals, and me over for a cup of coffee and some delicious brownies.  I had no idea you was such a good baker!

Laurie: Thanks for the compliment and for visiting. The secret brownie ingredient is molasses.  … but, um, where’s the marshal?

Daisy: Oh, dear.  Let’s just say he’s much more at ease fighting crime than in parlor talk.

Jacquie: Or we could say we’re hiding him because he’s so danged handsome, Laurie might not let him go back.

Laurie: {shrugs, looks guilty}: Our readers certainly do enjoy a sexy man in chaps and a Stetson.  I’m only here to give them what they want. [Quickly changes subject]  So Daisy, who’s your favorite fictional character?

Daisy: That would be Honey Beaulieu, Lady Detective.  I’m addicted to her mystery series because she’s such a smart and resourceful woman.  It’s 1885 and these days women can be independent if we go about it properly.  Which of course I fully intend to do.  There’s no reason I can’t solve crimes as well as Honey Beaulieu does.

Jacquie: Is that why you insisted on embarking on this lady sleuth journey, even though your character chart showed you as the secret author of dime romance novels?

Daisy: Pfft! You authors are always trying to play God.  You can’t tell me what to be or who I am.  If you want me in your book, you have to be patient and when the time is right, I’ll let you know whatever you need to get my story written.

Laurie: Daisy, why are you absolutely determined to marry the new marshal of Oreana?

Daisy: My parents want what they think is best for me, and that is to marry a man who can provide well and give me a bunch of children.  They have a rich farmer picked out—but he lives miles and miles from town.  I can’t possibly achieve my goals that far away.  I can just see myself feeding chickens with sixteen squalling kids hanging from my apron. <shudder>  It just so happened that our town, Oreana, built a new jail and we didn’t have a marshal,.  Out of the pure goodness of my heart (and one ulterior motive), I volunteered to search for and hire a new marshal.  Yes, the town certainly does need a competent lawman, but what better way to do detective work than be married to the town marshal.  I’ve made up my mind.  It’s a good plan and we’ll see what happens.

Jacquie: Did you like the looks of the marshal?

Daisy {sighs}: Oh my stars, yes!  If I close my eyes and conjure the most perfect man for me, he’d look just like the marshal—tall, strong, dark hair, kind eyes, big shoulders. {sighs again}

Jacquie:  Next time you complain about authors playing God, think about his broad shoulders, washboard abs, and that twinkle in his eye.  I could have given you Don Knotts, you know.

Daisy: Who’s Don Knotts?

Jacquie: Never mind.

Laurie {intercedes}: Why don’t you give us a teaser—a scene or two?

Jacquie: Sure.  How about we start off with a snippet of the 5-CUP review from Cherokee at Coffee Time Romance and More: “…Much Ado About Marshals is a hoot. I loved the endearing characters and the way they connect well in the story. Everything fits together wonderfully allowing the audience to bond with the characters. I could really sense the sensations, as well as visualize all the events surrounding them. There were times I could almost taste the food that was being prepared. Jacquie Rogers creates a witty, delightful, and downright amusing book with impressive charming players. I love the chemistry of Daisy and Cole. With the collection of lively secondary players, this exquisite storyline is a remarkable read.”

Scene Set-up
The town biddy is complaining that they shouldn’t be paying the marshal while he’s wounded because he’s “half a man.”  Daisy wants to stem the tide of the woman’s rantings.  In her father’s mercantile, she finds a patent medicine that she thinks will speed up the marshal’s recovery.  In this scene, she brings it to him.

“Good afternoon, marshal.”
He nodded. “Miss.”
She placed the box on the tray, took off the towel, and removed the lid. “I brought you some dinner.”
“Thanks.” He tried not to look at her, but couldn’t stop himself. And, he justified, there was no reason to be rude. “Smells good.”
“Do you need help sitting up?” She fidgeted with the towel, then stuck her hand in her apron pocket.
“Nope, I can do it.”
“Maybe I should help.”
And maybe he’d like to feel her soft hands on his shoulders. “All right.”
She bent over him, slipped one hand behind his neck and the other behind his back. He cursed himself for what he’d been thinking, because even her touch aroused him, and she’d surely notice. He threw the covers to one side and sat up by himself.
“You have your clothes on!”
“Would you rather I not?”
She jumped back and tucked a stray auburn lock behind her ear. “N…no.”
He tried to look contrite, but he wanted to think he was the only man who flustered her that way.
She pushed the table toward him. “Eat your dinner.”
Hungry in more ways than one, he obliged.
Miss Daisy gazed nervously at him, still fidgeting—first with her hair, then with her apron pocket.
“Is there something wrong?” Cole asked.
“Just finish eating. I have something to discuss.”
His appetite faded in a hurry, but determined not to show it, he took another bite of roast beef. Had she discovered his true identity? “Discuss away.”
“Uh…” She fumbled with something in her apron pocket again. “There have been rumblings amongst the townspeople that we shouldn’t be paying full wages to you while you’re laid up.”
Relieved, he let out a deep breath. “And?”
“And I have something that will solve all our problems.”
“Our problems?”
“Well, I am the one who hired you, you know. My pride’s as much at stake as your job.”
“I see.” But he didn’t. “So what do you want to do?” He took a sip of coffee, remembering not to slurp in front of her.
She pulled a brown bottle out of her pocket. “I want you to take this. It’s Dr. Liebig’s Lost Manhood Restorer.”
He snorted coffee out his nose.
She started talking faster. “It cures a lot of things.” Holding up the bottle, she began reading, “Nervous debility, impotency, seminal losses—”
Incensed that she thought his manhood was impaired, he jumped up, ignoring the sharp stab of pain in his thigh. “I do not need that.”
“Oh, but you do. And you shouldn’t be standing. Doc said—”
“I don’t give a damn what Doc said, my manhood’s working just fine. Do you want a demonstration?” He embraced her and gazed into her innocent eyes. “And yes, I am standing. All of me. I’m a might stiff, too, in a couple of places.”
Miss Daisy Gardner infuriated him more than any female he’d ever met in all his born days. She didn’t pull back. In fact, she leaned into him. Her breasts pressing against his chest pushed him beyond what any man could possibly bear.
He wasn’t enough of a gentleman to refuse what she offered, he lowered his lips to hers.
She gave him a prim little kiss like she would her younger brother, and distanced herself, wide-eyed. He drew her to him again. “Relax, and open your mouth a little bit,” he whispered against her lips.
He kissed her again. Her tiny shiver forced his heartbeat to race and his muscles to tense. She tasted delicious—more so than he’d imagined. He ran his tongue over her lips, then tasted the inside of her mouth. Her body sagged against his, and he knew he could have her. The very thought primed him to near pain, but he didn’t want to stop kissing her. Not yet. Not for a long time.
Her tongue probed against his, and he wanted more. He held the small of her back with one hand and slid the other up her side, her breast, then touched the skin on her neck. Her breath caught, so he kissed her again. Deeper.
Caught in a whirlwind of wanting, he forced himself to yield to the pressure of her hands pushing him away.
“I—I have to go.” She touched her mouth as she backed away, but she didn’t wipe off his kiss. She whirled and ran out the door.
Cole picked up the bottle of manhood restorer. Nope, he really didn’t think he needed it. Not with the ache she’d left him with. He tossed the ugly brown bottle into the dinner box.
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Jacquie: I hope you enjoyed the excerpt.  And Laurie, thanks so much for inviting Daisy and me to spend the afternoon with you.  In fact, we brought a few goodies you can give to a guest of your choice.


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Laurie:  Well, Jacquie, I certainly enjoyed the excerpt!  As everyone by now probably knows I'm slacking on my reading and reviewing but this book is very high on my TBR list and I hope to post my review within a few more weeks.

Thanks so much for both of you callling on me today.  I enjoyed meeting Daisy and chatting with you both!!

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