Monday, October 10, 2011

Spotlight Guest Post with Leanore Elliott Featuring her Beasts Series

By Leanore Elliott

You Can Call Me Wicked

Hello, I'm Leanore Elliott and I write Paranormal Romance. The really hot kind, and that is why my friends all call me 'Wicked Leanore'. I had 10 books published in the last year. Yes, I am obsessed. I waited a long time to write and my family lost me for the entire year of 2010. I was at the book all the time. 

I made three websites at one of them I added 157 book covers for other authors with my Author Helping Authors Network. I learned the HTML code and web design. I joined at least 70 groups, started two blogs, appeared on about 30 blogspots and I wrote 14 books. With the books, I learned from 10 pro editors and I now edit other author's books.  I can now reformat a book into five digital versions. I have given away at least 100 books in the last 6 months.

I finally ventured into making eBook covers and just recently, I debuted my very first book trailer. I've found out that I just love to entertain and since I am not a supermodel, can't sing a note and I can't paint? I paint the world into places I want to see. I do it simply to have people come on journeys with me. The audience is my readers and I take them away to another world for a few hours. After you read one of my hot tales, you might just call me wicked too.


BEASTS~The Eyes Of Constance
 Erotic Suspense
By Wicked Muse Publishing
A psychic and a cop chase Serial killers....


An illusion it may be, or just a spark in my eye as I gaze into the future and somehow, I arrive to the past. I can see as far and as long as living goes, but dying? It is a reality, I shall never know.

There in the dark, I find myself and I find an ancient evil. Its curling talons bring me forth to a darker age and I can see into forever. Again, I find that beast is it a part of me?

Where can I go to escape, into the hills or onto the sea? Has my eyes brought me the entire truth, or to the very edge of a lie?

Bring me out I say, let the light flow in and bring me with you to eternity. I repeat this endlessly into the darkness, into the void as hope for an end to my loneliness. I wait while the centuries turn but I never hear an answer to my plea.

 Once, I thought I heard a voice call to me but it was only my own words echoing back.

"I cannot ever escape––I will never escape from the beast in me."

*  *  *  *
BEASTS~A Different Life
Fantasy/Erotic Mystery
By Wicked Muse Publishing
In a world filled with a dull reality, Alex finds a man who tells her she is in the wrong reality.


Many of us live a different life. How can we know if all that we see every day is even real? Maybe you and I remain locked away in an office, and when released, we make our way through the crowd. We travel along the metro sidewalk or ride the subway home to a different life, a secret life.

The world of dreams and all that they encompass can hold all of your hidden passion, your secret longings, and that human cosmic adventure you feel is missing from your life.

There are beings out there that know not what they really are. Are you one of those lost souls? Do you have a secret life?
The beast may reside within you, and all the while, you are living a dull, cold, miserable life. It could rise up, just when you turn around that corner, a secret life just waiting for you at the right time in the wrong place.

Desire could bring it to life, that wonderful, sudden fleeting pang you feel when you see him or her. When in love, we feel more than ever in our lives. We feel an exquisite pain and a wondering pleasure. We see with new eyes, a new feeling, and a sweeping journey to the human heart. We begin to live a different life and come face to face with our own Beasts of Desire.

"Love can be a powerful force above all others, and it can defeat all other intentions."
{Alexander Rayne, Lord of the Mesmers}
*  *  *  *

BEASTS~King Of Vengeance
Erotic Thriller/Suspense
By Wicked Muse Publishing
Valentine and Payne, two cops who are polar opposites. They are chasing a female killer and find the Beasts of Vengeance.

A mysterious legend exists from the days of an old: a war, raging above us in the universe for the last thousand years. Tales were spun about a ruthless God-like king who sat on an eternal throne, protecting his kingdom from other clans. He carelessly cast lives away with a cold indifference and his legend grew, as he became the fear of many and the hope of a few. 

An entire world filled with lustful pleasures and miserable pain came before him, with its many joys and reluctant sorrows but he could never feel anything. His power increased, while his coldness grew. He scorned love, laughed at death and watched as many lived, loved and died just for the pleasure of experiencing it. It never moved him, for he was the King of Beasts, the most feared and ungodly monarch of all the realms.

The power of his birthright brought an immortal existence for him which lasted for a millennia; though in reality, he’d not even lived a single day. He became weary of the throne and removed his crown to step into our world and find a way to feel alive. He found his heart and the beat of it started when the greatest power known to any world overwhelmed it. The bitterness faded while his cold eyes took in a new wonder, a new phenomenon—love.

He reveled in a new life where he lived, loved and was king no more.

The sins committed by him, and the pain that fell on others by virtue of his cold actions, rippled through echoing against the fabric of time to bounce back endlessly.

Vengeance is cold and its deliverance divinely fated; the beasts of vengeance would have their day.

"Love can be a velvet gift with a steel gauntlet in it."


Check out the SEXY BEASTS

See Leanore's books here. Many are available for download for just $.99 each. Check them out! 

Comment for a chance to win a digital copy of The Eyes of Constance. One winner will be randomly selected from all eligible entries.  Giveaway ends Oct 22 11:59 PM CST.

Find out more about Leanore Elliott. Visit Best-selling author Caridad Pineiro's blog for a wonderful post in which Leanore Elliot talks about her unusual childhood and her ever present Muse.  It's a superb article you don't want to miss. 

I also will have the honor of hosting Ms. Pineiro on my blog when she goes on tour featuring her new book, The Lost.  Look for my Interview and more on October 31st. Yep, Halloween.



Denise Z said...

Thank you for sharing with us today. I had to laugh as when I first saw the post I thought there was an r in beasts, guess I am tired. I appreciate your sharing with us today about what sounds like a wonderful list of books:)

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Hey Laurie and Wicked, can't wait to read BOV in final form. Um, Um.

night owl in IL said...

I've had the pleasure of reading all of these BEAST books. I can tell you that they're unique, extremely hot and entertaining reads! Ms. Elliott is one of my favorite new authors!

Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}
P.S. Not entering the contest, since I've already the story.

DANIELA said...

Hi Laurie and Wicked
*waving at you both*
*waving at Lea Ellen and Lovestodive too*

I also bought the books as soon as they were out, just haven't had time to read them (sigh), but I know I'll be more than pleased with the stories.

Daniela. :)

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Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to check out all your books


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Your books sound enjoyable. I would like to enter your book give away.

E. Susan Baugh

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The giveaway winner has been chosen!! Congrats to E. Susan Baugh! :)