Friday, November 25, 2011

Beachwalk Press Authors Holiday Blog Tour-Guest Post by Pamela Tyner :Sizzling PR Tour Stop

Our Giving
by Pamela Tyner
Publisher, Beachwalk Press

Welcome to the Beachwalk Press Holiday Blog Tour. Please join our authors as they blog over the next few weeks about all things holiday related.

For children the holidays means “presents”, and when my children were young, in an effort to teach them that it is indeed better to give than receive, we started a tradition that we called “our giving”.

Each year we would donate gifts to those in need. Over the years we did many different things. We’ve chosen children from the local “Angel Tree”, we’ve sent care packages to soldiers overseas, we’ve provided gifts for families in need that were spotlighted on the local radio station, we’ve provided food for charities to be donated to local families, etc. But whatever we did, we did it as family. We would choose the recipient/program and purchase the items together.

As the kids became teenagers, they started to complain about the time it took for us to do this—after all, that was time they could be hanging out with their friends. And I started to wonder if the lesson we’d spent years trying to teach had taken hold at all, as they seem to be more focused on themselves than anything else.

Until a few years ago….

The downturn in the economy definitely affected us, just like it affected the majority of people, and I told the kids “I really don’t know if we have the money to do our giving this year.” They looked at each other for a moment and then almost simultaneously said, “I’ll give up some Christmas gifts so we can do it.”

And then I knew that despite all the grumbling, the lesson had sunk in. And I was one proud mom J It was the best Christmas gift they ever gave me…even better than the macaroni necklaces that I pull out every year and wear as we decorate the tree—while my kids roll their eyes and say, “Why won’t you throw those ugly things away?” in between complaints that “this is taking too long.”

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Happy Holidays!


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Lacey Wolfe said...

What a wonderful post! It really does melt your heart when you learn things you have taught your children finally sink in. :)

misstrangelove said...

That was great of your children to want to ensure that your family continues to give to others. It is always wonderful seeing children and teens being willing to be generous.

melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

That is a wonderful story. We have been the family in need before and one year even though my girls thought they would go without the made sure that they participated in a local "gift" program that buys, wraps and delivers presents to needy families. They helped wrap other children's presents when they knew they may not get any because they didn't want another child to go through what they were. Children can be amazing and I am very proud of mine :)

brandyzbooks at yahoo dot com

Kathryn Merkel said...

How cool to know for sure that your kids are absorbing what you are trying to teach them. I've got a cousin, who has never bought his kids a single birthday present. Instead, each year on their birthday, his kids gets to choose a charity or individual to give something to, in celebration for another year. The kids are really involved in giving back to their community & they get plenty of gifts from their grandparents anyway.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at

Theresa Stillwagon said...

Just when we think we're not getting through to them, they surprise. What a great post.

lindseye said...

Thank you for sharing and happy holidays. You have great kids.
linze_e at

Guerrilla Wordfare said...

I hope the tour went great for you!

Pamela Tyner said...

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by. It warms my heart to hear stories about kids (or anyone actually) being considerate and generous. It restores my faith in humanity!

Pamela Tyner said...

A huge thanks to all the sites who hosted us on our Holiday Blog Tour and to the readers who participated. We really appreciate it!

For a list of the blog tour winners, visit:

Happy holidays!

Pamela Tyner
Publisher, Beachwalk Press, Inc.