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Entrapped by Barbara Kyle - Blurb & Excerpt: Nurture Tour Stop

Barbara Kyle
Genre: Fiction – Thriller/Suspense
Published by: Barbara Kyle (June 15, 2011)
Age Recommendation: 18+ For Mild Sexuality
Format: eBook

Set in Alberta, Canada, Entrapped is the story of Liv Gardner, an ambitious young oil executive intent on stopping farmer Tom Wainwright who is sabotaging her rigs after a spill of lethal “sour” gas poisoned his wife. Desperate to save the company she built, Liv plants evidence to frame Tom. But when the evidence is used to indict him for a murder he didn’t commit, only Liv can save him.

He was supposed to meet her here at the crossroads. He hadn’t sounded like a man who would be late.

Liv Gardner stepped away from her car parked on the verge of the gravel road and took a careful look around. Not a soul. Not even a building. Just brown fields stubbled with last year’s grain stalks – bald Canadian prairie stretching for miles. In the distance,the dark forest. Above it all, blindingly blue sky. And the wind. It never seemed to stop.

Liv turned her face to it to keep her hair from whipping into her eyes. Should she have changed her hair color too, like her clothes and her car and her name? She shivered at the wind’s chilly tingle on her skin. Everything here felt foreign – this spring wind so insistent but so empty, carrying no friendly whiffs of burgers, exhaust, perfumes,cigarettes. It came from an uninhabited place. It carried the frigid loneliness of the glacier.

She peered down the road, looking for any sign of Belanger, and suddenly wondered if her sunglasses would betray her. She’d taken care in choosing her clothes. Levis from Wal-Mart. Beige polyester jacket. Cheap sneakers. Even changed her diamond ear studs for silver ones. But any local in sunglasses definitely wouldn’t be wearing three hundred dollar Pradas. She was going to have to watch her step.

She looked up into the vast blue. High up, a bird with broad wings hovered in the wind currents. A hawk? He seemed to be watching her, a predator waiting for her to make a fatal move.

She heard singing, and turned back to the car. Chris had lowered her window, her elbow resting there, and was singing along with a country and western dance tune on the radio, her head back, her feet up on the dash. Liv had to smile. When Chris was happy it radiated from her like she’d swallowed a small sun. Twenty-five years old, but her pixiepretty face was as bright as a kid with a puppy. Because she’s with me, Liv thought with a pang. She has no idea the trouble I’m in.

She gave one last look up and down the crossed gravel roads that stretched out, barren and silent, into the prairie. Belanger was a no-show. She was on her own.

“How far to Spirit Creek?” she said, sliding back behind the wheel.

Chris looked at her eagerly, wanting to please, then quickly down at the map on her lap. “Forty, fifty, sixty,” she said.

No, that couldn’t be right. “You sure?”

“Goin’ like sixty. On route sixty-six.”

Liv shook her head. Cars, the animated movie on the hotel TV last night. Why had she bothered asking?

She took the map from Chris and pulled onto the road to head the half-mile back to Highway 43, holding the map in one hand and steering with the other. The town looked about fifteen kilometers north. Gauging distances, Liv still had to do the mental conversion: sixty miles, a hundred kilometers “Klicks,” the guy at the last gas station had said, pointing a grimy finger at the map.

When she reached the highway she hit the gas and the car strained forward with a grudge. She’d bought it, a gray 1998 Honda Civic, off a lot in Edmonton to finish this last leg of her journey to Peace River country in Northern Alberta. Part of her cover: she needed to arrive in town like a regular Jane Doe. But she missed the sprint power of her Jaguar back in Houston. A present from Mickey, a sleek XL, caramel-colored inside and out. “Matches your hair,” he’d said with a grin, handing her the keys. That was back when she and Mickey and Paul were on a roll. Her stomach tightened. How long until she’d have to sell the Jag, sell her lovely condo? She hadn’t drawn salary in four months. None of them had. The Spirit Creek saboteur had forced them to the brink of bankruptcy.

She sped north on Highway 43 and Chris poked her head out the open window, laughing as the wind ruffled her short dark curls and made slits of her eyes. “Like sixty!”

Liv grabbed an open bag of Humpty Dumpty chips and dug her hand in. Empty.

“I got an apple,” Chris offered.

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Barbara Kyle is the author of the Tudor-era “Thornleigh” novels including The Queen’s Lady, The King’s Daughter, The Queen’s Captive, and The Queen’s Gamble, all published internationally. Barbara previously won acclaim for her contemporary thrillers under pen name ‘Stephen Kyle,’ including Beyond Recall (a Literary Guild Selection), After Shock and The Experiment. Over 400,000 copies of her books have been sold. Her latest thriller, under her own name, is Entrapped. Barbara is passionate about helping emerging writers. She has taught her “Writers Boot Camp” for the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, and is known for her dynamic workshops for many writers organizations. She offers twice-yearly Master Classes that focus on work-shopping each participant’s novel-in-progress. Her popular series of videos “Writing Fiction That Sells” offers ten hours of tips, techniques, and inspiration, and is available online via her website. Before becoming an author Barbara enjoyed a twenty-year acting career in television, film, and stage productions in Canada and the U.S.

List of works by Barbara Kyle:

BEYOND RECALL (pen-name ‘Stephen Kyle’) 2000, Warner Books
Find and follow Barbara Kyle at:
THE EXPERIMENT (pen-name ‘Stephen Kyle’) 2003, Warner Books
AFTER SHOCK (pen-name ‘Stephen Kyle’) 2002, Warner Books
THE QUEEN’S LADY 2008, Kensington Books
THE KING’S DAUGHTER 2009, Kensington Books
THE QUEEN’S CAPTIVE 2010, Kensington Books
THE QUEEN’S GAMBLE 2011, Kensington Books

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