Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Soul Search by Amber Scott - Review: Bestseller for a Day Feature Indie Book Collective

Three years ago, one horrific night changed his life forever. And now the wolf soul that was invoked to save him is taking over his body, day by day.

Can he master his animal instincts in time to discover who is stealing children's souls before the delicate balance we all depend upon is shattered?

Or will he reject the one woman who can help heal his body and his soul?

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4 Stars

Amber Scott excels at creating flawed characters and then surrounding them with emotional landmines. Grant carries a burden of guilt that he feels powerless to escape; his life was torn asunder three years ago when his young nephew was abducted while he was almost beaten to death, helpless to protect the boy.  On that night, Grant was given a dual spirit; bequeathed by an unlikely benefactress to help him search for and rescue his nephew. His efforts thus far have been fruitless.

When Grant’s sister, Beatrice, hires yet another psychic, he is skeptical to say the least. Soon, however, he realizes that Leigh is the real McCoy. She also confuses him because she awakens something in him that has been buried deep inside.

Broke and alone, Leigh is homesick. After having used most of her savings to reach him, Leigh has just been unceremoniously dumped by the man whom she thought would become her husband. Leigh is not looking for any emotional entanglements after that embarrassing fiasco.  Helping Beatrice find her son, Tristan, gives Leigh exactly the opportunity she needs to return home.  Regardless, Leigh feels drawn to Bea’s enigmatic and volatile brother even as he tries to shield her from the darkness that is his nature.

Amber Scott capably gives voice to her characters with tersely written short sentences and phrases deliberately intended to convey the essence of what each character is feeling, thinking about, or reacting to.  While normally I prefer reading books that are written using a more flowing sentence structure, in this case, the shorter, sometimes choppy flow, works well.  The story moves along quickly as the tension escalates.  The dynamics between the characters is particularly engaging, though I do feel like Shelton could have benefitted from some additional fleshing out.  I enjoyed reading this book and stayed awake until the wee hours of the morning so I could find out how it would all end.  The ending was satisfying while leaving just enough room to set up for the next installment in this uniquely conceptualized series.

Reviewed by Laurie

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Before her world tilts towards impossible, Caspia Chastain thinks the only strange thing about her is that she sometimes draws the future. Only her brother Logan, fighting his cancer diagnosis, knows what she can do. When she draws a man surrounded by brilliant light, dark wings, and frightening symbols, she can only hope the vision won't come true.

But when a stranger named Ethan appears, determined to protect Caspia and her brother from dangers he won't explain, she's not sure what to think. Strangers almost never come to Whitfield. They certainly don't follow her around, frightening her one moment and treating her like glass the next. And they certainly don't look exactly like the subject of her most violent drawing.

Ethan'i'el  can't deny the pull he feels towards this mortal with untapped gifts. Although he has come to guard her dying brother's soul from the Dark forces that would claim it, he realizes Logan's death will shatter her. Even worse, Ethan'i'el knows that choosing life with a mortal means eternal banishment from the Light and eventual descent into the Dark and madness.

Soon Caspia finds herself in the middle of a war between Dark and Light forces, where both Chastain siblings are targets. When she turns to her self-appointed guardian for help, Ethan must choose between devotion to the Light and an attraction that has already altered his world forever.
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Laurie said...

I just bought all 5 books...I'm looking forward to reading the bonus buys over the holidays. :)

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I have all the books now...read Soul Search and loved it! Can't wait to read the other 4. Thanks for your support of Amber and Team BSFAD!